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My Recent Holy Spirit Transformation, Baptism, Infilling on 2011-03-31

I wanted to reach out/find others that have had a similar experience where the Holy Spirit has completely, dramatically, and unexpectedly change dramatic lives! 3 days after Easter last year (2010), the Holy Spirit woke me up at approximately 10 am from a sound sleep. I started praying and deeply...

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MMonday01, Yes, I can definitely relate to your experience! I often times think of how crazy all of this is... That these beautiful supernatural experiences of the Holy Spirit are really happening to people like us, today, for real! The stories from the Bible and other Holy Texts are indeed based on real stories, real life events that do happen!

It's beautiful and scary when it effects the airway though, huh? I wonder if it relates somehow to Holy Spirit making room for Himself... Or is it some type of purging to prepare our body for His Presence?

I would love to hear more from your thoughts/experiences! Not sure if you can message me from my contact info? Much Love, S 😁
I know it's been a few months since your post... I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful words. I wish you the best on your journey. If I can ever help in future, please let me know! Much love always, S
Wow! Thank you for sharing your conversion experience! Your words give me great comfort & joy... And yes, I believe you HAVE been reborn through the Gift of the Holy Spirit... Totally transformed through His Grace, Love and Light. My own conversion experience started in the Spring of 2010... And still continues to this day... My advice is to continue to yield to His Will... And be very, very patient... Spending lots and lots of time meditating and in prayer... Remember there may be many twists & turns, but with patience, and total love and belief in His Will... You will continue to grow closer to Him as He is inside you now... And your relationship will continue to grow stronger and deeper. Eternal life with Him is worth everything we must give up here on Earth. Everything! You may be interested in - St. Teresa of Avila (great description of conversion process to 7 Mansions/Stages) and St. John Bosco. In Much Love Always, S ❤
Dear Lucygirl18,
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and moving experience. You are such a gifted writer, your words truly moved me to tears. You, no doubt, have been very Blessed during your lifetime. Please, please share more of your spiritual insights and experiences! With us all!

On another note - I'm so happy this very special Web site ( is once again active! Especially after several "dormant" years in which no new stories were published. Yeah! 😁

Your words give me great comfort! I would be honored to help out w/your book any way I can. I will try and figure out how to email you... But if I am not successful... Please post to me how to get in touch with you so I can give you my contact info. May our Lord continue to Bless you always... ❤
Date: 2012-03-18
Dear LauralovesPaul66,

Wow, I am honored to read of your Holy encounter with the Holy Spirit... I firmly, truly believe it was the Holy Spirit Baptism. I had my first encounter back in April of 2010... And it is very, very similar. I have my testimony on this site if you are interested in reading about it. If you are like me, I have been searching nonstop for others that have experienced this Holy Spirit conversion... For close to 2 years now! My life has done a complete 360 thanks to our beloved Lord! Something amazing and glorious is going on throughout the world!

After close to 2 years of researching... As well as a glorious complete personal total Spiritual conversion, and many, many subsequent divine encounters... I feel strongly that God has unleashed his Holy Spirit in a "new way never seen before on Earth!"

I personally feel that during this time, this new wave of Holy Spirit encounters is happening to His children that are "ready" and "open" to receive His spirit... And we need to pray for the others to follow. As our Beloved Lord said, "the first will be last, and the last first!"

I personally feel that the ones that are ready "now" are experiencing this wave of very similar Blessed encounters of pure transformation through God's love for His children... Many are strikingly similar to your encounter... A Holy Spirit Converson, or Baptism, Infilling, etc...

As I look back, I realize that He had been trying for soooooo many years to transform me with His Spirit... But I had been so full of myself and my own selfishness, I was blind and had a deep fear of the unknown... So I didn't let Him inside... I was scared of the unknown. But once I put my total 100% faith in Him, and just let it happen... He came to me! And wow... I had no idea what I was missing!

I have found that many explain their encounter as an electrical real presence surging through their body, mostly at night while they are quiet and in bed, some waking from a sound sleep at night suddenly, to His presence ~ some during intense meditation or reflection. For me, just before He sent His Holy Spirit surging through my body, my soul, my spirit... I had been intensely thinking of Jesus' suffering on the cross... With deep, pure pain inside my soul for How He suffered for us... Other people describe feeling God, or the Holy Spirit, Angels, the Blessed Mother, etc. Flowing through them like a life force, or electrical current, or God's Holy Breath ~ that is transforming them from the inside out... Some also describe seeing a light during their visitation, or hearing God's voice, or divine music, or a touch from God, etc. Etc...

