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JosephRex's pictureI live right on the border between Earth and the numenal realm, so it's an easy commute for me ~ in fact it takes no time at all. This facilitates my metaphysical research, since I can scope things out from the heights of heaven, the depths of hell, and everything in between. All of this is encompassed by the numenal realm, which is also called the metasphere.

In terms of the merely physical coordinates, I'm sixty-odd years old (depending on when you're reading this), and live in Northern California with my son Jeffrey, who is thirty-and-also-odd. We like mostly opposite things but overlap by virtue of our philia: familial love. With this redeeming value we live together in peace, which is more than a lot of people can say these days.
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The Eye Of The Beloved on 2011-01-04

In the past I've had experiences of merging into the All-One, overwhelmed by Universal Love. I've also had experiences of nothingness, of confronting the Nihil which underlies all being; I found this to be distinctly different from Oneness, but also intensely blissful. Then a few years ago I had an ...

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Date: 2011-03-22
Hello, Kathleen/Foundations.

I was amazed when I read your stories of how your children are awakening to a special direct kind of spiritual contact. As for your life's calling, I certainly agree that you're already doing it ~ for one thing, being a wonderful open-hearted mother to these kids, way beyond what usually happens today in such circumstances. Many parents react in fear to any sign of psychic sensitivity, especially if they're not open to the reality of religious experience and the spiritual realms. The most common outcome is that the gifts get nipped in the bud by soul-constricting drugs which pass as "medication".

So I was happy to hear about the remarkable events unfolding in your household. Then I went back and read your earlier posts, and I must confess that I'm concerned that you and the kids don't seem to be in a supportive situation. You said that your friends and family want you to "seek professional help". If only there were some true spiritually-aware "professionals" around, that might be OK, but such exceptional individuals are few and far between in the "mental health" industry.

My biggest concern is that you said that your husband doesn't share your faith, and even seems hostile to it. Even when people love each other, there's the potential for misunderstanding based on such divergent views of reality as spiritual vs. Materialist. Of course we can all share here in our virtual community on the Internet, but I feel it would be very helpful if you could also find a local source of spiritual support, perhaps a church or fellow Christians in whatever social context.

Sometimes even people who you might expect to be doctrinaire or narrow-minded can turn out to be very supportive in exceptional situations. I had a keypal who went through a *spiritual emergency* a few years ago, totally overwhelmed by visions and such to the point where he couldn't even pretend to act "normal". He lived in a rural area in the deep South, yet the people in his evangelical church did a special prayer-circle for him in the middle of the service. This was of great help to him in getting through the roughest part of what turned out to be a life-transforming experience.

May the blessings of God be upon you and your children,
Date: 2011-03-13
To NaturalScience:

OM RamaChristos, hail unto thee!
OM KaliMaria, listen to our plea!

Death and devastation ~ we ask: can it be just?
OM Namah Shivaya ~ strike the earth you must!
The heavy load of karma: we've brought it on our head,
And if we alone must answer, it will surely strike us dead.

Please may God support us,
And Goddess lift our hearts!
The Gods will not desert us
Nor withhold their healing arts.

Our shame and guilt enslave us,
We beg your grace to set us free!
Du bist Niemand, du bist Alles,
We pledge our love to thee!

In our darkest hour
We call upon Your power,
Let no soul go untended,
Let no heart be unmended!

Your light is never dimming,
No matter how we fall.
In the end as in beginning:
God's Glory over all!

OM RamaSavit Jaya
Date: 2011-02-20
James, are you familiar with the story of St. Francis receiving the stigmata? The five wounds of Christ from the cross appeared on his body. They bled regularly and were painful. He accepted this gratefully as a blessing. There seems to be a similarity to what is happening to you. Perhaps it's going in this direction, step at a time.
Date: 2011-02-20
Hi, NaturalScience. Glad you liked the story, and thanks for recommending my blog. Here's the link for anyone who might want to check it out:

I also have a sector of my website dedicated to navigating the whole challenging interface between spiritual experience and madness. It includes information on alternative treatments and the inside scoop on the hazards of psychiatric medications. Here's a sample text excerpt:

*** Modern science took the immortal soul and stuffed it into the mind, then wiped the spiritual realm off the map, along with all of its inhabitants. This led to the belief that if anyone ventured into the heavens and encountered divine beings, or journeyed to the underworld, or any of the regions between, they must therefore be out of their mind. ***

End quote. For the whole story, go to:

Megh: What a wonderful experience, and so beautifully written! I feel you did a great job of expressing it in words, with fine turns of phrase like: "The fog of ego lifted" and "I have always been here for centuries and will always be here... I am home." I agree that only personal experience can truly provide the *taste* of the sacred reality, but poetic expressions of the experience can give people the *scent* of it at least.

