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A Powerful Testimony on 2011-08-09

I've often heard people say the Lord told me this and the Lord told me that, as if their every thought is from God. On the other extreme I've heard people say that God never speaks to them at all and never will. To be honest I've only directly heard from the Lord on a few occasions. As for the rest ...

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Date: 2011-11-01
I would love to read your story.
Often these types of testamonies are not welcome in the churches and we often may feel left out in the cold - but the Spirit of truth within us insists that we must persevere.
Date: 2011-10-06
Thank you for your comments.
Please remember that God sees us as His church and we don't have to be in a physical church. I find that walks in the early mornings - or when ever - and speaking to God about everything really helps us put our lives into perspective, as He knows us better than we know ourselves.
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