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Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
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Physical Yoga Experience on 2011-03-26

I just had an amazing spiritual experience. It felt so amazing; I was doing a little physical yoga (trying to discipline my Physical body.) I made a bridge with my forehead to the ground and my feet touching the ground and holding me up. I then thought about flowing my energy in through my head a...

And There He Was on 2011-01-11

My name is Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen. I live in South Dakota of the USA. And I have a little story I want to share with you. When I was younger before everything started to happen I didn't believe in god at all. And actually to a very extreme extent, and I may have inadvertently convinced some people ...

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You do not choose. You are. Either you are an atheist and don't believe in god. Or you are an agnostic and believe in god and don't know what religion to be in.

I'm not sure what trials you have been in. But it makes me sad that you once believed in god and now you don't. I would suggest trying to make peace with whatever it is that made you stop believing. Remember, you are not perfect, and just because you don't feel something doesn't mean it isn't there.

Try to have faith brother.
Date: 2011-11-07
This is nothing short of the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Please never be afraid of yourself and what you write and think.

Thank you.
Date: 2011-11-07
Hello Wayne,

Thank you for this. I have sometimes felt that my mind is not tamable. And I just let it wander and let it do as it pleases, but it never seems to find a good place "to give it a rest" and it just keeps going and going and going... Kind of like the energizer bunny, just less wattage. I also talk to myself quite often out loud. And I address different "parts" of my mind even though I know it is all one thing.

There are two distinct patterns of thought. One is a very serious part of my mind. It is very deliberate, well thought, and uses strictly logic. While the other part is more like a child. Not serious what so ever, loves to laugh and play, and loves to make jokes. I don't have multiple personality disorder or anything like that, but there is two distinct patterns of thought that I have, and many more if I really pay attention. I think on some level it is the right brain and the left brain. The left one being the serious one and the right one being the fun loving child.

Anyhow, I feel like your post has given me a renewed resolve to start to meditate again and try to fuse together these two separate patterns of thought. As I know that having this, could lead to other consequences later in life if I don't get "control" of it, like actually having multiple personality disorder. Unfortunately it is entertaining and it keeps me from being bored all the time. So I don't see it as a bad thing, but I don't see it as a good thing either.

Thanks for your post

P.S. BTW "or it may just want to think about last nights dinner, and how you suffered terribly with heart-burn from the Chinese food you ate." = Best part:) TTLY
I would really like to thank you for what you have wrote to us all on this site. I think it is a wonderful experience and I hope it helps you in your life. What you had sounds like a very strong and profound experience and it brought me joy to think about you surrounded by these white loving light beings.

The main reason that I wanted to thank you was because this experience made me reflect on a couple of my experiences that I have had, and I really brought me joy to get to know aspects of myself and my spirit friend better. (I don't really know what to call her because there is a presence that is always with me and always "talking to me" (hot and cold shivers) as I talk to her. And she let's me know when I do do/say something bad (or disagrees) , or do/say something good (or agrees))

I love this freind that I have and she loves me to, and you have helped me get to know her better and you have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a Wonderful and love filled life.
Quote of soulsearcher:
*i love this artical. It is so true. The light can blind you from the truth and illuminate the lies. Alone in darkness we only have ourselves to find.*

And our friends 😉
You know james... I really want to say something really long to express my thanks towards you... But I can't think of a darn word... So I will just say planely: Thank you again, for you have helped me... Yet again.

P.S. Funny thing how I came to this site after you published this, and after not being here for a couple of months.
Hello Vicky,

I have had some scarey experiences as well, as well as wonderful ones, and ones that are just really wired. I have seen both black and white flashes in my normal vision. And when I close my eyes these black/white orbs are normally still in the general area were I saw the flash. Sometimes I try to interact with them, and sometimes I don't. I however haven't heard any voices that don't come from me speculating about what they are trying to say. And them letting me know if what I'm thinking is correct with a "yes" or "no" answer (hot or cold energies).

But as to what you saw and felt. I feel as if this spirit is offering and telling you something at the same time. When she said come with me I do believe that she was trying to offer you death. I believe that this girl was not a being of complete darkness (death) or she would have appeared this way in the pool. It could very possibly be that she had experienced the same things that you were going through in her life and she was trying to offer you "peace" by trying to give you what you wanted. But I also believe she was trying to tell you this, because of how she appeared to you: death is not as great as it seems, she didn't reach peace just because she was dead. And who knows, maybe it got worse for her after judging from the tattered cloths that she was wearing (broken shoes, striped leggings, brown (maybe dirty) skirt). Also she showed herself to you when you were around your friend. I believe she did this for a reason, and in my opinion it was to show you that you have people in this life who care for you, and you don't need to be dead to be happy. Also after you started to cry that probably showed her that you didn't truly want death, so she left you alone.