I also liked the part where you said: "My body is mere a costume and I am beyond this costume... I am in everyone and everywhere at the same time... Everyone including trees, mountains, people are my projections wearing different costumes. I am endless." This reminds me very much of an experience I had some years ago. I haven't sent it as a story for the Spiritual Experiences site yet, but I have it on a page on my own site:

If you read it you'll see that at the end I happened to see a poster image of Krishna's transformation into the Universal Form, and it struck me as an amazing synchronicity showing exactly what I had just experienced. Since you live in India you may be familiar with this; the image also strikes me as similar to what you describe in your own experience. Here's a webpage I found with a slideshow of five paintings depicting the Universal Form:


You awoke to the reality that God is not JUST in temple or church; he (and/or she or it) is not MERELY in the form of idols. But I would like to add that for many people, God is indeed still in the churches and temples, and bodied forth in the idols and images. It all depends on your point of view, and the touchstones for your own sacred inner space. IMHO!

I love your passage about "the Luck of the Virtuous" ~ it explains exactly what it takes to get good luck, and that it's not really a simple matter of coincidence like most people think.

I enjoy reading your comments. You always seem to have your own unique take on everything, often very insightful. Unfortunately we seem to be having technical glitches in our efforts to communicate in other venues. When I got your message that your email to me bounced, I sent one to you. I wonder if it got through? Also I wonder if you saw my last post to you on my blog:


I suggest that you go back to this page with our dialogue and try again to email me at the address I posted there. With *luck* maybe we can connect the loose ends!
I've read through this story and all the replies, and I must say it's an amazing experience and a great conversation!

NaturalScience, I note that you speak of Godfather and the Divine Mother. I, too, honor God the Father and God the Mother. You also speak of Babaji. I've been doing Babaji Kriya Yoga for 16 years. The basic teaching in this particular branch of the transmission-chain is in a book titled *Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition* by Marshall Govindan. On the back cover is a painting of Babaji and a female counterpart sitting next to each other in lotus. The woman is said to be Mataji, Babaji's sister. She's not even mentioned in the book, but my yoga teacher passed along some of the legend. Just looking at it as an archetype, it seems clear to me that they are being portrayed as incarnations of God the Father and God the Mother. But perhaps you're already familiar with Mataji.

I was pleased to get your post to my blog. I posted a reply; in case you missed it, here's a link to the page with the dialogue:

James, in the Garden of Eden you saw "a huge ball of white light", out of which spoke the voice of God. It sounds like the center of the universe to me! In that image the Big Bang overlaps with the creation accounts of a number of different religions. And when you're in a state like you describe, I don't think it's necessary to imagine that the center of the universe is anywhere except right here and now. It could even be in a burning bush...

You also said:
>>> The Divine says I have one journey I must complete before "My Hour Arrives" and that is to walk the path to Golgatha, a journey I am dreading more than any other, as to see the pain of our beloved Joshua is not something I am truly ready for yet. <<<

I have a question: if you could ease his pain, even a little, by taking some of it on yourself, would you do it?
Date: 2011-01-22
Guten Tag, Natural Science! Unfortunately I don't speak Deutsch, but I'm interested in it as a vehicle for spiritual expression. It seems to have a special value for this, given all the great German philosophers and mystics.

Your comments are very intriguing, and inspired me to read all three of your spiritual experience stories. I'll comment on the first one after I have a chance to meditate on it a little.

I've written a whole book titled *Legends of the Metasphere*. It's a collection of fictional stories based on my spiritual experiences and the Weltanschauung that has evolved for me out of them.

I, too, was raised Catholic, and like you had some very painful experiences from it. A big part of it was fear of hell, as you mentioned in one of your stories.

I looked up Yahveh Zebaoth in a book about ritual magic, and found the technical meaning in terms of the complex system of Qabalistic spheres, and also the literal meaning of the Hebrew term. However, this is less important than what YOU mean by it. Yes, there is God the All, God the None, and God the creator ~ three distinct aspects of the same divinity, though sometimes it's important to relate to one or the other according to their special cosmic function.

Also I affirm that my experience was definitely with the Personal Aspect of God/Goddess. That's what made it so beautiful: it was exquisitely, intimately personal!

I recently started a blog; it only has three entries so far, but it's all about what we're talking about here. It's called METABLOG ~ Visions, Transmutations, Awakening from the Matrix:


There's also a link where you can find out more about my book, in case you're interested.
Hello, Dawn Warrior. Congratulations on coming out on the topside of what is sometimes a fine line between spiritual exaltation and madness. I am also a veteran of this dharma war; in my case I was able to refuse the drugs, but I know that not everyone is so fortunate in this challenging situation.

Inborn gifts of spirit, soul-expansion, and psychic powers are not appreciated in today's world ~ there's no room for them in the worldview of physical science and self-seeking materialism. So when such abilities manifest in children, they are seen as pathological and squelched with scorn and medication, instead of being welcomed and supported as they were in most past cultures.

I'd be very interested in hearing more of the details of some of the experiences you mentioned in passing ~ for instance, when you said:

<<< I also learned that from time to time I can completely leave this reality behind and move on to higher dimensions of consciousness. >>>

And: <<< I have experienced the serpent fire run my spine and open my crown to the highest lights >>>

I have a website with a sector devoted to information and resources for people dealing with the challenges of psychospiritual experience ~ it's called *Soul Healing*, using the German word *Seelenheil*, which also means "Salvation":

Best wishes for ever-expanding enlightenment!
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