One thing that everyone who has this divine experience seems to have in common is a gradual change for the better and a closer relationship with God.

I can testify firsthand, that I firmly believe that your experience, is just the beginning of God drawing you to a deeper union with Him. Just trust in Him and let all the fear go.

My favorite book that helped me understand all that was happening to me is from St. Teresa of Avila, her book explaining the mansions. I can't recommend reading this book enough! It is amazing! She is amazing and had many divine encounters!

I pray for many, many Blessings for you and your loved ones. I am so happy for you! Please keep posting of your experience... I truly am interested in hearing how your relationship with God progresses after your initial encounter!

Sending thoughts love, peace and strength your way...

Scarlett ❤ ❤
Thx, Kathleen! I was using Bing to search... Guess I gotta go back to good ole' google! Peace always, Scarlett 😁
Hi GERRY! I can't locate your book when I do Internet search.? Where can I find it? KATHLEEN~thx for the kind reply! Blessings my friends... Scarlett ❤
KATHLEEN~ beautiful poem! It brought tears to my eyes. GERRY~ I am going to check out your book... Looks really interesting! Will let you know my thoughts after I read it...Blessings... ❤ Scarlett
Date: 2012-03-01
Dear Heavenonearth,

I don't know how I missed your stories before... But I am very grateful I found them this morning... And I am truly humbled and full of joy to read your words of wisdom given to you by our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for sharing, and I hope you will post more follow up stories.

Your words, especially in your latest posted story, have given me a surge of passion as I continue my journey on my newfound path to oneness with our the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. ❤ Thank you for making a difference in my life!

Many Blessings my friend,

Scarlett ❤ ❤
Date: 2012-03-01
*QUESTION ~ Has anyone else noticed that a lot of testimonies regarding Spiritual conversions are happening around Easter time? Both before and after Easter? My first experience included... 3 days after Easter Sunday 2010.

My thoughts are that although people describe their experiences differently ~ depending on their own individual beliefs/culture...for instance, Holy Spirit baptisms or conversions, encounters with God, Jesus, the Blessed Mother Mary, Angels, etc. ~ they all seem to share an awful lot in common... I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this?

Kim, thank you for sharing your amazing story! I am very happy for you... You have been very Blessed by God and I am honored to read of your miraculous encounter! Please keep posting!

Blessings my friends, Scarlett ❤
Date: 2012-03-01
What a blessing to have the Blessed Mother Mary come visit you! You are being mightily protected and guided, and surely you must please our Father very much to receive such a rare and heavenly blessing! Peace to you my friend always, Scarlett ❤

P.s. Thank you for sharing your beautiful encounter!
Date: 2012-02-28
I too have seen a petite ethereal lady after being awoken from a sound sleep for no reason. The first time, I awoke to see her almost gliding past my husbands side of the bed as he was sound asleep. The second time I awoke and saw her going down the corridor of our bedroom. Both times I noticed the sweetest scent, almost like a rosy talcum powder... For me, I have no doubt it was the Blessed Mother coming to comfort me in times of need or despair. I prayed and asked for her to ask her Son for a miracle so I could have a baby... After years and years of infertility treatments, I never gave up hope... And our little bundles of joy came soon after.

To have the Blessed Mother come to you with the infant Jesus, is very, very special! And very rare. You must be a very special person and dear to God's heart... I am honored to read your story!

A few years after the Blessed Mother first came to me - I received my first visit from the Holy Spirit in April 2010. (I have posted my story on this site)...I call it my Holy Spirit Baptism! Lasted over 4 hours! To feel God's presence enter your being is something that immediately changes your destiny... I have only grown closer to Him in all ways ever since!

