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Maria Pilar G. Bernardo
hi everyone... Nice to be here like being physically with people... I have a lot of experiences to tell but let me gather all of it from the box hidden somewhere in my unconscious mind department. See you later!
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A Light Bulb Suddenly Flashed on 2008-06-15

I would say that God will always love, bless, hear, protect and save His children especially in times of trouble. That's His promise if one will read the Psalm 91 from the Holy Bible. I have a copy of this Psalm, printed in a handkerchief, but in my language since this came from my Parents who acqui...

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Hi Partisan, thanks for sharing your comments.

So far, all I can say is we all have our beliefs and we must respect them. I am a Catholic and a believer of Christ as well as Mother Mary, Guardian Angels and Saints.

As to my surgery, I walked out from the hospital that day (22 June 2008) and vowed never to come back. The hospital staff gave me the reason to doubt them. So I'll just have myself treated when I go back to my homecountry, which will be very soon, I mean before this year ends, for good.
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