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Awakened To Unlimited Light, Love, Knowledge on 2010-11-18

Although I live in the US now, the story I am relating happened when I was growing up in Hong Kong, China. I have tried not to put my spiritual experiences in words for a long time, since there are really no words that can describe these experiences. And putting them in words inevitably bound my...

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Hi JAndrew,

The feeling of oneness, love, happiness and bliss that you have experienced are certainly heavenly feelings.

In recent years, I have come to explore some subtle or astral levels, which include the realm of heaven. I find them to be distinctly different from my experience of the pure white light during my enlightenment. The pure white light is beyond heaven. It is the unmanifested where there is absolute potentiality. While heaven, although purer and closer to the unmanifested in nature, is still the manifested, the created, by certain collective consciousness (no doubt higher consciousness). On the other hand, the pure white light that I had described is pure consciousness.

The various realms I have explored recently spanned from the one that is very similar to our physical world (where you may meet recently deceased people), to progressively higher and brighter levels, which include the heaven as a higher level. When one's consciousness go higher (literally one feels like traveling higher, like climbing a Jacob's ladder or being pulled upwards), the environment gets brighter, and the encounter and feelings increase in love, bliss, beauty, oneness and knowledge. Then beyond the absolutely beautiful vista and love and bliss that is called heaven, there is the pure clear white light of enlightenment, which is just the quality of love, bliss, light, knowledge, without any cause or image, however magnified much much more than in heaven. One also feels unlimited. And I can see why some religious traditions, such as Buddhism, call this the Void. This is the Emptiness that encompasses everything, everywhere and all time. You KNOW that you are home when you get there. Because you are awake for the first time in your life (or in many lifes), and ordinary life waking experience is just deep deep slumber in comparison. This is our true nature, our true home.

This is accessible to all of us, at any moment. If we can tear away from our absorption in this physical world for just a moment, and center in our inner silence, of innocence in perception, we can get close to this true nature of ours in various degrees, from epiphanies of oneness, to rapturous bliss, to sudden direct knowledge (insight), to enlightenment. And with enlightenment, it is just another beginning.
Hi Sunny,

Thank you for your post. What synchronicity! I have just came across some info on light and sound meditation, and then I read your post.

I also understand now that the buzzing sound (or the many variations of this sound) is God's orchestra. The info on light and sound meditation I came across actually says there are different planes (or different levels of consciousness or vibrations) one would have to go through in order to get to the all-pure formless God Almighty. And each plane carries a different sound. Those descriptions seem to correlate with my experience. It describes the many planes starting from the lowest vibration: the Astral plane, the Casual plane, the Mental plane, the Soul plane, and finally the God plane. The Mental plane would have the loud bees sound that I experienced right before my enlightenment experience. That would make sense, since I was studying physics that night and was probably tuning in to the Mental plane vibrations. It was interesting that I experienced mental capacities that night which I had never experienced before.

Going from the Mental plane to the Soul plane and finally to the God plane is supposed to be quite difficult, according to what I read. There was a barrier between the Mental plane and the Soul plane. But I think the fact that I did not have any preconception about meeting any being or seeing any sight during my experience actually helped me. I didn't pause at any plane, hence allowed all those visions passed me by in great speed, and I was able to arrive at the God plane, which is the formless and immaculate Almighty that you described.

I remember there was a Buddhist saying that if one wants to go further and experience the ultimate reality (the formless Almighty), one needs to 'kill Buddha on the way', meaning that one needs to pass the vision of Buddha in order to go to higher planes.

It is also interesting to point out that I had stumbled on to Astral traveling some years ago. But my experience on the Astral plane has been far inferior to what I had experienced during my enlightenment. None of the intense bliss, love and unlimitness. With the explanation of the many planes, it all seems to make sense. The sound that comes with my Astral traveling is also different from the sound I heard right before my enlightenment. It is a lower buzzing sound that is more like a loud rumbling of waves. While the sound I experienced right before my enlightenment (supposedly on the Mental plane) is a higher pitch millions-of-bees sound. The God plane is where I want to be at all times, of course. And so I will add on the practice of sound meditation from now on to enhance my vibrations there.

I think you are incredibly blessed to have been born in India where the spiritual tradition is rich. For a long time, I have some vague direct understanding that there are different levels of consciousness before arriving at the formless void that is God consciousness, but never in clarity or be able to verbalize it. Thanks for the rich Indian heritage to carry such info.

And may Light be upon you at all times.

Dear Kiki,

I often journey to a similar place you have visited. It is a positive experience, and you have nothing to fear.

