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Spiritual Healing on 2011-05-12

Last night as I went to sleep, I heard the frequencies, which are with me most of the time. They were louder than usual. I called light to myself and started recounting the day and things I was grateful for and then tuned in to my vibrations... I found myself having a lucid experience of being in a ...

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I identify with you on this, I experienced a full blown Kundalini rising. It was prompted by extreme Pranayama breathing Yoga and meditation. Yes, one must have a strong grounding in the 3 lower chakras.

I currently help others toward experiencing this same awakening. We must allow the crown to open in it's own time as not to force the petal open bruising them. We have been bruised enough, in many past lives.

Ones life changes tremendously once these changes occur. So be prepared, many more are awakening so you are never alone. And as for love... You are surrounded and immersed in love always, but to feel true love for another we must full love ourselves. Be authentic to ourselves. Only then will love make any sense. For unenlightened love seeks to control, and lacks understanding. I know as my husband has asked me to leave... He knows nothing of who I truly am. I have given up defending myself. I have sought freedom and now it is truly mine... Now the journey continues unabated.

Peace and love to you.
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