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Black-hooded Entity In OBE on 2010-11-09

I just had an out of body experience and I saw a black hooded person (entity) standing above my body. The fellow didn't seem aggressive or anything he was just sitting there but he wouldn't let me go farther away from my body. I'll give you more details later. First of all, I'll give you some bac...

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Hi GodisSpirit. Well, it didn't convince me to believe in God just yet, if anything it only made it more complicated for me. While I tend to be more open to the possibility of God or Supreme Being, I only find it harder to find a path. I mean it's difficult for me to choose a particular tradition, unless something more concrete than this happens to me or unless I get a clear sign I wouldn't believe in something just for believing's sake.

NaturalScience, I shall keep you posted if any follow up to this experience happens.
Thank you, NaturalScience, this seems interesting. I did some research on it and found out a bit about this. However Hinduism seems to be awfully complex.
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