I think you can call the place the Holy Kingdom, although I think that is only one of the many layers of the 'Holy Kingdom'. The highest of the layers presents no image or form, but the experience of what Jesus said in the Bible, 'I and my Father are ONE.' And you would essential be the bright Light as well.

The method of your journey to this 'Holy Kingdom' is very similar to climbing the Jacob's Ladder as mentioned in the Bible. The idea is to have a sense of going up, and seeing brighter and brighter of the Light as one goes. Other religions and traditions, such as the native Americans, would visualize going up using other means, such as climbing a tree. The results are the same.

The being that you saw is your spirit guide, as spiricat mentioned. I think you can also call him an angel. This being is your guide or teacher, and is also a protective being for you. He\She\It is often dressed in bright white, or radiate white light. You saw the place covered in writing and knowledge, because that symbolizes a place of learning for you. You can ask your spirit guide or angel questions or directions in your life.

This place is also a place of refuge for you whenever you feel exhausted, or drained, or down in spirit, or need help, or simply want to enjoy a visit. I encourage you to try to revisit the place as your spirit guide said you know where to find him now.

If you are a little unsure as to how to start, as spiricat said there are books about astral traveling or meditation you may find useful. I think you can also try following your original method in your dream of going up to the Light using a car. You can try to visualize yourself in that car in your mind, and then visualize going up, with the Light getting bigger and brighter as you go. Some other people find it easier to cut to the chase, and visualize the place itself (the Holy Kingdom you visited before) without going through the journey. See whichever way works better for you. And once you get a certain proficiency of going to meet your spirit guide, you can simply ask him which method would work better for you. He can also show you much joy and love and peace and wisdom.

May peace and light be with you,
Date: 2011-03-04

I love your wonderful vision of the Middle East. I pray everyday that it will come true, to all.

When I was first awakened, I saw that everything is perfect as is, including all the pain and suffering in the world, which is transitory. I thought all the world need is to see the transitory nature of pain and suffering, and they'll stop fighting and moaning, and join me in my constant state of bliss.

Only later did I know my role, that I have to join them instead, some of the most lost in their pain and suffering, before they can join me.

My role is to tune in my energy to the full spectrum of the human condition, and with every gesture of mine, every word, and sight and heart, join in the prayers of others, and see to a brighter future for everyone. And that everyone does not mean mankind alone, but also all the animals and plants and ecosystem that mankind is intricately linked to, and cannot thrive without.

As you said, a tsunami of change is beginning. This cleansing tsunami is needed, and cannot be stopped, I am told. I also see plenty of suffering before clear skies; suffering due to people's ignorance and rash resistance and clinging to their false security of solid ground. I cried for people's suffering. I pray with all my heart that these ignorant people will be brought to your bright vision of the future.

I also want to thank you for reminding me that perhaps I have tuned in to people's anguish and suffering too much. I should remember to get back to my center of peace before I could help others effectively.

Peace to you and all.

Date: 2011-02-28
Here's a report of my experience.

I have followed your instructions, James, of laying my body on the floor, as if on a cross. Then I asked Jesus to come to my vision. It was not long before I saw him in my third eye.

Jesus appeared in his human form clothed in divine light, which is bright and loving. I have seen Jesus only a handful of times before in my visions, and mostly as light, not in form. I usually experience the divine and divine beings as loving light.

As I was laying on the floor with my arms parted and hands facing up, I was beginning to feel energy in my open palms. But then I was told I didn't have to do this, that I have already experienced enough of the suffering.

I said I wanted to help. Jesus indicated I have other things to do. That I should follow the practice I have been doing. He then led me sit up, and gathered my hands together, palm to palm.

I then have a glimpse of certain things to come in the Middle East. Or what appeared to be the Middle Eastern region. I saw dust flying. I asked - what happened to all the people? What happened to all the structures? I cried. I saw Jesus cried too.

I asked what I could do to help? I believe my role is to pray, and to envision a better future.

I would like to ask all of you who read this to say a prayer with me, a prayer per your particular religious practice, to say a prayer with all your heart and soul, to give loving energy to the Middle Eastern region, and to all the people there. Every single one of them have a beautiful soul and are our dearest brothers and sisters.


What I saw in my vision doesn't have to come. This I believe, or have to believe, because otherwise would be devastating. I think your collective prayers are especially powerful, because people who are on this site are awakening\ awakened souls. Thank you all for your prayers.

And thank you James for sharing your story.

