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Foundations- an endowment or legacy for the perpetual support of an institution.

I am here to be the change, to listen, and to be openminded. Let us all think from the heart, for it is time to heal the world.

"Let the walls of structure come tumbling down
For there is no moment more important than now"-Kathleen

A little poem I wrote for you to enjoy...

Love is

Love is a flower
That grows from a seed
It blooms in it's splendor
For all to perceive
Love is a feeling
That takes flight in your soul
It's warmth is a comfort
Your heart does behold
Love is a song
It's melody sweet
That leads you safely along
To it's melancholic beat
Love is a river
That flows endlessly
Bringing fresh waters
To a restless sea
Love is two hearts
That sent out a call
Whose bond was destined
To be known by all
And now forever united
Two hearts beat as one
For love is extended
It goes on and on
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Finding God on 2011-04-05

Approximately two years ago I felt this compelling urge to read my bible, but with understanding. Not just reading as we do in church, but actually read it with wisdom and understanding, coming to my own conclusions. I wanted it to speak to me and I prayed for assistance in understanding its words. ...

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Date: 2012-04-05
Hello VeryAwake,

This is an absolutely touching experience and I felt the love and compassion that you so kindly and unselfishly portrayed to a fellow brother. May we all learn from your beautiful actions and learn to love one another just as you have on this wonderful occasion! Thank you for your courage to be your loving self without reservation.

With love,
Date: 2012-04-05
Hello jjlandres,

I wouldn't worry about something being wrong with your heart, but on the contrary! Your heart seems to be bursting with love and searching for deeper meaning when reciting the Lord's Prayer. A very similar experience happened to me when I was reciting that same prayer a few years ago, and since then my life has been changed forevermore with so many beautiful experiences. I asked God to assist me in understanding the true meaning of this prayer- I no longer wanted to just recite it, but deeply understand it. I have since been guided in so many ways and have a greater understanding of the world around me. Please continue to ask for guidance, and I know that you will be answsered and find the answers all around you in the most unexpected ways!

With love,
Hi Scarlett,

I found Gerry's book by typing "The Looking Angel Gerard Cec" into Google search.

Hope this helps!
Hi Scarlett,

Thank you! I am so happy that you enjoyed my poem 😊.

With love,
Hi Gerry,

Your book seems awesome! Congratulations! I read a bit of it over the internet and found it very interesting. Looks like I'll be buying it! And as for my poem, I must clear up that this is a collection of poetry from poets around the world. I entered a contest in the World Poetry Movement and was chosen as ONE of the best poets that was found worldwide. My poem will be included among all of the winners. I do, however, plan to put together a book of my own sometime in the future with all of my poetry. When I write I also feel like I cannot keep up with my thoughts, as this is the time when I feel a deep connection with God and the words flow through me. I feel most at peace when writing and absolutely love doing it!
Have a great day! With love,
Hi David and Gerry,

I did see the answers in front of me, not realizing that they were indeed responses to questions that many have had. Sometimes we really do need to think and see "outside the box" as it were, and take time for reflection within ourselves. This is when the answers do become clear.

I recently asked within if I should put a poem I wrote on this site, and I now see that I have received my answer! This poem is due for publication (copyrights belong to me) in a book called "Stars in our Hearts" due for release in April 2012. It is my personal experience to discovery of the divinity within me.


Finding answers isn't always clear
You can look for them both far and near
Yet right before your very eyes
The answer lies without surprise
In ways that may seem absolute
The certainty is but the truth
You seek but somehow
Do not find
For this my child
Has made you blind
Don't search so far
Because I'm near
You cry for me
And shed your tears
Yet here I am
Before your eyes
I've never put on a disguise
In plain light
I possess the day
To lead you straight
And not astray
Be confident in all you do
For the answers lie but within you...

With love,
Hi Gerry,

When I sent in my story it was only published a few weeks later. So don't worry, I am sure it will be on the site soon.

What are the questions that you would like answered? I read your story "Look to God within and feel the Heat" but I did not find any questions... Let me know what they are and I would be happy to respond! 😊
With love,
Hi Gerry,
I would love to answer the question but I did not find it. Is it on the pychic experiences site?

Hi Gerry and NaturalScience,

This site has seemed "dormant" lately. Hopefully it will pick up again! I agree with NaturalScience, God bless everyone who participates on this site!

I hope that you do find an ego definition NaturalScience. Sorry that I was not able to be of help to you. But I am confident that your defintion will come along when least expected.

Hello NaturalScience,

I had never heard about this wonderful woman before! She did indeed show a selfless act of love and I am glad that you shared this with us. Let us all learn from this story and share in her courage!

Hello David,

I was elated when I read your response to me! I went to sleep last night feeling a sense of calm and peace that I could not get over. My prayer is that everyone can love the way Mary did. Simply love one another, no need for words and no explanation required.

I have been asking truth from the holy spirit, and have many visions and love songs played for me. I don't know what is going on. A friend had told me to trust the truth of the holy spirit, yet I find myself unsure if this could be the truth, or if I have it all wrong?...

My most recent vision was that I was in a croud and suddenly Jesus appeared, and I knew who he was immediately. For some reason he swooped me up and hung me upside down. I remember feeling hurt and rejected as the others in the croud laughed, and wondering "Jesus how can you do this to me?" But as quickly as those feelings came to my being, they left me. Jesus took it all away, and I knew I would be OK. And then we were gone...

