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Mike Richardson
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United States
North Carolina
Mike is a research scientist conducting privately funded (non-government sponsored) research on the health of populations living near old "Superfund" sites. These confirmed contaminated sites are limited only to spills of gasoline. Primarily where truck stops and gas stations had large tanks that leaked undetected, some for many years.
He is an ex-pharmaceutical representative previously employed by Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, with an appropriate educational background, including courses of study at The Medical College of PA. Mike is interested in contacting physicians for discussion on how environmental factors play a role in the development of: diabetes type 1 and 2, alzheimer's, parkinson's, pancreatic cancer, lukemia, autism, and a specific brain cancer in children.
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I Had Been Shown Something In My Mind's Eye on 2011-03-24

Almost eight years ago, we moved into a neighborhood in Grandy, NC named Walnut Island. My wife became ill and we went to see the good Doctor Owens, the local family practitioner. He recommended that my wife, Peggy, drink 2 gallons of water a day for two weeks, to flush the kidneys and urinary syste...

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You have truely been blessed, if my suspicions are true, once symptoms have gone this far, you would not have gotten up on your own accord. I have extensive medical knowledge. You are describing, quite perfectly, the symptoms of a hypoglycemic attack. That is when you pass out from too low a blood sugar. This happens when the blood sugar "drops out". The blood sugar regulating mechanism is more fragile than has been known, until recently. The first symptom of hypoglycemia is a faint feeling, followed rapidly by sweating, and chills, rapid heartbeat, and breathing, sometimes nausea. Explaining your presence in the bathroom, you were becomming violently ill. Attacks may be brought on by the weakening of the body by another illness, which, evidently... You had. The next symptoms are a feeling of impending doom, followed by panic, more sweating, a feeling of weakness, fading away and eventually... Passing out, especially, if the victim does not know what is wrong with them at the time, and is unable to get to a candy bar! It is quite possible to die from this condition, in severe cases. In fact, your story precisely matches the classic profile of a hypoglycemic attack that it is obvious, that was your problem. You should now be dead. BUT YOU ARE NOT! God has some reason for you to be here with us. You are doing something pleasing in His sight! You might want to get your blood sugar checked. Sometimes, the only way to do this in these cases is to obtain a home blood sugar testing monitor, and some test strips. I understand they may be had relatively cheap. You must keep them nearby so when you begin to feel this way, RIGHT THEN CHECK YOUR BLOOD SUGAR. THEN DRINK A COKE AND EAT SOME SUGAR. God sends angels to help, He will answer your heartfelt prayers. May He be in your life and continue to bless you, Mike
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