As for these other experiences it could very well be that because you though that you might accept death once, other spirits are trying to take advantage of you and stress you out more by making yourself question what you are thinking, seeing, and hearing. And they can tell that you are stressed/depressed because your body gives off certain auras when you feel certain ways because of how your brain functions. And these dark blurs you see in the windows may be the same spirit as the first but, the fact that the first spirit was so direct tells me that they are not the same ones. I also don't think you have anything to worry about from these spirits, I don't believe that they will try to hurt you if you don't let them, and keeping calm if you feel there presence is key because they will try to prey on that fear. Causing fear and torment makes some spirits feel better/more powerful. And the more fear they can pull from you the more they will try because the more they will be attracted to you (it is basically a big cycle that keeps getting worse).

As to your question of how to get rid of these things that are happening to you. You have to be able to make peace with what ever is causing you to feel stressed/depressed. Also now that the "barrier" between your mind and the "spirit world" was "weakened" by the contact from the first spirit your mind now picks up on spiritual things a lot easier. Also because your mind is in a stressed state it will pick up on these "bad spirits" easier than it would pick up on "Good Spirits". Also starting to meditate/pray, and ask god and your inner self to help you stop these scary things from happening can help a lot. You may also want to have someone close to you you can talk to about things that are going on in your life. Being able to tell someone why your feeling stress out/depressed can really have a positive effect on your whole mind set, and it is a lot easier to get through this than feeling alone because these type of spirits prey on loneliness as well.

I am just trying to speculate on your situation. I am not a "medium" or a "psychic" or anything like that. But I am human, so I know how it feels to be sad and alone. And I am also a child of god, as are we all, and I want to try to help you in any way I can. So if you feel that I didn't quite understand something please try and help me understand better. It is also unfortunate that your first experience was such a scary one, because there is a whole universe (literally) of spirituality and it can be wonderful and beautiful, or scary and dark, it is only our perception and mindset that really makes the difference.

Also one more thing. Last night I had a dream. I saw someone in a church (I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl) and he/she had all of these black blurs/spots/orb thingies forming and disappearing around her, and he/she was sitting on the steps right before the alter and he/she had his/her head in his/her lap and was crying. And there was a little black spirit that was just watching her and he had is mouth wide open as if he was "eating". I don't know if this was you or not, but as I was meditating this morning and I said to myself that I wished I could have help him/her. And after I got done meditating I for some reason decided to come to this site because I hadn't been here for a couple of months, and then I saw your post. And I thought that was very interesting how that worked out (I swear this is true as if I was looking god in the eyes and telling it to him).

I hope this help.

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
Date: 2011-04-30
Hello Rosemary,

I have has something somewhat similar happen to me, although I was in the dreaming state and not awake like you were. I was in deadwood South Dakota on a business trip to go to school for a week to learn about right-of-way. I was in my hotel and had gambled a little bit of money away (I find gambling fun as a time passer) and decided to head back up to my room and decided to start some physical yoga and meditate for a while. I then went to sleep.

When it was sometime in the morning and I "thought" I woke up to a beautiful white shimmering girl walking into my hotel room. She was a little naked so I started to get a little uncomfortable because at this point she was standing on my bed and I was saying to her "um, um, um..." and she looked at me confused and said "what?" I then noticed that she had a couple "gray spots" / less light places on her legs, I offered to take those dark spots away from her (what I exactly mean by this is an other entirely different long story) she transformed from this beautiful girl into a orb of pure white light, and as I held her in my hand I looked into her, and it was like looking into something that not even a diamond could mach. The beauty of this orb even surpassed that of her human form. I then thought about turning those dark spots into the light and I then put these thoughts into action. And when I did this the room lit up and rays of light were everywhere. When this happened I got knocked out and the next thing I saw was was myself and I looked like I was dark and all these colors were coming out of me and floating around me. I then woke up for real not exactly sure what had just happened, but I felt really happy, and I went to the training.

Anyhow, I think those people you saw were a lot like the person I saw. Remember that we are all beings of light and we carry within ourselves ever color in the universe (and there are a lot more colors than what we can see with our physical eyes). If you were afraid at all, try not to be. And as to why you maybe saw them I can't know for sure. But I do know that your mind let you see them reason, and maybe it was to show you that there is more to life than just this physical world we see day in and day out.

God loves you and you will never be alone... Never

Good Luck to you in all your travels.

