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Gregory Drambour
United States
dakota28's pictureGregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys, a spiritual retreat center in Sedona Arizona. He offers One Day & Multiple Day Spiritual Retreats and healing Vortex Experiences. He is also the author of the well-acclaimed book The Woodstock Bridge.
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A Moment Of Fear on 2008-07-04

Yesterday in the early evening I went hiking and climbing for a few hours by myself in the big red rocks above town. I climbed up further then I've ever been. I stopped at a red rock plateau way above the town - what a view of Sedona! I could see all the way to Court House Rock. I felt something...

Meeting My Hero on 2008-07-04

Last month, I had the honor to meet the author, Andrew Vachss. Mr. Vachss is an attorney who represents abused children. He is on the front line in the fight to protect children. For the last ten years, I have immersed myself in his books. I have lost count of how many times I have read them. They h...

The Illusion of Burn Out on 2008-06-01

It has been an insightful few weeks for me. For three months now, I have been feeling like I am working on burn-out. But when I looked at my schedule, it didn't make sense. I work between 120-160 hours a month on the average and I am very responsible about giving myself plenty of rest between appoin...

You Never Know Where You Will Find the Truth on 2008-05-12

You never know where you will find the "truth"! The truth for me is a feeling that pierces through my personal mind and touches my soul. It's a moment when God is purely reflected. The truth is always formless, it's simply a feeling. Sydney Banks, a great philosopher says the "truth" can be anywhere...

A Christmas Story: The Family of Trees on 2008-05-06

Three days before Christmas I was with clients at a sacred place here in Sedona that has adopted me which I call "The Family of Trees..." I have been wanting to continue to show my heart to this special place and keep building a relationship with the Tree People. As I stood amidst the beautiful litt...

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