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Whispers on 2011-03-11

I've had it rough in my early years. I was 10 when my parents separated and my mother turned to alcohol. Two years after that my father took me and my brother up to a lake house we borrowed from one of his friends, who also happened to be a priest. I've always loved fishing because it's quiet, warm ...

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I'm only 17 years old, but I'm in the stage where I seek God. I can't explain my feelings very well. But at night, some nights, I feel an incredible fear. It really scares me. But when I come to the moment that I just want to run, I sit down and asks God to take it away.

Sometimes I can feel the demon trying to snare me and take me away from God. But I've never let it. I try to keep my family safe, and I also think I'm alone in my family to have visits from both sides.

You have an amazing gift and I believe God has a great plan for you. Don't fear it, cause the power of God will keep you safe, aslong you're him faithful.

God bless you my friend
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