Many Blessings to you my friend,

Scarlett ❤
Dear ReedemedNTenn,

Praise God! I am so grateful you found this site. I have goosebumps from reading your post. This Easter it will be 2 years since my first Holy Spirit encounter or Infilling. Please post about your experience. I want to hear more about how God is working in you and visiting you. I have had quite a time since my first visit! Honestly I can testify that it has not been easy, but nothing worth attaining is ever easy. And for me, there is nothing I wouldn't do for our Lord and Creator! My road has been full of many ups and downs, turns,sinkholess, and surprises... But oh, what a miraculous road it is..."God's Glory Highway" as I like to call it! And it's the only road worth taking!

Here is a little story of what has been happening with me. I write this down, not to call attention to my own self, as the last thing I ever want to do is that. I am so undeserving of the great many Blessings God has bestowed on me. I humbly say this as true. I can only point out that God often chooses those least deserving, and most full of sin, and in the most need of help to draw attention to His Greatness. Not me, only Him in all things. I hope by posting some of my experiences that I can help lead others, even if only one person reads this, and/or is affected by this, and is led closer to God than I will rest with an eternal smile in my soul!

I have learned, by placing my complete faith in Him, that he is slowly transforming me by helping me realize I must completely discard my old self and through Him and with Him, allow Him to show me how to discard my own pride (this I am still working on and is the hardest for me) so I can love my fellow siblings fully and totally. I yearn to love like Jesus did while on Earth. Oh, how impossible this is... And will require 100% a miracle from God if I am ever to reach this state! For now, I rest in the knowledge that I can not love totally without discarding my own Pride.

I have learned that I must fully relax and meditate and completely abandon worldly affairs (i.e. Stress, thoughts of things I must get done, etc.) to fully experience His glorious presence. This I do my sitting down in a secluded room and meditating and praying to God. I just think of all He has done for us, His children... Out of His immense love for us, His perfection and His grace. Often times, he comes at night as I am laying down for bed, or relaxing in a chair on a quiet day... Always I am in mental solitude. I pray, pray, pray...unceasingly.

When He comes, I feel His presence immediately. I feel His Divine Spiritenter me, usually in my chest area. It is so hard to explain accurately...impossible. But to help others understand what they are going through, and hopefully help them grow in their relationship with Our Father, Our Lord, the Holy Spirit, I feel the desire to write down my experience. When the Holy Spirit, the Divine love comes, I feel complete peace the moment He enters me. Well, let me back up. Usually it happens like this...

I will be laying in bed, saying my prayers, or just speaking with our Lord. I will feel a sudden static like or magnetic energy. I feel a soothing vibration in the area and my entire body fels like it was "switched" on from a divine switch inside my soul. My body or soul is like a magnet, and my soul connects with a pure, Holy magnet. My soul or life force seems to be interlocking with God's Holy energy.

My bed will literally start shaking or more like a gentle vibration. You can see the bed vibrating with your human eyes, you can feel the bed vibrating with your human senses as well. My little dog will always get up from laying against my side, and immediately go to the foot of my bed just before I am aware of the Holy Spirit's presence as well. I feel His Spirit enter my body and an immediate calmness, and peace comes over me. It is impossible to describe in words. It it beautiful. It is divine. It is pure love. I feel utter peace, love, acceptance, transformation. I feel Him moving throughout my body. I feel His energy transforming the very core of my very existence. Like a battery being recharged in a way.

The last few times, when I let go without fear at all, I have felt Him working upwards in my chest... After about 30 minutes, I felt a change, like a deeper connection. I let go of ALL fear... This completely letting go is something I have worked up to... As in the beginning months of Spring 2010, as I was learning and absorbing all that was happening to me... I always held on to some kind of deeply rooted self controlled mechanism of self... I guess I could best describe it as my own self not completely giving into God. But lately, after 18 plus months of blissful Holy Spirit infillings and encounters, I have learned to completely let go of any fear. I have placed my trust in our Lord completely.

So with that said, the night before last, when I had one of my miraculous encounters with the Holy Spirit... I let go 100%! Wow, what happened next was incredible! He was moving inside my chest area and when I didn't hold back with fear, somewhere deeper inside my very soul it felt like, I started truly struggling for breath. But it wasn't a struggle in the true sense... As I trusted God completely that I wasn't going to suffocate or die. Although it felt like something was squishing my lung compartment so that my lung sacs could not fully expand, I knew 100% that He would never do anything to hurt me. So I "trusted" Him, and after a few minutes of feeling like I couldn't take another ounce of His divine love or I wouldn't survive... It was like something snapped inside of me... And the euphoria of His love was like a torrent of rushing, warm, pure love from Our Creator!

