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My Death Vision on 2011-01-04

I had a vision, of my death. What is still unknown to me, is whether this is a death from my past life, or a vision of my future death. It was a normal day, well, quite depressing day, as I was going through depression. One of my friends think I have seasonal effectiveness disorder, which is whe...

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i have a HUGE question for you... How do you visit the mountains? I want to try what you have, so I can find peace, with myself and everything else, what should I do?
Date: 2010-12-30
Your story is quite interesting, considering I have had something similar, in the slightest way, happen to me. I didn't exactly stop in my tracks and have a vision, but it was kind of like a day dream, I barely recall when it happened, but I clearly remember the vision of my death. I remember the first thoughts running through my head after seeing what I saw, was "is this my future?". I am soon posting my story about my vision after the holidays. Basically I was in a vehicle, under water. I personally, being underaged, do not drive. I seemed to have been in the car alone, wearing a t-shirt (I think), and some older modle of a car, different to those seen these days. Maybe a car seen in 1990-2005, not too sure, I'm not too educated on cars. But I remember feeling everything in my vision. The water was slightly murky, like lake water, it was a sunny day, I could see light rays coming into the car, and I was drowning. I felt water finally rush into my lungs, j=then just felt like suffocating, pain, coldness in my lungs, I was gasping, squirming, I had already accepted the fact that I was dying. Then I slowly grew weaker, and my pain just vanished, and I fell limp, floating in the water, in the car, and just felt peacefull, and happy. Maybe that is what death feels like? I'm not sure if I viewed the vision fro my own eyes, or if I was watching this happen, like in most dreams. I can't recall because I replayed the vision in my head thousands of times to try to figure it out. And it was also uplifting, strangely enough. Whenever I felt down I would think of the vision, and think about that feeling of peace I experienced. Anyone know what this might mean? Past life? Or future vision?
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