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michael kelley
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I've had 2 near-death experiences and knowing
That almost anything that happens
By accident can be purposely duplicated I set
Out to prove this which I did in 1989 when I achieved The Kundalini Awakening. I'm interested
In meeting others who can help me validate my experiences.
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The Nde And The Kundalini Awakening on 2010-10-28

Twas in July, 1966, I was going to work from my college classes when, seemingly from nowhere, a car appeared aAnd in the instant before we collided I had one thought. It was as if my father was telling me; "Mike, I told you how to live and now here you are dying and you've hardly begun to live." Thu...

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It has been a while since I posted my story on this website because I remain baffled by the well known researchers who ignore my research though we are researching the very same subject. After much thought methinks 'tis because I'm working toward knowing the very essence of these spiritual encounters; that thing that is essential to the very existence of these close encounters with infinity which reduces them to their simplest form of understanding while the researchers remain on a ever more complicated and therefore confusing path. Please help me solve this very baffling problem. Michael Kelley
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