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Beautiful Angelic Vision on 2017-06-01

About two months ago my best friend of thirty years died and my 97 year old mom went into palliative care. I don't know if either of these events contributed to what I saw early one morning. In that stage between waking and sleeping, I opened my eyes to see a four to five foot figure at the foot ...

The Me That Is Me Will Never Die on 2011-04-14

When I was around four or five years old, I was outside by myself. I recall that I was standing on the walkway leading to the house and facing a beautiful white flowering bush, something like a snowball bush. I remember standing there and suddenly a feeling came over me of peace and contentment and ...

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Thank you Libra1 and Zendancer. I appreciate your comments. Like I said, I think of this event almost on a daily basis and I've never been able to put the exact experience into words. It was more of a 'knowing' than words.

Thanks again and have a great day! 😊
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