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Like many others, I have had experiences along my continuing journey. I hope through joining this site, that I can learn from the insight and experiences of its contributors.
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I Felt Them Before I Saw Them on 2011-08-20

Last March during a Reiki session, I had a Spiritual experience; not my first but by far the richest. It was, the most profound, life altering experience - I cannot, in my limited human capacity, imagine anything of more splendor, wonder, and love or joy.* The Reiki master had put her hands on my...

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Both of the things you write of are fascinating. I can relate to each, in my own fashion; also not of typical experiences/acceptance/understanding. Your encounter with the universe does not shock or surprise me. My thoughts are that we are closest to God, when surrounded by those things in nature, because they are 'pure' and contain the Love of our Creator. I too have been impulsive with my questioning, as many others have unquestionably been. In terms of your hearing thoughts from an outside source; I've had that also. Your experiences sound as though they are much more extensive than mine. I do have my own understanding/belief about what my events are about; of course I may or may not be correct! Anyway, if I can 'share' my most recent one - this happened while I was driving. It was early morning and I was making my long drive to work along rural country roads, and I was praying as I drove. I heard this in my head, "Even unknowingly, you have our blessing". I pulled over in the approaching Village and wrote it down in the record part of my checkbook - for lack of a note pad. I felt that it was very special and I was afraid I would forget the exact wording (obviously it was not sourced from my common vocabulary!). Thank you for your story, I enjoyed it (and appreciated the fact that I could connect with it).
Wishing for you: Friendship, Love, and Health - Treetoucher
You already have the answer to your question. You Feel it is true and you Know that it feels right. You have the key now, to open that door and start your own personal Spiritual journey. My personal journey started when I was six years old. I Knew, that something I was being taught (religiously), was not true - I could Feel it was incorrect. I do not practice a set religion, even though I was raised in one. I am very Spiritual though; have a strong faith in God, and Feel the love of God through all living things. I have had experiences with several species of birds, which were not chance encounters. One amazing event was actually a 'sign' that answered a question I was contemplating/talking to The Holy Spirit about, while sitting in a meadow. Spending time in/with nature is a 'religious' experience for me. I am filled with the pure essence of God - which is love - when I am with the air that touches my face, the grass between my toes, the birds telling their stories, the smell of the earth, and the hum of the tree to my touch. I have been blessed to have seen an eagle twice, but I did not have an encounter with one - that is a wonderful experience for you. I would personally go with what you Felt from the eagle, contemplate the meaning/message, and see where it leads you.
Wishing you Friendship, Love, and Health, Treetoucher
Date: 2012-02-02
Just as Anne remarked, you are special. I do believe that you have had some serious intervention from your Angels/Guardians/Spirits of Light = God's front line. My belief is that we all have a purpose (my opinion - it doesn't have to be yours), and you have something to do in this life that was getting sidelined. Keep this in mind; and know how special you are. Our 'true' selves are made of the Light & Love that is God. We just happen to be in human bodies (for now) and with that comes 'free-will' - we choose. We can choose the Light or the shadows and we make choices every day. Since we're human, we are going to make mistakes and wrong choices. As long as we can realize those wrong choices, work to not repeat them, and pray for forgiveness & guidance, we're choosing the Light & Love of God. Jesus knows that it is 'tuff' being human, he went through it too, and so he has a great understanding about the things you may need help/strength/guidance with.
You've been 'thrown a rope' Jacob, grab it and hold on tight. Give thanks for all the gifts you're given (everyday - everything). If the shadows start circling, tell them with conviction, to leave and not return. Lastly, choose your company well and pay attention to your instincts (I think they are actually Angels, tapping on your shoulder!).
For you Jacob, Blessings of Friendship, Love, and Health, from Treetoucher
Date: 2012-02-02
Paula Bear,
What a wonderful story about your experience!
You are a descendant of a rich culture that has a tradition of high regard for the Creator. Native People have historically been gifted with the ability to recognize the essence of God in all of living things of the earth. Your ancestors respected and gave thanks to the Great Spirit for the beauty & bounty that made life possible. Paula Bear, you have been given a gift of connecting with the Creator's essence. God is not just represented in one specific form. All of us hold the essence of God within us - it is what lives on when our human bodies no longer exist. Like God, Angels (or Spirits of God; if you will), take many forms and make contact with some people. I think they try to contact most people, but many are not 'open' to their presence.
Your experience has meaning and only you will know what that is, with time. You may be right about the immediate answers, but perhaps the message had more to it than you realize. The single tree (what kind of tree was it?*), the large blue sky (were there clouds? What kind?), was it a field or meadow? Etc. - these things could all be part of the message. If you think on these aspects, but don't dwell on them, maybe you will 'see' more to the message and it will not seem as frightening as it did. Then you can be calm and understanding when your Spirit Bear visits again.
The Blessings of Friendship, Love, and Health, to you Paula Bear, from Treetoucher
*Many ancient cultures throughout history have assigned specific qualities and meanings to different species of trees.
Good Day J. Andrew,
A comment regarding your statement, "The feeling I had was like a never ending feeling of happiness, joy, and love, like an infinite entire-body orgasm. I was given a moment in heaven and could feel the truth of the world, that we are all just pieces of one soul, from one source, and we will all become one once again in the afterlife. The incredible feeling of love and that orgasmic bliss is what we will feel for eternity when our soul is welcomed to heaven." Yes, you are correct. I am sure even without your saying so, that the Love you felt, was pure in a nature beyond any you had known. I believe that what you were gifted with was a small 'jolt' (humanly tolerant level - without bodily evaporation or disintegration of all brain cells) from our Creator. It was a 'plug-in' for realization of your true essence, and a connection to what is beyond your (our) current human experience. You, J. Andrew, were gifted with a conscious, 'live feed', that was a touch of the Infinite Love of God. My view is that human love includes attachments. The Love you felt does not have those attachments - it is pure. Pure Love, is unfettered joy. Amazing isn't it? Thank you J. Andrew, for sharing the story of your connection.
Good Day Nick R.,

