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Just another child trying to figure out this crazy place we currently call home and where I best fit in for the highest good of everything everywhere!
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A Strange Life From Beginning To on 2011-01-16

So I am going to try and write a short version of my life story as it relates to spirituality and how its power is kept from us by the world today. Of course most of you reading probably understand that nothing of importance can really be kept from us and that if we work towards growing for the grea...

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Date: 2011-03-29
That is one version of the grateful dead man, there is another. My favorite version of this is a story called The Water wheel. It tells the tale of three princes trying to save a dying father. Two are corrupt and hinder the third while also ignoring the needs of other along the way. The third gives all he can and in the end finds that one of those he helped is in a position to right the wrongs his brothers had created for him. This is just a brief synapse but you get the idea.
As for your story, I too have had some interesting experiences like yours. I have recently taken upon myself to help two older homeless men on my block with food and water whenever I can. Oddly enough I have not received an energy bill for six months. Every time it arrives it shows that I have credit owed to me. I don't ask why I just smile and know there are forces greater than me at work. Once when traveling cross country knowing full well I did not have enough money for gas all the way I received twice the change I supposed too on three different occasions during thee trip and never noticed until the next stop. I tell you, I love this crazy world! Glad to know others are out there trying to make a difference!
Fantastic! I too have had the name Yahweh come to me. I too was raised Christian, and I too have had revelations and visions which disproved everything I once thought. Try to think of your experiences as a ladder. To walk with god is one rung. To know god is another rung. To know you are god, yet another. To experience the lose of belief in god, the next. Grasping and awaking to this greater understanding of spirituality even further up. The process does not stop in just one lifetime. To limit your perspective now with terms such as God do you no justice. You have witnessed a bigger picture and understand that you are both more important and less than you once thought. Remember the simple idea from the dopey movie " Dogma" to believe in something can crush you if your wrong. While having faith can only lift you up. Faith is one of your previous god's greatest lessons. Faith that the greater good, or highest power or divine intelligence universal will (whatever you decide to call it now) will always provide the lessons we need to continue to grow. You are part of a larger universal view and you will find that your thoughts will more quickly affect your life. Your spiritual experiances will become more frequent and your physical desires should become easier to squash. You have had what sounds like a Knudalinni experience. If you were to look into Kundalinni (spelling probably wrong sorry) Yoga and the Serpent of Fire, I think you would be surprised to see how accurately you described the experience of yogi's who reach brief enlightenment. What happened was you did in fact receive all divine knowledge, or at least vast amounts more than you could process in your human state, at one time. Not being trained in the practices you were unable to comprehend much and eventually the system shut down. Most people travel up the ladder very slowly and steadily, some of us are simply catapulted to the top, have our mids and souls flooded, and then we get dropped back down to reality not fully aware of what has happed to us. The goal as I see it is not to try an attain that full voltage all at once but to learn to tune the beam to levels we can understand and grow gradually with. I believe that we have received tremendous gifts and as the world consciousness shifts we will become more and more important in the development of others. I also believe that we will more easily be able to access the information we have stored as the universe needs us to. I believe each religious deity is in fact a figure of one dimension or another and soon we will come closer to the true creators than we as humans ever have. I am excited for the future and have had other visions and experiences which point me in the direction of the conclusions.
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