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My name is Michael, I'm a Christian of The Apostolic Faith, meaning we try to abide by the Apostles Doctrine of the scripture from the Book of Acts and, and the other Books, the time in which the foundation of the Church was established.

Acts 2:38 Peter said to repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the GIFT of the Holy Ghost. For the PROMISE is unto YOU and to YOUR CHILDREN and to ALL that are AFAR OFF, even AS MANY AS THE LORD OUR GOD SHALL CALL.

WE who were once FAR OFF, are made nigh, by the the blood of Jesus Christ.

So I hope by sharing my experiences and my post's on this site, that I may help encourage and be encouraged, to strengthen and be strengthened by one and all, and all by one.

I'm a singer, songwriter and play piano. I have ten songs being played on syndicated radio shows in 12 states and was almost nominated for a Dove Award. Thank You Jesus!

So God Bless You All In The Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

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The Eye Of The Mind on 2011-09-15

I was a newborn in Christ, a young christian and very close to the Lord. I prayed three times a day and fasted often. Having a lot to learn, I searched diligently through the word of God for his true divine guidance for my life. I was schooled on the word of God by my parents, but I wanted God to sh...

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Date: 2011-12-08
I can understand your frustration and can see why you would be offeneded by "Well Wisher's" comment. We are suppose to forgive people of their tresspasses. He's obviously a Muslim and a disrespectful one at that. I'm not Catholic but I'm a Christian and we may differ in our beliefs but I respect others for their beliefs and I totally agree that "Nobody" should force their regious beliefs on others but to let God lead them as "HE Will". So just keep your faith in God and put your trust in Jesus and ignore others ignorances and their disreguard for others and know they will have to give in account to the Lord for their tresspasses. As Jesus would say, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do".

I read the Holy Bible and the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was God manifested in the flesh and is the image of the invisible God.

The Bible also tells us that at the name of "Jesus" every knee shall bow and tongue confess that "HE IS LORD". So for a person to say we have changed or perverted the Word of God is offensive and it's hurtful but we must forgive people like him and to know in our heart that all will be revealed in the end.

I Loved your story, it's very heart warming and heartfelt and you should be very happy with yourself for sharing such a wonderful dream and your thoughts concerning the dream.

Just know it's a blessing to me and from what I read, it is to others as well. So focus on the positive that's come from your sharing the dream and don't let the devil rob you of a blessing.

May the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ forever abound in your heart.

Date: 2011-12-06
The word of God tells us that Jesus is the "IMAGE" of the invisible God. The book of Collosians refers to Jesus as the creator, that He was before all things and "BY HIM" all things consist (exist) whether they be thrones, dominions, powers or principalities. So well wisher believes in a so called Allah as his God and Jesus a muslim. We all have a faith of a different kind and I as well as you do not agree with Well Wisher's faith in the Muslim's beliefs. Just because he believes it, doesn't make it to be the truth.

There is only one God and his name is Jesus, Well Wisher will meet him one day, then he will believe as so many others. He's not a Muslim, he's King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. Which was, which is, and is to come the Almighty!

God Bless You in the the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Date: 2011-12-01
The strangest thing just happened. It's late and I just heard my roommate stuggling in his sleep. I went to check on him, and he was so frightened. He said something was holding him down, he couldn't move, it was like a blanket over him holding him down. I told him he was dreaming, but he said he was awake.

I put a prayer cloth in his pillow and prayed for him. Sounds a like Satanic spirit. My roommate isn't very spiritual and doesn't pray. It's ironic, while I was typing that last message, that something like that happened. My roommate was scared badly, but I prayed for him and told him to use the name of Jesus.

So my friend, be strong in faith, and put your trust in Jesus! God Bless You... Michael
Date: 2011-12-01
What a beutiful screen name. I'm happy to know you have received the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues. Some people say we're crazy. The Bible teaches us that though the tongue is one of the smallest members of the body, it's the hardest to control. So when God speaks us in tongues, it's a sign that you have gave him complete control and submission of your body and mind to him and therefore it's his spirit speaking to your inner man and sometimes it's not meant for our interpretation but to comfort our inner being with the peace and knowledge that God dwells within us.

