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Spiritual Purification on 2011-06-16

Back in '06, I started having mild vibrations in the front of my thighs. Always just as I went to bed. I can't remember how many episodes, but if I was to guess, I'd say it happened around 20 times within a few months period of time. Then they went away. I didn't think a lot of it, because there was...

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Hello, Alan & Tina... Your story was very moving and inclined me to respond... It sounds like you are being contacted by higher dimensional beings...I'd happily suggest researching Light Body Activation and Ascension 2012 topics... Good luck on your journey and God Bless ❤
Date: 2011-10-07
Hello AlphaandOmega... I love your name first of all! Secondly, I hope this post ends up in the correct order... I want to thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness in replying...Yes, Jesus is our Lord and King of ALL Kings! I wish I could have confirmation about all my experiences, but instead, I wait patiently for His return:) ❤ I thank you so much and send you my love as well!
Date: 2011-08-20
Hi, Scarlett2 Yes, it seems God and His angels are on a mission of awakening/activating many people on the planet!❤Thank you for commenting on my story:) I read yours also and found it quite amazing! I send Love, Light, Peace and Prayers to ALL at this time... God Bless and Eternal Light ❤
Date: 2011-07-10
God Bless You, Erin, in your awakening and thanks for your comment. There are a lot of people in the world experiencing their personal awakenings in ways that are totally different than mine, but I do believe it all has to do with events unfolding on Earth, as well as within the entire cosmos. It's not easy to reconcile the meaning in all of the experiences, but I feel blessed for what I consider, a heads up! My plan is as it has always been and that is to stay in my heart and to not fear the unknown. Stay with what resonates with you internally. That's where all of your answers lie. If you ever want to talk of your experiences, I'm hear to listen and give whatever feedback I can. In any regard, good luck, God Bless and Always, Love ❤
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