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Rich began studying Astrology in 1985 after being told by several Astrologers.

"You are supposed to be a Professional Astrologer."

With the use of Astrology, Rich was able to identify his Psychic, Mediumship, Clairvoyant and Intuitive abilities and put them into practice.

As a student of Past Life Regression under Best Selling Author, Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters) he continued to broaden his awareness of the soul\'s journey and life purpose.

His voracious passion for Astrology and SOUL QUESTING, led him to become a Star Navigation Guide.

Mastering the skill of decoding one\'s birth chart to assist others in navigating to and through their soul\'s journey and life purpose.

Rich has Virgo on the 12th House cusp which means his KARMA is to be of work and service to others to relieve their karma.

Having been identified as a Tibetan Buddhist Monk in previous incarnations his mission is to teach how to complete the cycle of human incarnation.

Rich has been a guest Astrologer on numerous radio shows. On 12/12/12 he revealed the truth about the Mayan Calendar date.

"Removing the Mystery of 12/21/12"

Rich can share with you the perfection of your universe and masterfully guide you to your highest choices, as each step of your life purpose is literally written in the stars.
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Becoming One With Nature on 2015-05-22

A friend of mine asked me to go see a Frank Lloyd Wright house she just bought. F.L.W. Houses always involve encompassing nature with the house. On arriving and walking towards the house she points out three ground wasp nests IN the driveway, 3 holes in the asphalt with wasps going in and out of...

Traveling Through A Black Hole on 2010-03-11

In October of 2009 I decided once again it was time to step up my meditation practice. I started with an apple detox, eating a minimum of 6 apples a day and drinking 100 ounces of spring water. This always seems to get me into a higher gear as I prepare to do a personal spiritual retreat at home. Co...

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