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
I would like to apologize for one of my remarks in my last comment on this page.

I said that there were no longer kings, that is a false statement and I was writing rather quickly and it slipped out. There are still a few absolute monarchies still in the world, I think 5. There are also dictators, but there is a fundamental difference between a dictator and a king which is that the king is supposed to be for the people, and a dictator is imposed on the people.

Sorry about that fallacy.

Thanks everyone,

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
Greetings my friend,

I always really do enjoy your experiences.

I just have one opinion to share with you, and it is about the course of the humans race. You said that both Rajah and Raijan are worried about were humans are going. I have thought for countless hours and talked with so many people about this subject including god and my fellow humans. And I have maybe found a little bit of sanity in a mess that humans have created for our self.

The first thing is that humans didn't start making what modern humans consider civilization until about 5,000 years ago when the first writings started to appear and we started to have a sizable population. Since then there has been the rise and fall of many great civilizations: Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Egypt, China, India, the Greek city states, Macedonia, Rome, England, United states. These are just to name a few. All of this happened in as far as the earth is concerned a blink on an eye (the earth has been around for more than a billion years). And even as far as humans are concerned 5000 years it is just about 1/56th of the time we have been around. Also, humans have lost a lot of teachings over the years that may never be recovered (for example the library of Alexandria got burned down). So this means that we have had to start over and over again to recreate what we already have created (this was caused by violence, greed, and stupidity).

So now let's just look at what happened for the last 1000 years or so. We no longer have kings (one person ruling many) and many governments are becoming more for the people and less for the few. In certain parts (of course not all) of the world there is no death from starvation even in the winter months. We are able to be in contact with people thousands of miles away. We are able to store mass amounts of information and anyone with the means can access this information in seconds from anywhere in the world. There are many more ways to get from point A to point B without putting your life at risk. We are starting to explore the cosmos. We are starting to figure out ways to harness the power of the sun for our needs. And I could go on and on about what we have accomplished, and the adversities that we have overcome together as humans, but my main point is that compared to where we were1000 years ago, we are doing pretty good, but alas we could also be doing a lot better.

Even thought we have done a lot we still have some really big things to overcome. For example: there are people that want to try to take the power from the many and give it to the few. We have to be able to come together as one human race and not have nations and conflicts between them. We need to learn how to come together as a community and not just worry about the bottom line and just about ourselves. And one of the most important things, is that people need to realize that we don't deserve to be treated poorly, and that all creations under god are equal no matter what the circumstances. And that people have the right to life, freedom, and the pursuit happiness, And we have the ability to create a absolutely wonderful place for the whole world to enjoy (not just humans). And in order to do this we have to start standing up for our rights, and we have to start putting our best effort into creating a better world. We have to make our future if we are to have one, and the only way we can do that is by bringing people together. Even though it is easier than ever to get lost in the the day to day life we have created for ourselves. When I say this I speak in general, and not to anyone person because if humans are to have a future we need to move everyone towards these goals, and not just a handful leaving behind everyone else.

Any who,

Thanks for listening to me rant.

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen.
Well George,

Here is what I think. I think that you are correct, that we are slowly poisoning or world. But I also want you to know that even if humans fail to conquer there greed then we are going to fail as a culture and we may get a second chance in the coming years, but even if we didn't live finds a way:).

All this oil if hurting us because it is so easy to make money off of it. And people just keep pumping and pumping, and then look at what we have. It is not quite looking so good if we cannot figure out how to use more efficient ways of using energy... Like solar power. Using angles and a refractor (like a diamond with a 3000+ melting point. And then use Graphite black tubes with a melting point even higher than a diamond. Think of how hot you could get it in there... The Electrolysis of water can happen as a thermal reaction at somewhere around 4500. If even half that could be reached a great efficiency of the electrolysis process would happen. Basically a better source of more hydrogen hydrogen and oxygen. And the great thing is that if it gets hit by a tsunami it would wash away. And then we would just have some hot steam... Woooo. Lol. I am planning on trying to build a very small scale model. But it will not be easy to get the right mirrors, the auto industry seems to have pretty good reflectors in there lights... I wonder how much those cost. Then I need a focusing lens to focus it to the tip of the refractor. And bounce it off the nice mirrors, you also see them in fire alarms to make it really bright. And then if you do it to a scale then you could measure effective heat Efficiency per square meter. And see what it is.