Your story stikes a sensitive place in my heart. Everytime we try to do good for the Lord, Satanic spirits are right there to stop us, to rob us of a blessing. He's like a devouring lion, out to kill, steal and destroy. So it doesn't surprise me to hear he's trying to stop you in your tracks.

"Don't Fear!" Fear is a tool of satan, a tatic he uses to weaken your faith and once he's weakened you, then he's able to gain more control of you, so please don't fear. Always remember, "Greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world!"

The devil know's you have power over him in the name of Jesus, that's why he's trying to stop you from using it, there's power in the name of Jesus. We can cast out demons in the name of Jesus, there's healing in his name, even the dead can be raised in his name.
So you tell satan to flee from you and get behind you and you have power to tread on that serpent all in the name of Jesus.

Your dreams about disaster are being fulfilled, the day of judgement is approaching so swiftly. We can only warn people and if they don't turn from their wicked ways, then their blood will be upon their own hands.

God came to the Jews first and they turned him away, and then he turned to the gentiles (us) and we accepted him and have been blessed. Now that so many gentiles have turned from God, it only seems feasable that impending disasters are befalling mankind and I'm afraid things will only get worse. However we have hope through Jesus Christ Our Saviour, through whom we have redemption and salvation.

You keep praying and call on the Name of "Jesus" with every breath you take, the devil has no power over that name and he must flee from you. So keep your head up and tell satan to depart from you and that you claim victory in Jesus's name.

God Bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Date: 2011-11-29
I love your honesty. God works in mysterious ways. That may be his way to get you to talk to him. Praying is a good thing and something we all can never do enough of. Keep on praying, you'll get an awnser.

Ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking. Be persistant in prayer and you will get an awnser by asking, you will find that which you seek for, and it shall be opened to you, the door you think is closed. Michael
Thank you Kathleen,
You are so kind. I love the word of God, especially when we apply it to our daily lives. To me, it's the most important thing on earth and the most precious by far...
That helps me to understand better. I think I understand more clearly about reincanation. I've never given it much thought to tell the truth, but what you said sounds logical. I guess I'm more of a Bible Based person and to be convinced of such a thing, I would like either you or Andrew point me to the scriptures in the word of god that will back up the theory of reicanation, what does the Bible say about it?

I sure don't mean to offend you Andrew or you Kathleen, especially about something I don't know anything about. Jesus said, I am the way, "The Truth", and the life. I'm not disputing or totally disagreeing with either one of you.

I'm a firm believer in the word of god, because I know it to be the truth and will guide me into all truths, it's promised unto us if we have faith in god's word.

Andrew, I'll check out the James3 reincarnation and hope that the Author of the piece has scriptures from the word of God to back it up. So I will get back to you on it. Thank you, I find this discussion very interesting and want to know more.

Kathleen, thank you also for your words of wisdom. I'm not disreguarding neither of yours or Andrews views, I take it to be serious and that you're both speaking from the heart and I want to learn more because I have an open mind and we all have room for improving and expanding our daily lives.

God Bless you both and many blessings! Michael
I was reading your story for the second time. I respect your belief in reincarnation. I always try to keep an open mind about everything and think things through.

You're entitled to believe in what, where, who and why. That's why we're all created equal and have a free will to deicide our destiny.

I believe in God, a Higher Power. Life after death, a heaven and a hell.

When people talk about reincarnation, I tend get confused and ask why? Why do people believe in reincarnation and I'm not sure why, other than maybe to return to earth to take care of something unfinished due to a premature death or something of that nature.

I'd like to pose this question to you. Do you believe in reincarnation because you don't believe in an afterlife or life after death?

Some people believe when a person dies, their spirit returns to God from which it came and our body will be resurrected at the return of Christ. However, others believe when a person dies, their spirit immediately goes to Heaven to live for all eternity.

As for me, I believe when we die, our spirit returns to being a part of God. Then at the day of the resurrection, he sends back that same part of his spirit to raise our body from the grave, changed into a glorious body made to live forever. This mortal body changed into a body of immortality, to exist eternally whether it be in heaven or hell.

The only possible reasons for me to want to return to earth and put back on a robe of flesh, would be to finish something like saying goodbye to my loved ones or to finish something left undone.

The reason I say or believe like I do, is this. "When I die and go to be with God, I wouldn't want to leave his presense and return back to a body of flesh, having to relive everything all over again. The suffering, the pain, and all that goes with this life.

