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Right The Wrong on 2011-03-11

Maybe for some, moving forward isn't all that difficult. For me, it is one of the hardest things. Sometimes I am such a child, and often need a push. The words, 'move on' to me, are so harsh sounding, even if it is for the greater good. I have a friend from work who often comments about being st...

A Message Of Song on 2011-01-04

Years ago I met a lady through a job. We didn't really get much of a chance to talk, but I decided I liked her right away. Others didn't take to her as I did. She had many silent talents, much to share. Well, I never really gave her a lot of thought when I was home; although one night I had a powerf...

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NaturalScience - I awoke this morning with this passage in my head and I felt right away as though it was from James. It was, "Gorify thy son as the son glorifies the father."
Oh this story is exactly what I needed tonight. It settled my heart. It's so sweet, so loving, so beautiful. It's a beautiful love between mother and daughter.
James - I have been reading, and re-reading your posts, and I am finally understanding more. I will miss your writings dearly. You brought me to this site, and left my heart here. I am so much more enriched because of you, and you are such a beautiful spirit. I finally understand the meaning of your brother. You pierced my heart like no other and it won't be easy not seeing your postings anymore, but thank-you for what you left us all behind. Love Gysy.
James - I can't believe you. Even before death you show all your love for strangers. You have been a great teacher and friend! I said a prayer for you this weekend, but I didn't realize why. That is your power of love! I will miss you so badly. David - thank-you. Kathleen - your words are beautiful. Good-bye James. Peace my friend.
Onawingandaprayer: James really passed over? I am the one he referred to as the rose in the garden. I became his friend. I loved his parables, and even though we were strangers, I loved him also. You know this is true? I can't bare this thought. You are in my prayers James for now and for always. If I bloomed, it was for you!
Date: 2012-01-08
I am having trouble falling asleep tonight and so I found myself here, reading your melodic story of your experience. Your experience is wonderful, and I loved every word of it.
Date: 2011-11-11
I tried this for a week two weeks ago, thoroughly enjoyed this, then gave up for now. My problem is I just don't seem to have the patience, and hope for instant results. I never read about, or heard from anyone about the blackboard chalk writing; but have done so in my head on and off since I was younger. It's very relaxing. Your last line about beautiful visions of the Lord, while meditating, or in dreams just gave me inspiration and motivation tonight. I am ready to try once more.
Date: 2011-10-08
This is so beautiful. The whisper is wonderful, and also your father's dream. I also love the words you say God spoke to you. This is very inspiring, thank-you.
Date: 2011-09-21
Oh, this is beautiful. It's what we all want - a final hug, words, to see someone we love again. Thank-you for sharing. I find this inspirational.
Yes, my whole body has chills running through it as I was reading. I'm so happy for your survival, your prayers, and your sharing this with others. Thank-you.
Whatever the terminology, your story was so interesting. I like how you lead us from one place to another with honest emotions. I'm glad you overcame things that hurt you, and others and turned it around. Your grandfather must be proud of you.
Date: 2011-08-16
Oh Kathleen - heehee. I haven't been on this site for a bit, and was so happy to see what you wrote tonight. It would be wonderful for others to hear your voice, and I know God listens and enjoys.
Date: 2011-06-15
Kara, my mom passed on over 10 years ago from a terminal illness, and I still have dreams to this day that she is sick, always sick, seldom healthy. Although I know that she is at peace; it is not a question in my mind. All I can say, is just trust, and open up your heart to believe that your dog is being well looked after. You just loved so much, that you worry more than anything that your dog isn't receiving the best. Trust, and I will pray with all my heart along with others that a new window will open up to you, and you will just know that your dog is at peace.
Date: 2011-06-13
Yes James, I understand. I was just wondering who maybe the little sign could be from. At any rate, these little birds can come to me anytime and I will feel blessed. Sometimes I forget that you don't have all this information for strangers, as it feels like you are a friend of mine that already knows me, and I forget, and think that you should automatically know everything there is to know about me. Sorry Dave for walking into your posting. I hope you are continuing to find those leaves, or anything else symbolic that brings a smile to your face, and peace to your heart.
James, I just have such a good feeling lately, and I miss your writing. I have been doing so much reading lately, and I feel so good through the inspiration and unbelievable acts of love some humans freely give to others. I was also reading about a musician, and how he spoke of being with Jesus, and how his aura was so immense that it weakened him to his knees in his presence. I never really gave this much thought before, so now praying while kneeling has more meaning for me.

I had a beautiful dream several nights ago about my military man. He simply handed me a present. I don't know what it was but I felt such peace when he handed it to me. I know he plays a part in my soul somewhere, and I will always love him.
Date: 2011-06-11
James, I haven't seen the little guy, but I listened on youtube, and that is the sound that was outside my window this morning. I was enjoying the sound this morning. Who is it that sends this to me?
Date: 2011-06-10
Every now and then I spy heart-shaped rocks, and somehow I feel that they are a little sign from my mom, just saying, "here I am." Just a little symbol that you can call your own, a little sign of peace and love I think.
Those are words to treasure. It's also reassuring to hear that you can ask for help at any time, and be heard.
Date: 2011-05-30
This is so lovely, so lovely. I have had so many different animals in my life that I have wondered about. My decisions felt right at the time, but I still question them. When your dog came over the hill, I almost broke. I love how you spoke of your prayers for a safe arrival of your dog. To me, prayer is everything, and I believe it is so important to pray as the soul leaves the body. I will remember this sweet story.
Date: 2011-05-10
What you wrote went straight to my heart. I am hoping and hoping that she did eventually forgive. She probably wanted to more than anything, but couldn't get past the hurt and stubborness. With what you gave her, it must have given her a jolt. You are lovely for trying to help that which seemed against all odds, but I am truly hopeful.
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