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My Username is CrescentEye, because the Moon has been very insperational.

I have an Account also on Psychic and Medium Experiences and have the same Username.

I absolutely love Animals, and I feel a Spiritual connection with Dogs or Cats.

I have always been close with Tigers.

Is there such thing as a 'wrong meditation,' since I think I may have experienced it?

I would really like help on this...

Anyways I'd like to help you if you want, so let me know.

And thank you for viewing my page:)
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I Think I Found My Spirit Animals on 2011-06-01

I have researched extensively on how to contact ones Spirit or Power Animal. I was really frustrated when I tried all the suggestions, not one seemed to work. But finally I think I have found my Power animal. I had had a 'wrong meditation,' where I knew I was in the car but saw things when I closed...

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Thank you lina, it has taken me awhile to get back to you. Anyhow, I wouln't be sure of the Cougar anymore, it seemed to be with me for a while. The other animals have been popping up in a a dream sequence recently...
September-October:Polar Bears
November:Grizzly Bear
This has been meaningful and helpfulm in many ways since I have asked for my spirit animals to give me messages. And it Definately appears they have been listening:)
That sorta thing happened to me with a bee before, it just flew near my face stayed there for 2 or 3-minutes and didn't do anything, then left.
Thanks for sharing this story:)
That's really cool, the white wolf I told one of my friends about it and she told me she saw it too. We have no clue why we have both seen this wolf...
Anyways I saw it yesterday, just sitting there watching me.
It's pretty cool but I've also had things realated to polar bears keep poppping up during the week. I'm not surprised though, because my parents told me when they gave me a polar bear stuffed animal,"that it will protect you."
Anyways thank you for commenting:)
Date: 2011-05-29
I don't know how many times I have read this story, but I LOVE it! The only problem is I can't contact my Spirit/Animal guides... And I've tried everything! I also have an account on Psychic and Medium Experiences with the same Username.
Anyways thanks so much for uploading this story:)
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