That would be cool,
Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
Well I personally believe that everything has a certain vibration frequency. And if you will, a force of energy was trying to help you through your difficult times. I believe that everyone has someone watching out for them. And if you will, a guardian angel was trying to lift you with his soul. It is possible that while this spirit/force of energy was "walking" with you and he may have been disrupting the appliances around the house, this has happened to other people I have heard. But there is also the possibility that you were meant to feel this pull of energy. And something technical may have gone wrong, and there is still a lot of coincidence. Why did the power go out then, why did you feel lifted, why did you get sick. But god speaks to all of us humans every day. And that is how god chooses to speak to you.

Balance in all things.
I hope this helps in any way.
Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen.
Date: 2011-03-24
Well Gysyblue, I hope you would take comfort in knowing you aren't the only person here that has troubles with the "I want it now" mentality. I have the same trouble, and for me it has a lot to do with the generation that I grew up in. 50 years ago when someone wanted to talk to someone they had to sit down somewhere, pick up the telephone, and call. And if the other person wasn't there... Then you couldn't talk to them. But now I can call your cell phone, and if I don't reach you, I can give you a text. And this that and the other thing partially feeds our wants for having it now.

Allot of this is brought on by technology moving so fast, but the main difference between technology and spirituality is that spirituality is like nature, it needs time to grow. Think of your spirituality as a flower. No matter how much you do to help this flower grow better it will always take time for it to grow. With things of a more physical aspect like technology you can create things. And you can create physical things to help your spirituality grow. And you can even try to force this growth, but 9/10 times it will hurt you in the long run because it all takes time no matter what.

So, in the end my point is that you have already planted your flower. And you can "use" your thirst for this spirituality you've found to create the best environment for it to grow in, but no matter what it will always take time to grow into what you want it to be.

Best of luck to you,

Balance In all things,

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen.
In my spiritual "travels" I have learned a couple things. The first thing is that everything is connected. And to put this concept into a very basic scientific view is: There is a big spiritual circle. Think of god as the beginning. And also think of him as the center of the universe. The universe "vibrates" at a certain frequency, A very very low frequency (and I will explain later why lower frequency in the physical is higher in the spiritual) and the universe rotates in a circular motion (or at least the center does as I have found out) and this circular motion of the universe would be a lot slower/ have less cycles than the smaller circles like the solar system. When electricity/energy (remember that all thoughts and motions of our body are electricity/energy) moves in a circular motion it creates a electromagnetic field (even light is technically an electromagnetric effect). This is what connects all of the galaxies to god physically and spiritually. Then all of the galaxies create there own electromagnetic field which connects all of the stars to the galaxy both physically and spiritually. Then all of the stars creates there own electromagnetic field (the soloar winds that come from the sun go up to a certain point and just stop. We don't know what is happening at this point of stopping, but we do know that the solar winds create a circle, so technically the earth is not in the electromagnetic part, but inside the electromagnet itself) which connects all of their planets. Then there is our earth which creates it's own electromagnetic force, and that connects all of the animals on this planet. Then as humans we have a earth chakra (at the base of the spine) which connects us to the earth. And a crown chakra (at the top of the head) which connects us to the cosmos (this connection can be anything in the cosmos but when we are functioning properly it connects us to god). Now what I have just said may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But it is how I can explain it with humans limited understanding of the physical world (meaning we don't really know a lot about what happens beyond our solar system or even in it for that matter).

And now to explain why lower in the physical is higher in the spiritual. I have noticed things that I will not explain here. But I will explain this basic concept of our sight so we can get a physical understanding of the concept of the transposition that happens between the physical and the spirit. Remember how our eyes give us a picture of the world upside down and our brain interprets this image right side up. Well an interesting quote I have seen is that "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience." this quote really hit home with me when I saw it, and I think it is very true. With assuming this is true, our conscious (the part of the spirit and brain that is most physically grounded to the outside world) sees the image transposed from the eyes. This would also explain why when humans brains operate at higher frequencies we are more agitated, excited, and anger easy (anger would be a lower emotion spiritually). And when our brain is operating at lower frequencies we are calmer and more peaceful.

This leads me to my final point. When you take any sort of drug (even food for that matter) it alters your brain wave patterns. For example, for a lot of people Marry Jane make them calmer (some not of course) and its lowers your brain wave frequency. When your brainwaves are altered your will pick up different spiritual vibes as well. As you said, you were an avid drug user. This tuned you into a bad vibe and your are struggling to get out of it. And the more spiritual you become the worse these vibes will effect you. I would highly suggest meditation for you. You can start off with a mantra, or not (mine is "I am becoming peaceful, calm, and centered. I am becoming mindful of the universe, and one with god."). But when you feel yourself starting to relax stop the mantra and stop all the thoughts of your mind. Do this for however long you can hold it, and when you feel you mind starting to become active again return to your mantra. And wash and repeat cycle for however long you feel you want to. I would suggest meditating to your age, for example I am 21 so I should meditate for 21 minutes or longer. Also you might feel like your brain becomes active right after the mantra. Don't return right away back to the mantra, but try to stop your thoughts without it, and if it is not working then start the mantra. I would also suggest the lotus pose, with the hands clasped together because this make the electromagnetic field we create more spherical.