Dear splashcat,

You are at a critical juncture of your spiritual development. Please do the following immediately. They are numbered in order of priority, ie, practice numbers 1 and 2 first. Since you may not be able to do #3 and 4 effectively until you have stabilized yourself with #1 and 2.

1. Bring your mind home to the 'Here and Now' by using mantra. The mantra you select should be based on your religious background. Mantras such as 'Our Father who art in heaven' or 'Aum' would work. Repeat your mantra continuously whenever you feel panic or that others are intruding into your thought. At the same time, be confident that you are protected. And I assure you that you are! Only if you can see the Light constantly shining on you, and not just focus on the darkness.

2. Stop using drugs or alcohol at this point. If you cannot totally stop, use as little possible. Too many doors, spiritual-wise, are open to you now. Drugs and alcohol make it difficult for you to focus and navigate the new landscape.

3. Focus on the loving side of people. And I count your cat as people too. Yes, there is always a loving side to people! To those people who give you their mean look and bad thoughts, give them your other cheek, that is, your loving side, and they will respond in kind, eventually.

3. Be mindful of your thought and feelings and encounters. Write them down. Then write down the positive things you would like to see happen to you. By writing down your wishes and affirmations, you are making a spell - you see, you are spelling out what you want. And words are a powerful thing.

May you see the Light and Love that is constantly shining on you.

I think you said it very well what I found to be also my goal - of preparing for World Wide Consciousness and helping others.

I also share some of your experience of 'weirdness' while growing up, but with one major difference - there was no psychiatric intervention whosoever. If you would read the story I posted, you can see how it might have been for you without drugs and spending dark winters in the basement of hospitals. I was free to fall into the dark pit and then pulled myself out all by myself. It was not easy for me either. As you said, your parents did what they thought was best for you. So was mine.

Years afterward, I have come to the understanding that dark periods and struggles early in life are hallmarks for people like us. And I have learned to embrace those difficult experiences.

I think part of our goal on earth is to erase the sins of the times (sufferings caused by ignorance of God\Spirit). And in order to do that, we have to experience some of the chaos and sufferings ourselves. And your having experienced the psychiatric treatments yourself perhaps put you at the forefront of helping others with similar experiences.

I have long believed that spiritual growth (through meditation, etc), is the long-term solution to the so many 'psychiatric problems' people are experiencing these days. I am not saying there is no value to psychiatric drugs. But I see them as short-term fix in elevating symptoms only. I think the 'psychiatric problems' people are experiencing are really symptomatic of people's readiness and increasing yearning for spirit and the experience of the Light of God.

My enlightenment spiritual experience had immediately and permanently burned away my deep depression. It was as if my brain and all the chemicals in my body was completely renewed in a flash. I think the scientific community, especially psychiatry, need to study people's enlightenment experiences more closely.

Love and Light to you and all.
Date: 2011-01-19

Does it really matter whether this vision is of your past life, or something to happen in the future?

From that vision, deep inside you, you already know that you are spirit and that you are free. Free from your body that can be affected by depression or whatever hindrances that come with your physical body. You don't have to wait for actual death to come to your body. You can claim your heaven on earth today.

Just hold onto your vision of light and peace and happiness. That is our true nature anyways. This physical body of ours is just clothing we put on when we come to this earth. It tends to accumulate dirt such as depression and disappointment and anger and such. But we can learn not to be affected by it, and our true self which is light and love and happiness will shine through.

Your vision is a powerful one. In some sense you have already gone through a little death through your vision. With your realization that you are spirit, you can change things, including your death. Now I believe your future is in your own hands, or at least it can be in your own hands, if you work to claim it.

May you continue to see the light that is in you and everywhere.

Yes, I am there, and I can feel the energy going out of me too. Thanks for posting and sharing.

It was only a few months ago that I found I could do what you did in your posting, ie, to go back in time to help out people suffering at the end of their journeys, and to lift their spirits - literally. Also to help people out during their illnesses. Time doesn't seem to be a factor. And I also got the understanding that the past was waiting for me to act - now.

But it has been hard for me because I can feel these people's pain and suffering... So much... I don't know how people could endure... God bless them and free their spirits from all the suffering. And so I admit I have been a little lazy recently (more like reluctance) in doing more, although increasing so somehow I have gravitated toward reading history books and placing myself in historical moments (I never liked history before), not to mention watching various disasters unfold on TV news channels and tried to help the victims.

And so reading your posting has strike a resonance in me and strengthened my resolve to do more, which is what's meant to be.

Very true 😊

May you enjoy the Divine light that is constantly upon you as well.

Thank you for posting, James.