I would like to pose another question to you. If we die, and we are reincarnated as another person and that person dies, will there be two or three of us to be raised on that final day? I just have so many questions that are unawnsered about the subject.

I appreciate and respect your belief. It just contradicts just about everything I believe in, so I choose not to believe in it, but you have that right and if that makes you happy, then so be it and God bless you for your faith in something of an afterlife because some people don't even believe in that much. They believe when a person dies there's nothing to follow and that's all there is. Those I pity!

Many Blessings to you! Michael
Date: 2011-11-13

I meant to tell you earlier. Thank you for your insight and interpretation of my vision.

I agree with you about the light guiding me. The ship sailing reminds me of an old song which I had never had heard until after the vision.

"The Old Ship Of Zion" and the very last verse of the song goes like this.

As I climb on board I'll be leaving
All my sorrow and heartache behind,
There I'll be with Jesus my Captain
Sailing out on the old Ship of Zion.

I can't go into the long dtails of the story about the first time I heard that song. It was not by accident when I first heard it and I knew it was confirmation of the vision I had.

God works in mysterious ways!

Many Blessings Bro. James... Michael
Date: 2011-11-10
That's a very beautiful story, I've always wanted to experience an angel in their real form. I know they're big and tall and shine with the light of the the Lord.

I've seen angel appear in human form and just disappear into thin air.

The bible says, that we may entertain angels unaware. That's why they appear sometimes as humans, because it's impossible to look upon them in their glorious form

God Bless you and thank you for sharing your story!

Many Blessings! Michael
Date: 2011-11-10
Please don't play with Ouija boards anymore, those things are for real! I've had friends who have played with them. One said he stopped, when the triangle would move on it's own to awnser his questions. He got rid of the board. Another man that didn't think those things are for real, asked the Spirit Board a question, he said in a joking tone not taking it seriously, he asked "give me a sign you're in the room, When all of a sudden, a chair slid completely accross the room. He said he got rid of it immediately, and vowed never to fool around with those things. Hope you got rid of that thing, burn it!

If you keep your faith in God and call on the name of Jesus, evil must flee at the name of Jesus Christ. We have power over satan through the name of Jesus Christ.

The light and the warmth sounds like God, maybe it's a sign the cleansing worked. Either way, as the others said, "Dont Fear" keep your trust in Jesus!

Many Blessings! Michael

Your experience with the energy entering your body brings back memories, you'll never forget that day. It's amazing how the same power and Entity that created the universe, the stars and all the planets and yet that same Power of God can enter and converse with your inner being, your soul, there's no feeling like it and it's undescrible.

Read the story "In The Eye of My Mind". I wrote it, and in it you will find I had the same experience as you did. A warm pwerful feeling of eclectricty moving up and down my body, I never felt so alive and powerful.

I think the Bible refers to it as, "The regenration of the Holy Ghost". A cleansing of the Inner Spiritual Man that resides in this ole body of clay.

There's scriptures that read, "I look forward to the day that this corruption shall put on incorruption, and this motality shall put on immortality and we shall be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye.

All of creation moans in travail, waiting and looking for the day of redemption. In other words, not just we humans will be changed on that day, but "ALL" of God's "Creation" will be changed along with us, they will be transformed also. Simply Amazing thought isn't it? We serve an Awesome God!:)

The other subject which is reincarnation. I don't have much to say to that. I would ask what do I get to be when I come back?

I would want to come back as an Eagle, so I could sail high above all of life's storms.

Many Blessings! Michael
Date: 2011-11-05

I just wanted to say. "Thank You!" you are a an inspiration in my life. Your words of kindness and thoughtfulness is a blessing and is encouraging.

I pray that God keeps his loving arms around you and your family and that He will always remind you how much he loves you.

Many Blessings! Michael
Date: 2011-11-05

That's some story! For me to understand it all to it's fullest will take some time. However, very interesting read and very thorough.

I think it's amazing how "God can speak with you and guide your footsteps all the day long and while I'm yet in another place in the world, He and I can communicate at the same moment in time. I find it absolutely incomprehendable or to just even try to imagine, "How does God hear so many prayers all at the same moment in time. He is The Omnipotent, meaning, "He is in all places, all the time", so he is involved in all of creation.

