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Being Young And Spiritual Is Hard on 2011-06-18

I'm Kenzie and I'm 15 years old next Monday. I've researched and studied spirituality and alternative healing methods since I was 13. Spirituality became the number one priority in my life in 8th grade. I thoroughly enjoyed all the different healing techniques I applied to my life. Then, I got reall...

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I think I love you! -Friendly wise, cause I'm a girl. Lol- But,
"I feel so blessed to be experiencing something so beautiful so early in life although it does make me feel vastly different from my pessimistic and immature friends. However, I recently have completely accepted who I now am and everything that comes with it. I feel empowered but not conceited, to be where I am in life."
I feel exactly the same way! I'm 15 though, your Kundalini awakening sypmtoms seem to be considerabley more intense than mine -Mine are muscle twitches during meditation, and my feet and legs feel like they're vibrating constantly, along with the more awake feeling, and etc.- But, I read this while researching more about Kundalini, and I flipped out, because I'm just completely thrilled to know there's someone else out there going through the same thing! I hope you feel the same way! Lol. I told one of my very best friends about reiki and asked her to listen to a healing meditation song... She laughed. But also about falling in love? Same here, but everyone is just soooo immature, it actually made me really dislike HS but I'm focusing more on the spiritual path and it just, feels right/better. You know? Sorry this is like the longest message ever! Man I wish we lived in the same town, it'd be nice to have a friend who was interested in the same things, as dedicated to the spiritual path as I am. It's hard sometimes, but it pays off:) You know that! Lol, I don't know how well advice will be, but with the desperately wanting love? Just... Know that you can't put restrictions on love, love is love you can't categorize it, or you'll drive youself crazy. -Although I had almost given up on meeting someone with similar beliefs to me, but you have given me hope!- And, do you practice kundalini yoga and meditiation techniques regularly? That could help -though I bet you do because you've done your research- And do you now about reiki? It's a japanese healing method which taps into the energy of the universe and requires meditation and technique. You can research it, I've found a couple sites where kundalini&Reiki are together because they're both processes that come hand in hand when on the spiritual path.
Idkk if that helped at all I REALLY hope you get this!
(: Thanks for sharing, maybe there ARE more of us ot there than I think...:) I hope so.:D
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