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2012 And Crystal Skulls Theory on 2008-08-20

"Let's get together to fight this holy Armageddon, so when the man comes there will be no no doom. So have pity on those whose chances have grown thinner, because there be no hiding place from the father of creation..." One Love Jason Mraz I have talked to a lot of sensitives in my life, especial...

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❤ This post struck many chords within me. Thank you for writing what you wrote, it will resonnate with me always.
Skeptic - First off I'm a chick, and I don't have to hide behind a pseudonym, Second, haven't seen Indiana Jones, nice assumption. Lastly, My thoughts were based off of an article I read.

But thanks for being not so nice, condescending, demeaning and belittling. ❤
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