I hope this helps


Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
"O" - By the way

"X" - Marks the spot

(This (material in ()) is just random gibba-jabba so I can post the above material and has no effect on the true message. The reason this is here is because there is a minimum character length)

My glasses are rose-tinted these days, or so I have been told!

I see the world in a different light than most, even from most I have read on this site. However you may not realize it but you ARE making small steps in your own mind, but huge leaps in the eyes those around you.

You say your son may be a non-believer, okay, is he a good person, have you instilled upon him a sense of your ethics and values and does he choose to follow them. If the answer is yes then you have done your best as a parent and he must find his own path.

There will be those who say he will be eternally damned, hmmm, ask God, I just have, you will be surprised what answer you receive.

You are not sure of how deep you wish to go and feel you can't get there, then don't. Remember your belief is you belief, to what depth of knowledge you wish to attain is up to you.

Natural Science and many others on this site have a huge depth of knowledge regarding faith, spirituality and religion, they are the ones I would confide in for answers of a theological nature. I don't and choose not to, I have my Faith (not blind faith) and love in God, Joshua and Mary that is what bouys me as I try to understand some of the postings about religion, souls and kundahlini, see I can't even spell it!

You say you have only touched a few, even Jesus made the statement to his Apostles:

"...if but one in a thousand finds the Father then there will be rejoicing in Heaven tonight, go about your work..."

I'm not suggesting you go stand on a street corner and tout the bible or faith, just be yourself and you will discover more will be touched than you realize. Believe me I am living proof of that.

As for leaving something tangible behind, just look in the mirror and say the following:

"...God, my love and Peace I send to your children on earth..."

That is the greatest gift any person can ever leave behind for their brethren here on Earth.

GysyBlue, relax, do not become down because you inwardly have doubts about yourself, God does not doubt you, never has and never will. For the Divine knows you better than you know yourself, knows "WHO YOU REALLY ARE," you can also find that person, it is not hard she is slready there, has been all along, you just need to remember...

"Heavenly Father may your love touch another soul whom is blossoming and yet is not seen by the body,
May your wisdom be remembered,
Your guidance be seen and understood,
May she find the courage to be whom she really is,
May you dwell forever more in the heart,
In the soul,
In the mind,
And in the love she has for all your children
May she and all who love her be bathed in your light
Bathed in your eternal love
And see the wonders that is God



Two Words.

BEE - Utiful
Date: 2011-01-18

I Do not think that you are doing anything "wrong." In my opinion I think that your guide has not shown himself to you because, in a sense do not "need" him to appear for you. I have read a couple of your stories, and I believe that you are on the right path already. There is also the possibly that Jesus (or god) himself is guiding you. As I believe god is helping me along my path. Also if you read my story that is only the beginning of a lot of stuff that has been happening to me.

Hope that helps James,


Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
Please keep in mind as you read what I have to say that I am a very critical person. And that I am very frank about things and a lot of the time do not hold back my thoughts if asked, so if I offend you in any way I would like to apologize in advance.

Here is how I am seeing this. First off I do not think that you are crazy. You saw something for a reason: and here is what I think.

You love this person greatly, so much so that it give off a lot of "spiritual" energy (remember that every thought process in your brain happens from an electrical current, everything from moving your arm to saying "gee the weather is nice today"). As I see it, you were trying REALLY REALLY hard to give him your love, but his energy was rejecting it, especially if he told you that he doesn't really love you. As the energy was being rejected, god (he that is all, and all that is he (energy)) was taking that love you were giving him and trying to show you a path to happiness threw the arches of heaven. He was also showing you that your boyfriend was not deserving of the love you were giving him because he foolishly was rejecting it. I also think that god was trying to show you that he will love you back if you send your love to him as well. And In my Honest Opinion I do not think that you should suffer the fate of not receiving love back, especially when you are able to give that much love to him so unconditionally even though you know that you will receive nothing in return. In other words I do not think you should be with such a person. And I think maybe god thinks the same as well, or he would not have shown you this transfer of energy like he did. I also think that when two people truly love eachother they share an energy bond, and if these two people truly love god, it forms a triangular transfer of energy, that makes the relationship flourish.

I hope this helps in any way possible.


Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
end of spiritual article