Wow! I feel Him inside of me now almost constantly. My cheeks have a glow still after close to 2's like My soul entered a new mansion with Him.
I just wanted to share this with you all, my beautiful friends. My words don't do justice to His divine love. Please bear that in mind.

For anyone that is looking for a "good read" into these kinds of experiences with our Creator, I recommend reading about St. Teresa of Avila.

In particular, I highly recommend reading the book, "Interior Castle" by St. Teresa of Avila.

St. Teresa has a way of explaining conversions to God in such a simple but
Extraordinary way. She has a way of describing in a simple way just how the whole process of getting as close to possible to God on earth is possible. I have learned so much from St. Teresa's writings! I have read 100's of books on this topic trying to understand what is happening to me and others so I can
Try to get as close to God as I can on Earth! This is my favorite book! ❤

In love and fondness,

(aka Floridamom) 😳
It is "CHRIST"mas eve, December 24, 2011 and I felt a sudden urge to go to my Computer and check in on my favorite website here at As often times happens to me, I feel a brief flurry of disappointment that there are no "new" stories posted. I always get a warm sensation of the "feel goods" when I click on this website bookmark and see that someone has posted a new story!

This morning, with no new stories, I look to the bottom right to see what random story is listed... And I see it is your beautiful story... I am filled with a powerful feeling of love and joy from reading your story... Especially because I am a CHRISTian and for me personally, to read stories of G_D bestowing such powerful grace on someone is just such an awe inspiring moment of intense love for our Creator. I love to hear or read about such times when G_D transforms a fellow brother or sister with His magnificent presence through the Holy Spirit. 😁

I wonder how you felt when He came to you. Did you feel Him moving throughout your body like a Holy electrical charged life force? How long did He stay? I would love to hear more of your experience? I am so grateful that the Lord led me to your story today, on the eve of His birth... What a divine encounter you had. Please post more if you may, as I would love to know more about your experience!

Merry Christmas to all my fellow siblings in Christ!

Scarlett ❤
Date: 2011-12-11
Dear Michael & James,
My fellow dear brothers...
Thank you from then bottom of my heart for your heartfelt reply and for taking the time to write...
I appreciate sincerely your thoughts & suggestions...

Since my conversion... I have nothing but love and tolerance for all my fellow brothers and sisters, regardless of their personal religious beliefs. I belief that every one of us has a G_D given right to their own beliefs without fear of judgment from anyone. Please know that I truly did not intend to "judge" "well-wisher." I am sad if my words came across that way. Typed words are always so hard to interpret because they lack the writer's inflections, etc.

I truly have no ill feelings towards "well wisher" at all. It is hard to explain, I just felt very passionately compelled to point out that his/her words might come across as being intolerant and pushing his/her own personal beliefs as the only true belief... As this forum is for people to write their stories without fear or worry of persecution.

I believe, we are to be examples of tolerance and love... And are not to judge others and force our own beliefs on others. For me, as a Christian, that is the bedrock foundation of my faith. I personally would never tell a friend their religion is wrong. I have many friends of different faiths, and we all respect our differences.

To be honest, after I posted my remarks, I did worry that my intention would come across different from my intent. I must tell you, I truly am grateful you pointed that out. Truly, it was the way the post was "worded" that made me feel protective of each of our rights to our own opinions without persecution. It was solely the... "You are wrong... Jesus is not what you think." I don't know why it affected me so very deeply... But thank you for responding... As I will do some serious soul searching as to why "well wishers" comments affected me so. I have always been keen to standing up for anyone that is persecuted for their own beliefs. I am 100% for religious freedom and tolerance. I love all my brothers and sisters regardless of their religious beliefs or lack of. This I say with a full, sincere heart. I also believe that our Creator presents himself to different cultures in different ways... Somewhere deep inside of me, I often times wonder if G._D didn't come to His children on Earth throughout history differently. For instance, Jesus to Christians, Mohammad to Muslims, etc., etc. I believe perhaps it "could" be a possibilty that cultures saw what G_D knew they would be comfortable with, depending on their culture. Like a teacher using different teaching tactics depending on the needs of the class. There really are just so many similarities!

