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God Spoke To Me - Clinging To The Cross on 2010-11-30

For all of you that have been in a serious relationship -- especially with sex involved in it, you know that the break up will hit you hard. I've always been a Christian, saved and reborn, however I drifted away from the cross after I lost my virginity. I was in relationship after relationship wi...

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I was going through a rough time--a break up with someone I was heavily involved with. Ever since the break up, I clung to the cross and sought God actively.

One day, I was driving to get a haircut, feeling extremely sad and "words" hit me. God said "Give me your pain, anxiety, and burden and let me carry it for you".

For the next 5 to 10 minutes I couldn't stop laughing. I felt no pain, no anxiety, no burdens from anything. I was just laughing and laughing and smiling from pure joy.
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