Thank you for your kind words, and more importantly, the depth of emotion contained in them that I 'feel'. Just after I read your comment, I happened to find a notation that I had written months ago, and finding that serendipitous, I know that I am to share it with you. One evening following this experience (that I wrote about), I found myself unsettled about an event at work that day. I knew it was trivial, but because I am living (and learning through) a human experience, I was succumbing to the power it was trying to exert over me. So I wrote what, I knew, to be true... Then I let it go and was again at peace. This is what I wrote: I'm a Being of Light - filled with the love of God. I relate on a Spiritual level with all living things. I'm Bright - Opulent, in fact... I'm healthy in my human body, in my Spiritual self, and Love guides my words and emotions.
I now consider this experience (that I wrote about) as an evolutionary step for me as I walk the path of my Spiritual 'expedition'.

Wishing you: Friendship, Love and Health, from Treetoucher
Dear James,
I am gladdened to read what you have learned - truly. I do not know if you will check to find this 'post', but I have something that I need to tell you (my apologies at what the length of this writing could become). This is Treetoucher, and I 'posted' a message to your story, Stepping up... My posting was about having a 'life moment' of insight, while reading your story. I did not say what the insight was, but it came to fruition today. I have been trying to apply, what I 'feel' was the practice that I was guided to do when I had that 'I see it now', moment of realization in your story. When you connected with the little one's Spirit, I knew that that is what I am supposed to be doing - with everyone. That may not sound clear unless you heard the story of a Spiritual experience that I had months ago; so you could better understand my perspective (I met some Spirits - the bright ones, not a paranormal meeting). I digress though - I wanted you to know that I thought of you today in a brief moment, but did not have the time at that moment to think about what it meant. Today I lovingly held the hand of someone, who is passing from this human life, to the love and light of our Creator. I stroked her hair and kissed her brow. I told her to close her eyes and rest. That I knew she was tired and that she needn't be upset or frightened - that I loved her and it was time to sleep. As she closed her eyes, my Spirit reached to hers. Her Spirit was there, but it seemed thin and fading - just like her body. So I sent my peace & love, and thought - yes this human body has lived longer than many and it is done. This evening I went to the spot that I love to go to share my time with God. I talked and prayed to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit about this person I love, and her passing. As I thought about my time with her earlier, I realized that I had made the connection with her Spirit, as I was supposed to do. I knew that it had not been something planned out or that I had worked at doing, (as I mistakenly thought I was to do) but just something I 'knew' I was to do - naturally. Then I thought about discovering, through your experience, which that was something I was supposed to be doing. I do not know what is next, but I am going to stay aware of what I have been guided to do. At the same time, I now know not to 'work' at making it happen, but follow my 'knowing' as my cue. If we pay attention, (but not over-think-it!) we will be directed to where the Holy Spirit wants us to go.
Wishing you, Friendship, Love, and Health James
Thank you for your story. While reading it, I experienced one of those profound moments that make you stop - everything around you suspended. It can happen because you have read/heard/seen something that connects with/to something you KNOW and suddenly you see with clarity a purpose/possibility, that until that exact moment, you were completely unaware of. Very insightful, thank you again - apparently I was guided to your writing. I now know, that through your writing, I was given not only a realization, but also a direction.

Wishing you, friendship, love and Heath James.
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