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United States
I am 18.
Have psychic abilites.
I live to the fullest and I am searching for everything that I need to know.
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Less Spiritually Aware on 2014-03-21

Several years ago I posted my first story about my twirling light (reading my first story may help you to understand what I mean) but as the years have gone by, and I have gotten older I have realized that I am becoming less spiritually aware. I am unsure as to why this is happening but I have som...

My Twirling Light on 2010-12-14

I am a teenager and some of you know that some teenagers can be well out of hand and can be crazy but not me I have lived my life well I stay out of trouble I am polite, nice, caring teenage girl and I have been told countless times that I am way to mature for my age. I mention all of that becaus...

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Date: 2011-01-04
NaturalScience Thank you for your post it very helpful to me. I have to admit I feel really old and strong sometimes. I used to wonder if everyong could produce that inner light but it seems not everyone can do it. It made me more happy to know that I can do this. You answered all my questions that I had and you got stright to the point with your answers Thank you. 😆
Thank you James for that wonderful post. I am glad that I have done something that not many do. 😁
I am glad you decided to share your experinece it a beautiful experience. I love to read stories like yours they always touch my heart. 😆
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