Hello NaturalScience and friends

When I think about Ego, it brings me back to a familiar story in the bible. It is the story of Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus. A long time ago there was a man that she truly loved and she needed to show him how deeply she cared. This love may not have been looked upon as right in the eyes of her peers, but she herself demonstrated an act in which she was forced to let go of her ego. Mary went with the feelings that were contained in her heart instead of what her ego was telling her was "right" or "wrong". Her ego may have been telling her "Who do you think you are! You're not important enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough to anoint HIM! He's Jesus, you're only Mary! Not to mention the fact that you are a WOMAN!" But, regardless Mary simply put those thoughts aside and conquered them and acted out of unconditional love. Just imagine what she must have been feeling. She knew what the crowd would think of her - the negativity, the comments, the embarassment and humiliation, however within her she mustered the courage to prove her love for Jesus and to overcome her own "demeaning" thoughts about herself. She knew what was right in her heart and acted upon it regardless of the outcome. The love that she had for Jesus may have been viewed as "wrong" in the eyes of man, but she saw through it and only acted in the present moment regardless of the possible outcomes. And much to her delight her actions were praised by Jesus and their love and understanding of one another prevailed. They saw the bigger picture. Love has NO boundaries, it simply is and extends on and on. For me, if something feels right in YOUR heart and love has no boundaries, then who or what can say that it is right or wrong? The ego constantly tries to stop us from being who we are by imposing walls and boundaries.
Hello NaturalScience and David,

I re-read my ego "defintition" and it is indeed what I have struggled with internally. So, this is what MY ego has been doing to me to prevent ME from being WHO I AM. In essence, to provide a definition for someone else becomes senseless really. So NaturalScience you are absolutely right. It's usability may not be good for you, but for me it makes perfect sense. I needed to hear for myself what it has been doing to hinder me. Am I making sense LOL!? As for the word "demean", well that is exactly what I have been doing to myself since childhood. It means to put one's self down.

And NaturalScience, this is a copy from one of your posts: "Thus your path is true and valid. It is even more so as you seemingly don't belong to any sect or church that gives you a fixed dogma and a fixed language for spiritual matters. You belong to those who prove by mere existence that there is a Beyond and a Soul. Don't worry about the "Ego matter"!"

YOU are the beautiful person that you described above!

Hello Gerry,

I find this comment fascinating actually- something to ponder. For me God is in everything/everyone nothing excluded. I agree that it does not matter who or what you think you are, that God is indeed within all.

I would love for you to elaborate more on this wonderful insight that you have been given!

With love,
Hi NaturalScience,

I am not sure what this song has to do with our conversation about the ego, however it was placed very strongly in my thoughts this morning. It is called "Linda Ronstadt ft. Aaron Neville - I Don't Know Much". I listened to it on YouTube after it was placed in my thoughts and as I listened it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest! It had deep meaning for me. Maybe all there is, is pure unconditional love...

Date: 2012-02-13
Hello VeryAwake!

This is so beautiful. Your words penetrate deep to my soul and I thank you for publishing this experience.

With love,
Hi Manojharisree,

I love this experience! It reminds me of the bible passage from Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them."

Hello NaturalScience!

Wow, now I have a lot of inner questioning to do! Before I write you back I will need to absorb all that you wrote and reflect upon it adequately. When I receive this inner guidance I just write it down quickly as it comes to me. Kind of hard to explain, but the words start to flow from my head and I need to grab a pen and paper to write it down. James had told me to go with the flow of the guidance I received from this inner voice. So I will sit down again when I have a moment (the kids are home today so the house is kind of chaotic at the moment LOL!) and get back to you. But, then again, these are MY interpretations... What it to one is not always to the other...

Talk to you soon,
Date: 2012-02-13
Bonjour David!

Tu parles tres bien on francais! Ne lachez pas!

Thanks for writing back. I had looked up on google what that expression meant... So I knew before hand that it was a pilot's expression. I think I might have a clue about the vision. It came to me this morning actually. The other night I had been talking with Jesus about how I want to be healthy again. To be the athlete that I used to be. I was once a long distance runner and trained every day. That was long ago before I had a family, and now I am not so healthy... Almost having blackouts recently. I even had to permit myself to take a nap last week during the day because of the shakes I was experiencing. Thank goodness my EGO did not step in and say "How dare you be lazy and relax" LOL! Anyhow, I told him that I should go out and buy a new pair of running shoes- do something for me to get back on track and to love myself again. The room started to glow at that moment and for about 10 minutes he cleansed me (I think that was what he was doing). So maybe the vision means that by running down the path from now on my whole world will change and turn around? Sounds quite logical to me! Take time to love and to nurture yourself then you can love others all the more...

Have a wonderful day,
Date: 2012-02-12
Hello David,

I couldn't help but notice that you have been ending your comments with the expression "keep the blue side up" which immediately struck a chord in me. I had a vision a few days ago while sitting in silence with my eyes closed conversing with God. In my vision I was walking as I usually do, along a multicolored path with a light shining at the end (I never reach the light no matter how long I walk though...). However, this time the vision was very different. As I was walking, suddenly the world turned upside down and I was now walking on the sky. I do not know what this means, or how to interpret it. Maybe you have some insight?

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