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Getting Extremely Close To OBE on 2011-08-23

I have come close to having OBEs about five or six times, getting more intense each time. I was laying in bed on my laptop reading about crystal children when I got this undescribable feeling in the back of my head. It was not on the surface but rather IN my head or brain. It felt like a stretching/...

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms on 2011-05-08

I'm a 17 year old girl and I think I am experiencing symptoms of a kundalini awakening. I have had these symptoms for almost a year now. They are the basic symptoms but just to be specific... These include muscle twitches & spasms (several times a day, impossible to count), what feels like growing p...

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Wow Hopeful I can't believe you are even younger than me! Thats really cool. I've done at home "kundalini meditation" like on youtube but its not really that helpful, still waiting to go to an actual class. But I will definetely give reiki a try I've heard a little bit about it before. Yes, my muscle twitches are INTENSE. I literally get them almost every other minute every day. Once in awhile I wonder if I actually have something serious because they are just so frequent and intense.
As for love, I came to a realization. I read a quote somewhere that said something like "as soon as you stop wanting something you get it." I've always been so confused because I strongly believe in the law of attraction and all that so I've always been constantly thinking of my perfect guy trying to "attract" him. However, I realized that since the opportunity hasnt presented itself, then I clearly wasn't ready for whatever reason. So when I meditated about two months ago I talked or prayed (whatever you want to call it) to my higher self or spirit guides saying that I have never been more ready to fall in love etc etc. When trying to manifest something youre supposed to "place your order" and then proceed to act when the opportunity is presented. Apparently youre not supposed to keep on asking if you haven't received what you asked for yet. If you have faith it will happen, when you are ready. So I have literally just been enjoying life right now, not even thinking about possible love interests. Because when there is an opportunity, I know I won't miss it. And I definitely think more people like you will come into your life before you know it! I know its happened to me:) Good luck!
Thank you everyone for the input I appreciate it! I just discovered a Kundalini Yoga class nearby so I'm hoping that will be good 😁
Thank you for the advice Libra1. I have done so much research always hoping to find something new but it's usually the same content. It's just very frustrating feeling stuck but I will definetely ask for guidance the next time I meditate!
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