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A Choir Of Angels on 2011-10-23

I grew up in England and was raised in an old farm house which was haunted. We actually got used to the usual activities of doors opening, lights going on and off and objects moving. I often saw orbs of light pulsating on my wall, either one or sometimes two. I used to repeat the Lord's prayer over ...

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Date: 2011-12-29
Please don't be afraid of the light. Please read my story, a Choir of Angels. I often have intense flashes of light, sometimes when I sleep or during the day. I live with a partner that is depressed most of the time, and I believe can draw negative spirits close. Aside from my own daily prayers of protection I know my angels and God's love is constant. As James has said firmly state your faith in God, and ask for the universe to attend you, and they will, in a second. God Bless.
Date: 2011-11-11
Thanks, I too had a similar incident, speaking to a customer at work. This was some months after my husband had a stroke, but was recovering slowly each day. It was the way she spoke to me, very gently, quietly and praising me for my patience, strength and faith in God that all would be well. I actually vented to her with all my concerns and later I said I was sorry for keeping her from her shopping etc. She didn't seem to be in any hurry though. Finally we made our goodbyes, she said God bless you, I said the same and thanked her for her concern. Going back to my work, I turned around to look at her leaving and she was gone. I quickly went into the next aisle and the next and finally all the way up either way. There was no way she could have moved so fast. I believe she was an angel. I still think of her.
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