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I was brought up as a latter-day saint (mormon). I attend on occasion and at one time very devoted. That has changed but I still have memories of experiences I've had that were beautiful.
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My Visitation From The Holy Ghost on 2011-02-18

I attended a gathering of youth with church leaders at the Washington DC Temple visitors centre back in 1986 (estimation). We had a private meeting where youth and leaders could share their feelings of the experiences they had while attending this Mormon temple there. As Mormons we believe temple...

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maybe the Holy Ghost wanted you to step forward and you would be guided to do something or say something. I had an experience at age 20 where I was at work and felt compelled to go and talk to my boss about my willingness to work more overtime and I had that feeling for half an hour. I call it a burning in the bosom. The feeling passed and I didn't talk to my boss but 2 weeks later I was laid off. Had I listened to that spiritual prompting I probably would have kept my job instead of having been laid off.
Date: 2011-02-02
I have been "in the box" of organized religion at one period of my life. I relate a lot to what you are saying in your awakening. I just try to be a good person. I just try to be like Christ - as he's portrayed in the new testament - especially how he helped the less fortunate and spent time with those who may have been marginalized by society.
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