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OBE & Jesus on 2010-11-03

I saw Jesus. I was asleep one night in my bedroom on a mattress on the floor because I had just ordered a new bed. I was dreaming I had something really serious to tell my boyfriend. In the dream I literally got in my car (with my blanky) and drove to my boyfriend's best friends but on the way there...

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Date: 2010-11-12
I know what you meant when you mentioned you held your bible and saw him. A similar case happened to me as well. It was after I had a dream of him and I had been praying lately, I was worried that perhaps it could have been the devil pretending to be Jesus as I have heard lots of cases like that. I prayed to him asking him if it was really him show me a sign or something. Ironically literally a second later the man on TV said YES very clearly and I knew for a fact it was Jesus answering me, what are the odds? The next day went I went to bed I asked him again thinking well maybe that was just a coincidence and I saw a vision of him clearly and it was just a split second. I smiled to myself it was a great feeling of relief to know he is there Jesus is REAL.
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