From my simple perspective, 'real' is far from 'true'. For instance, what's 'true' is the presence you mentioned you experienced in your posting that cannot be described. It becomes 'real' when you have to try to describe it in words, or put it in religious context, or any context at all. I suppose 'real faith' and 'true faith' has similar divergence. But the understanding of these lies only within yourself.

Quantum mechanics is also telling us that what we see as physically 'real' is nothing but energy. And neurology is telling us that the seemingly continuous 'reality' we experience everyday is nothing but a creation of our own mind. In short, our physical existence makes it all real.

I remember there is a bible verse saying that we will have to become children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. My own understanding of it is that we have to clear our mind of our preconceptions, of what we thought as 'real' in order to see the 'truth', our true nature, which is the kingdom of heaven.

And let me borrow another saying. This time from Buddhism: 'If you see Buddha on the way, kill him.' And of course, this does not mean violence of any kind, but to kill the image and preconception of Buddha or Joshua in our minds when we encounter him, so that we can see the 'true' Buddha, the true Joshua.
Date: 2010-11-17

Killing yourself may seem the easy way out, but it is not. Your hurt may linger on in your spirit for a little while longer after you pass, even though your body is no longer. God forgives all sins, but sometimes people don't forgive themselves.

We take our flaws too seriously. We should forgive ourselves like we would forgive our loved ones. Just try not to make the same silly mistake again. Try is all we human can. Scientists are now tell us that a lot of decisions we thought we consciously made are actually not. They were made as a momentum of our upbringing, our experiences, all the TV commercials being bombarded on us and so on.

After forgiving yourself like God would have forgiven you, then understand that you are dearly loved by God. It is a blessing that you saw God. Ask for God's help, and the help may come in the most marvelous ways. It may not come exactly in you keeping your house, but better.

If you have read some of the spiritual experiences on this site, you will realize that the most wonderful and life changing experiences that people have are after a dark period of struggle, like what you are experiencing now. So please see that when you are seeing the darkest in the tunnel, the brightest is not far ahead. Pray to God for strength to handle your situation, and then go do it. Do it with the knowledge that God is by your side. This may include getting some medical help for your depression. This may include how to handle losing your house with grace and love for everybody around you, including yourself. The best of your life is yet to come, if you allow it.

I will pray for you, if you allow it.


I have experienced some of what you have experienced, and have since come to some realization that may be of help to you.

1. Evil is generated by the lack of God. Without the closeness of God and seeing that we are made in the image of God and are spirit, it is easy that we let our flesh take over. Flesh is needed to cloth our spirit so that we can live on earth. But flesh is also a result of so many years of animalistic evolution. The flesh needs to eat. It needs to pee. It needs to procreate. It has the tendency to fight over a mate, and so on. Without seeing our true nature that we are spirit clothed in flesh, it is easy to descend into nothing but our animalistic tendencies of the flesh, hence evil. God is not a hateful God that punishes us when we do immoral things or break the Ten Commands, but rather that God is like our parents when they tell us that if we indulge too much in candies, we'll have stomach ache, God is telling us that if we do immoral or impure things, we will be lost from our true spiritual nature.

2. All prophets have the potential to become false prophets. WE MUST GUARD OURSELVES from becoming a false prophet! For those who have realized God's image in ourselves, either by nature or by strive, are still human, and are still subject to the temptations of the flesh. Since prophets relate God's words, prophets would need to be extra careful than others in guarding from the temptations of the flesh, so that he\ she knows that the words coming out of his\ her mouth are indeed the words of God and not the human flesh. It is possible that a prophet can speak God's words one day, and speak with words muddled with the flesh's desire the next. In order to guard from being a false prophet, we should stay away from temptations or any chance of misusing our power. I find the following rules useful: (a) Do not profit from anything relating to God's work, such as speaking, healing, teaching, etc. (b) Always try to be the humblest person in the room. Realizing God's image in the self always comes with tremendous increase in intelligence, knowledge and talents. But these talents are dormant in all beings. We are no better than any other beings on earth. We are all God's children. (c) Do not be tempted to attract the opposite sex by the fact that you are a prophet. Keep the business of the flesh and the business of God separate. That's why some prophet finds it helpful to refrain from sex entirely. (d) If there is any doubt that the prophecy you are about to be made is not entirely from God, that it is not clear, or may be muddled with your self-interest or your own interpretions
- don't prophesize it. Today's world is already split in so many painful pieces by some well-meaning prophets in the past having muddled visions.

3. Know that you are dearly loved by God and God's servants who have realized God's image in themselves like you do. You are not alone. Ask God for guidance and help, and they will come.

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