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Jesus To My Rescue During Out Of Body Experience on 2011-07-03

This experience occurred back in 1976 when I was just 22 years old. I remember it as though it were yesterday, in fact how could I not ever remember my very first meeting with the Lord, or any of the meetings that followed. Meetings such as these can never be forgotten but always remembered with FUL...

Meditation And Mind on 2011-06-13

Our mind can be our worse enemy or our greatest friend. It can lift us to great heights, or pull us down into destruction and despair. It's how we use it in the betterment of oneself that matters most, if, we are to spiritually grow and evolve. Let us think of this "Mind" just for the moment in how ...

A Farmer's Field on 2011-05-30

When a farmer ploughs his field and plants the seeds for growing precious crops, he will notice in time that when they begin to break through the soil, not all seeds will sprout at the same time. Some seeds will break through while others will take a little longer in seeing the light of day. The sam...

My Dog on 2011-05-11

I'd like to give a story of an encounter I had in 2006... I do feel that some (Readers) may want to know a little about the whereabouts of our animal brethren. Have you ever lost a pet through death and always wondered about its whereabouts, or if its being looked after and loved by those on the oth...

Love And Forgiveness on 2011-05-06

In all things done in life I always dedicate them first to God. This way He accepts the offering where there is no ego involved. Also, I do know that it is (He) who brings things about for us in being His instruments where we are able to give of ourselves for the service to others, no matter what pl...

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Date: 2011-07-18
Hello Pete...
I'm a little surprised and even a touch saddened at your religion teacher as he/she should know quite well of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. He was a Roman Catholic saint who took the gospel literally by following all Jesus said and did.

Anyway's, thank you for commenting... (wayne)
Yes, I can fully understand what you said completely, and agree with what Libra1 said. Thanks for telling bella. You have a wonderful gift, I hope you know that.
Thanks Kathleen...
Experiences such as these can never be forgotten, and I know you would agree with me Kathleen. I was going to say much more but decided to put it in a post instead. Thanks for your reply.
Date: 2011-07-03
God bless you Tigerlily.
You were worthy of His presence and His comforting.

I will write of my first meeting with Jesus, and tell of the horrible experience I went through for Him to rescue me. An experience I hope others will never have to undergo. But then again, to witness His entry was all worth it.
Date: 2011-06-30
Thanks Kathleen, I hope it does help you. The world and all that's occurring pulls our mind in every direction today and gives us NO peace. If (we) are serious in wanting to escape the miseries of the world and achieve peace of mind, then meditation is the right step forward in acheiving this. Everyone I speak with tells me their mind is constantly agitated. Even when they try to sleep their mind roams back through the years, then races back to the present. This is not only affecting some but the majority of the world. The world is in turmoil today and the negative vibrations are affecting all to some degree. This is where meditation helps. Thanks again.
Date: 2011-06-16
I just happen to look back over this post and saw all your comments. It seems we do not get messages in our inbox telling us of this, but must keep returning to our post.

Our subconscience holds much of our regrets, disappointments, failures and wrong doings, in this life and brought over from other lives. Though we may have remorse at times over many of them, it is the ONES that are deeply rooted in our subconscience that comes out in our dreams. Our mind is a very complicated instrument, and that's what it is, an instrument which will either pull us down or raise us up. Kara, send love and peace to your dog and hold no more regrets, ever. If you can do this, your dog will definitely know your feelings and state of mind by the thoughts you send, then your dog will itself be at peace. Your dreams will then be good ones. I have written a post which should be published soon, it tells of our mind and how best to strengthen and cleanse it through meditation. Let me know (readers) if it offer you any help. (wayne)
Date: 2011-06-01
So glad I brightened your morning Libra1. Thank you for letting me know.
Date: 2011-05-30
I am so glad this story had a good effect on you gysyblue. I do enjoy writing of these experiences for the sole purpose of passing on inspiration to others. Though sadly some may think it a highly imaginational mind at work. But I do assure you all, that all I write is from asolute truth without any exaggerations or made up stories. Thank you again (wayne)
Date: 2011-05-28
I am terribly sorry Spiricat for not responding sooner to your comment as I have just now seen it. So thank you both Spiricat and AngelaMKC for commenting. The sad thing is, two days after the seance I was paid a visit from my friends step dad. He made up an excuse that the circle has been canceled. A week later I drove passed their home during the Circle time, all cars were present, except mine.
Date: 2011-05-21
Hi Marie, I just read your story concerning the beautiful vision of Jesus. How fortunate you are to have such grace. There is much more to your story than you may think? Have you looked further into it through meditation. If so, tells us as it would help others who may be in similar situation.

Love - wayne
Hi TCB1969
Learn of the energy centres, or the chakra's which align the spinal column.
Balancing and aligning these chakras are very important, if they are not properly atuned you will experience much of what you are describing.
Date: 2011-05-11
Dear gysyblue and Libra1, thank you for your reply. I'm glad it had a positive affect on you, and I hope it does with all those who may read it.
Many in todays world can't seem to, or rather they prefer NOT to look outside the box they live in, so to speak. Many strange things do happen to people throughout the world but they either refuse to recognise their genuineness, or they brush them aside as mere coinsidence only. What a great shame that is. If only they would stop for a moment to investigate, they may just get an opportunity of a lifetime. These things don't occur for no apparent reason, they are to jolt us back to awareness of the much "greater" things outside of our everyday living. People are so caught up into the world today with all its goings on that they forget their real purpose of "WHY" they are here in the first place. I better stop here as this reply is getting a little long. That was a good experience. Has anything else happened concerning that?
Dear msgll...
What a beautiful experience you were given, a helping hand so to speak. You know what, LOVE can move mountains, and the help you were given was nothing but LOVE. On the other side we have our love ones and dear friends who are "always" keeping tabs on us. When we are in a little bother and need a helping hand it is them who come to our aid with a heartful of love. It is that love which ables them to break through the bonds of our physical world enabling them to give the help needed. Some may say how can love alone harbour such power. That can be answered with one word, GOD. God is Love and love is God. No barrier can ever hold back love.
Never doubt the grace given you. Life is all a test and God never gives more than we can bear. Though some do choose to quit life earlier as they prefer not to face the things they were meant to experience, and Sadly they will have to come back and repeat this all over again in another life. But in Truth (petal)...the hardships we go through in life is to bring us closer to God. It may not be noticeable at present, but truly the hardships we go through are Grace given. It forces us to look beyond this veil by opening our mind to deeper thoughts as to "WHY" is this happening to me? It does make us better people... More spiritual... More understanding and more deserving of His grace. Since your story was in 2007, I hope you and your family are well. I may write a story of my own in time? I wish you well. God Bless
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