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Care Bears And Our Contact With The Other Side on 2012-02-09

My sister and I used to watch a cartoon, Care Bears, during the mid 80s. It's about ten adorable teddy bears whose mission is to guide and protect small children. Their ultimate weapon is called "Care Bear Stare" in which the collected bears stand together and radiate light from their respective tum...

Tiny Miracles Of Lahiri Mahasaya on 2010-12-03

Like many others, I have been mesmerized by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. In his book, Yogananda talks about the legendary spiritual master Sri Lahiri Mahasaya who had performed miracles for his devotees, and who received enlightenment from the immortal sage Babaji. Long after...

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anneke8 - That's true. I've no answer to what happened, I like to believe that God was winking at my sister & me:)

Kathleen - wow, that's an inspiring line from the bible. Mass prayers always have a powerful effect.

NaturalScience - you can call me Manoj. Let me know your name too:)
NaturalSceince - nice to see you again:) I'm not so active here on this site, sorry. Ya, this happened when I was just 7 or 8, my sister & I were just aping the cartoon characters. Whether it'll work for us as adults, I don't know but our impediment now seems to be our rational mind.
NaturalScience, you can call me Manu:) Remain sane enough to survive in daily life AND remember God? The biggest challenge of my life truly.
NaturalScience, very well said by you. I pray to implement the same in my life 😊
Federicodelca, thank you for your comment. Autobiography of a Yogi is still a popular book and regarded as a treasure in India. Even if I keep moving houses, I'll ensure this book remains with our family always. I'm sure you'll be enriched reading it.
A beautiful article. I can relate to your experience because I too feel lonely at times & often wrestle with the thought that many are mocking at me when infact, they are not. Hope you receive more of such blissful experiences.
NaturalScience, yes it's indeed tough for me to continue working in MNCs where I'm daily facing situations that goes against my integrity. To keep calm, I say to myself, "it's not a perfect world we live in." Anyway I can only change myself. Although difficult, I am somehow holding onto the faith that we can influence others through our own example, one person at a time.
Date: 2010-12-05
That was indeed a very interesting & pleasantly surprising experience. As you said, it could be a lesson from above for your guy. Never knew about Haidakhan Babaji until I read your article. Reading more about this revered personality online now.
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