I love all my brothers and sisters...Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. All the same. G_D has His own way and own plans... And I respect that. I guess bottom line is that my intent was just to comment on the way "well wisher" went about his post... It wasn't about his/her own beliefs... Only the wording... The "you are wrong... Let me tell you why you are wrong"- the lack of tolerance I perceived. I never would say to someone... You are wrong, your G_ D is a fallacy, only my G_D is the true G_D. Yes, that is offensive to me. But being offended does not make me angry or make me dislike someone. My remarks truly have nothing to do with "well wisher" personally... I pray for him/her for peace and love as I pray for others.

But as in all experiences, a lesson is to be learned... And I really appreciate your response... I value both of your feedback and respect your words. Bless you both, James & Michael. I love reading your stories & posts. You both have been very Blessed and I wish nothing but peace and love always to you both.

Blessings, Scarlett ❤ ❤ ❤
Date: 2011-12-04
Regarding the post from a Guest- Well Wisher. I don't believe this wonderful site is for people to push their own religious beliefs on others... And tell others they are wrong. Is there a way to report "guests" on this site to Administrator who are very offensive and go against the guidelines? I love this site... And my heart hurts from reading the post from "Guest--Well Wisher.". Thank you.
Dear Kiki,

Here is what I think regarding your beautiful testimony... ❤

I believe G-D has blessed you immensely with a visit from Jesus Christ. I have had a few lucid dreams very similar to yours... Although it has taken me many years, and a recent Holy Spirit Baptism to open my mind, heart and soul to this truth.

The beautiful man, dressed all in white was Jesus Himself. How Blessed you are to of been with Him. He was telling you that He is always here for you, and that He loves you fully...always. He is telling you that no matter your earthly trials & errors... All you have to do is remember He is with you, a part of you, always. He wants you to always rely on Him during good and bad times. He wants you to always take His hand and He will lead you to Paradise with the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

He loves you mightily... And I sense from your words that you are a very special soul, full of warmth, compassion and love for others. He is so proud of you... He sees and knows you better than yourself.

What a gift you have been given! I am in awe of your experience. ❤

Try an Internet search of "dreams about Jesus from isolated people who have never heard of Him." I have read about this miracle a great deal... Dreams of Jesus Christ... Especially from people like in Africa or isolated jungle tribes in Amazon... Who have never heard of Jesus before. It will drop your jaw and make your heart go pitter patter for love of Our Creator! And especially when you read about people having dreams of Jesus dressed EXACTLY like you described him... All in white and bare footed. Wow!

Please, Kiki, write more when you can. I would love to hear how life has been for you since your divine encounter.

Praise G-D...He is pure perfection.

Blessings, my friend always. ❤
Dear Partisan,
I am hoping that you still check in on this website. How inspiring and beautiful your words describing your divine experience are.

You have been very Blessed with the Grace of G-D...and He has bestowed the gift of wisdom/knowledge on you... His precious child.

I am very grateful that you had the courage and strength to realize that Our Lord wanted to help you just when you needed Him the most. You took His hand and allowed Him to lead you out of the darkness of despair and pain that addiction causes on others & their loved ones. You allowed Him to give you His light, love and strength and He bestowed His eternal joy on you. He led you to a divine spiritual transformation.

I pray so much for the ones that don't take His hand when He offers it. We all need to inspire others and lead by example.

You have done a wonderful thing in sharing your story. I pray others going through turbulent times with addiction will learn from your experience. He loves ALL of us, His creation, no matter what... And as you shared... He is always here waiting for us to open the door to allow Him in. He WILL come in. We just have to be ready for His knock on our door, and simply open the door when He does come.

I personally believe we all need to encourage and support our fellow brothers and sisters. The Lord taught that one can always test a Spirit with patience and understanding... By looking at the fruit. And the fruit of your divine encounter was... A transformed life "free of addiction." ❤

Blessings my friend.
What a beautiful description, Zechariah! A dream and awakening together are very powerful... And cleansing! You are a gifted writer... Please write more when you can. Thank you for sharing. Blessings! 😁
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