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I Am Alive Because Of My Guardian Angel on 2010-10-04

This story takes place when I was a very young toddler... well... not too young... I think I was in grade 4. I'm not your usual bright student who breezes through Math without breaking a sweat. My dad however, is the genius. (Let's just say he taught me and my sister - both engineering students - fr...

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I said I wouldn't comment but you have a Very good point...i've done some research and yes... You are right. My mistake... I guess it was the child in me who misses his grandfather so much. Up to this day I still cry at times when I remember him. I've seen so many other things (ghosts, a demon, orbs), and I just wish at times that I'd see my grandfather.

Thanks again for the clarification.
Date: 2010-10-04
So true. I was saved by my guardian angel as well. One of my friends was also saved by her guardian angel... Similar thing that happened to you. She was drowning and suddenly an arm appeared and pulled her out of the water. Amazing! Thank You Lord for the Angels you sent to save us... Or if that was You... Thank You so much! 😁
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