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Hey you guys! Well, to start off I am a 27 year old male who was raised in a very spirit-filled pentecostal church in southeast Texas. Alot of things has been happening to be since I was about 8 years old. That is the year I got into the church, realized my sexuality (which is quite undesirable by my church) and I also experienced my spirituality at a young age and some of the things I've experienced are and some are not recognized by the church. I feel as though God pulled me out of the church for a reason! I have always had a good walk with the Lord and it has not been hindered by my experiences, sexuality or anything of the liking, unless I have, by my hand, seperated myself from God slightly due to my bitterness to the church, but God has made things clearer to me and I am excited... Inside and out!
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A Voice Said "My Beloved Son" on 2008-02-23

Now mind you, I never induced these experiences (my church would disagree) but I felt "pulled" into the astral world and I would call on God to pull me back out because of my fear. Now that I know what it is, I can't wait to let go and travel! One of the experiences that I remember well was sudden b...

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I am just having trouble discerning what is really GOD and what isn't. I was raised in a spiritual church, but they have their own views on certain beliefs and experiences. Deep down I know there is more. I long for it, dream about it, have felt it and even, obviously, experienced it. I feel like there is more than what I have been taught, but I can't let go completely. Like there is a bondage on me. I can't fully except anything other than what the church has taught me. "Everything outside the church is not of God and is a deceit from satan!" So, in a nut shell... I know there is more, I just can't break through the bondage that is holding my spirit back!
Well, I don't know that any of us can fully interpret your dream, but as I see it... First and foremost, I think God would have let you know, through the gift of discernment, immediately if the prophecying was false. Your soul wouldn't have beared witness to the message given. You would know if it was too far fetched from what God is leading your soul to do. (Although, harvesting souls is a calling for everyone, a general calling, I believe there must have been more to this.) If you feel it was right and there was more to the message than what I have read, then here's what I feel the dream means.
Spiritually, you were being prepared to enter into a new deminsion in the spirit and the old things were being "washed" away. You were probably also receiving an annointing. Both your spirit and the road you are to travel from here on... God is ready to take control of your life and lead you to the destination in which He has called you to. An annointing and cleansing all in one.
I'd take heed to the call and worry not about the trivial details and the words of man. Follow your spirit and God's lead.
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