He said, "We shall give in account for every idle word we speak!" That there's a record being kept of what we say. He even knows the number of hairs in our head, in my case it's the number of hairs falling from my head...LOL

I find your story fascinating, with very little room for idle speech and intriguing to read. It's a lot to comprehend. There's so much to God, one cannot comprehend all the amazing things he creates, we can only enjoy trying.

When God said, "Let us create man in our image!" I believe that He was referring to us being creators as He is. We are creators, continually creating and contibuting to all of creation. Love being the greatest creation of all and made for all to experience and enjoy, for God is Love!

I believe we are born creators, and that's our prupose in life. To create all things good and with Love, something that's created "without" Love are vessels of dishonor to the Master creator and will serve no purpose of the Divine's will.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. He is the way to true Love, joy and happiness which fills any and all void in our lives. What a wondeful world it would be or should I say could be, only if everyone of us created love each and every day, there would be no room for the creation of hatred, lies and deceit.

All things are created for God's Divine purpose. How can one know or experience true love if they have never experienced true hatred? How can one experience true happiness, if they've never experienced true sadness. So we as humans must accept the bad to enjoy the good.

So God's Love for us is the greatest gift created and meant for all of us to share with one another in becoming "One".

God Bless You and Thank You for sharing your thoughts!

May God's Love and Wisdom forever abound in your heart.

Date: 2011-10-30
I seen on your profile about when reading the Bible about having wisdom and knowledge and understanding the word of God and it's meaning. I think it's great that you keep an open mind because just one verse of the Bible can have more than just one meaning.

Sometimes when you read a verse, you understand right away. Then you read the same verse again later, you may see it or get a total different revelation from the same exact verse.

God's word is amazing, it's a live, it's life. God gives us the Holy Spirit, to guide and confirm with our spirit, so when we read his word he will open our understanding to the parts that will help us during that specific time in our life, because each day is different.

Bottom line... When reading the Word of God, we must have a pure heart and open mind. He will lead us and guide us into all truth. As he say's. "He will give to us the desires of our heart". So if we sincerely desire in our hearts and are hungry for His Word, He will feed us 'til we're full.

Jesus said, "I have set before thee an "Open Door", that ye may go in and out to find green pasture!" God's word is the "Open Door" and we can go in and out to find green pasture or (Read) to find all the nourishment we need to grow into a strong and faithful servant.

You have an honest heart and open mind, so just put your trust in the Lord and before you even open your Bible or (Break The Bread), sincerely ask the Lord to bless you as you part the Word. Ask him to guide you as you partake of the reading of the gospel.

The Lord will help or enlighten you to the scripture that's profitable for your spiritual growth at that present time in your life. I hope you understand what I'm saying.

If I remember correctly. The Bible say's, "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, "Rightly Dividing" The Word of God we shall understand. He want's us to divide, part his word and combine scriptures together to get a clear understanding. It's like a puzzle, you put all the pieces together and it you will see the whole picture and not just pieces.

Sometimes, a single verse alone can mean exactly as it reads. However, if you compile (reference) some other verses along with it, that single verse can turn into a complete story with several meanings and really resiginate with your heart and mind and you'll carry it with you the rest of your life and apply it when you need it.

Kathleen, hope I didn't confuse you with all that. The best way to simplify it all, When Breaking the Bread of Life, always ask the Lords blessing to help you understand your needs and He want's for you, and to increase your knowledge and wisdom of his word in order to do the perfect will for the purpose of your life.

In the Old Testament, God's law was engraved in tablets of stone[The Ten Commandments). Today's Generation, we have the Holy spirit to engrave God's law (His Word) in the Fleshly Tablets of our Heart".

God Bless You Kathleen, Put your trust in Jesus, He will never let you down or let you be misguided.

I pray that the Love of God may forever abound with you and Yours... Many Blessing!
The Devil is like a devouring lion, going forth to steal, kill and destroy. It's evil spirits that causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Satan even afflicts our bodies with sickness and pain, but The Lord will not let us bare more than we can stand.

Anytime a spirit wants you to die or for you to kill yourself is an evil spirit.

If you ever have anymore encounters as such, you need to say to that spirit, "Flee from me satan! In the Name of Jesus Christ!" And he "must flee" when you use the NAME of Jesus Christ against him.

