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I am glad I found this site. I am 62 I think. I don't want to do the math cause I just don't do math plus it isn't relevant. My family lived down the Animas Valley in Durango, Colorado until I was 13 at which time my father was transferred to Shiprock, New Mexico. This town is on the Navajo Reservation and my Father worked in the Uranium Mill there. My family is white but I fit right in with all my Navajo friends and I made friends fast. This is relavant. There were other white families there too. After I graduated I went to 2 semesters of Art at Portales Eastern University. When summer came my Father had transferred to a job in Ohio. I had to go too. So I went. When I was in Ohio is where my spiritual visitations began. I stayed there six years but could not stomach the rain.
I moved back out west and worked in Grand Junction, Colorado for 6 years. I finally made it back down to a small town that bordered just off of the reservation. I worked there very long time. I got cancer (bad cancer) and had to move back up to Grand Junction. I cannot speak now because they had to remove my Layranex. Then the visitations began in Grand Junction. I am not a Shaman. I am more of a buddistic kind of woman. I go to church with my mother. I oil paint, I read, I play the piano. None of these activities require a speaking voice. I try to be happy... It is hard sometimes. I am a deep thinker on spiritual matters. I love the stories on this forum. It makes me feel not so alone.
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Bozo on 2011-01-29

When I was nine, I hated all adults. Like many other children my heart love was for animals. In those days animal never broke my heart or treated me meanly. It was a rough time for us kids in those old days. It didn't help that most of our mothers had a kid hanging from her skirt, holding another ki...

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Date: 2011-02-12
I loved this story Nickolas it is very beautiful. I can see you on that hill burdened with confusion and then BAM. Life is sooo strange. Thankyou for adding this to the forum.
years ago I had a roomate who got involved with smoking crack. I really didn't know what it could do to you at the time. Later after watching it for awhile I decided it made him very paranoid. Then while I was at work I guess they were smoking it all this time you know. I would get home to find all my windows (and they were huge) covered up with black plastic garbage bags.

They were all taped to hold them in place. (I worked nights) and I couldn't see the sun come up because of their paranoia. I am thinking crack users are very paranoid but also that there must be a reason for that. I am thinking that they did hear voices and other things that I couldn't hear.

I tried smoking it a couple of times just not my bag. I stuck to mary jane.

I watched my roomate lose weight in just 3 months. He just dropped in weight over night it seemed. His eyes became glassy and hard. It scared me. I was wrestling with throat cancer at the time. I went to go live with another friend. It was all just too much for me at the time. Blessings guys just hang in there and I pray your spirits lead you towards the right circumstances to help you towards a better view of the world.
Date: 2011-01-26
What a wonderful vision. I'm also wondering about the color of the tunnel. On my first vision I went down a pink tunnel. It was ribbed and I felt it was alive swallowing me like into a whale's throat. The color's must be specific for the person. I am just guessing on that comment. I'm wondering if there are green tunnels and purple or red or yellow tunnels.
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