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Hey. I'm eighteen, and come from an Irish family that has been involved with the paranormal for years. Every female in the family is some sort of witch - usually the wannabe kind, to be frank, but some of us are genuinely spiritual people who connect to nature. Because of this, I've been fascinated from a young age in the paranormal and the spiritual side of life, though I'll be honest and say I haven't eschewed the material! It's a daily part of life for me, and one I don't always think about as unusual or scary. The ghosts and spirits in my life have, for the most part, been companions at best and neutral occupiers at worst, and for that I'm lucky.

I'm a writer by nature, but I've found myself completely unable to write paranormal stories due to a large number of superstitions and a desire not to offend the resident ghosts in our house. I find it hard to write about angels that are named, such as Michael or Gabriel, for fear of putting words into their mouths and offending them too. But I manage =)
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An Unlikely Birth on 2008-04-11

My mother told me this. I'm not sure if it belongs here, but it is a report of how her life changed because of one little thing, and so I think it might fit. When she was a young woman, she was told it was very unlikely that she would ever have children and whilst this news crushed her - she had alw...

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