When an evil spirit aproaches you like that, don't speak back to it, because by doing so you are giving it the power of recognition and may open a door for more evil spirits to enter.

The Bible tells us to "try the spirits" to see whether they be of God or "not". The spirit of God doesn't want you to committ suicide.

No, you should not be scared. Fear is another weapon of the devil he uses against us to weaken our faith. So be strong in faith and put your trust in the Lord Jesus and "Fear Not".

Just have FAITH and be bold and tell the devil to depart from you in the name of Jesus Christ. Because the Word of God say's he must leave you alone and you have power over him in the name of Jesus.

For "Greater is He that is in you", "than he that is in the world". We have power over satan in the name of Jesus!

God Bless you and keep you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Michael
Date: 2011-10-16

I like how you titled your story "He Found Me"

There's a song titled "He Was There All The Time" Waiting patiently in life, He was there all the time.

Sometimes I think most people underestimate the power in the the NAME OF JESUS and they fail to use it as often as they should.

Most people say "I found God", I know what they mean when they say it, but you actully phrased it right when you said "He Found Me". It is we who are lost, not the Lord. He's right there, all we have to do is call on "His Name" and "His Name" is "Jesus", He is The Divine. "Immanuel" which being interpretated is "God With Us" There's no other name given among men, whereby we must be saved.

So the next time you attend church, and you're moved by the spirit, or feel a burden, or a need to join with them at the alter, that's The Lord tugging at your heart, that's the Lord calling you, laways try to heed and obey.

I might also add, it don't have to be at the alter at the church, you can make your bedside the alter or anyplace where you are, just keep calling on that Precious name of JESUS and watch what happens in your life, Jesus Christ our Lord is there all the time!

I done as Peter said in Acts 2:38, "Repent and be baptized evryone of you in the "NAME" of "JESUS CHRIST" for the the remission of sins, and "YE SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST"; THE "PROMISE" is "TO YOU", "TO YOUR CHILDREN" and "TO THOSE THAT ARE AFAR OFF" and to as many as the Lord our God shall call.

So The Holy Ghost wasn't just for the 140 that waited for the return of Christ, it's for all of us today. The day of Pentecost was only the beginning, the "Comforter" also known as "The Holy Ghost", Jesus said will come to us in "HIS NAME".

The word of God tell us that the "Holy Ghost" will "LEAD US" and "GUIDE US" into "ALL TRUTH"

I believe you with all my heart and have no doubt that when you called on "JESUS", it was "HE" that picked you up as you said! You have a great story and very inspirational and you continue to witness for "JESUS" for to me "HE" is "THE DIVINE" and gives us the "Holy Ghost" as our "GUIDE".

So to stay on message, the most important words in your story that stood out for me were the words you spoke, "JESUS HELP ME!"

May the love of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in you and always protect you.

In the name of Jesus, God Bless You! Michael
Date: 2011-10-12
God Bless You Kathleen,

I'm happy to know God is still using me to help others, for this is my true hearts desire. May the peace and joy of our Lord abound you and keep you safe through life's journey.

Many Blessings! Michael

I just wanted to comment on your experience of dreaming about the tornadoes. God has given me dreams and scripture that's simular, and He's spoke to my heart about things to happen in these last days.

Jeremiah 23 talks about a whirlwind of the Lord's fury shall come out of the North, a grievious whirlwind shall fall upon the heads of the wicked and shall not return until He have performed the thoughts of his heart and in the (latter days) ye shall consider it perfectly.

Isaiah also talks about a great whirlwind out of the north and it shall go from nation to nation. I'm not exactly sure of the meaning of it all, but I truly believe God will Judge and punish those that are wicked and follow after Satan.

I need to add though, that our God is an awesome God. His love and compassion for all mankind is everlasting and his mercy endures forever. He want's all those who will, to come and drink from the water of life freely and to forgive us of our tresspasses, so that we may be able to stand in his presense forgiven. God Bless You! Michael
Date: 2011-10-08
I was very touched and moved from your heartfelt comment 4iiiiz1111. I appreciate a kind soul such as yourself. The world would be a better place with more people like you in it. I consider you a friend and part of my extended family of God.

Keep seeking and knocking, God will open the door and reveal His Divine prupose for your life.

I pray that He keep you safe and your Guardian Angels keep watch over you and your family. Blessings Michael
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