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On 3-14-98 my 18 year old daughter Heidi died in a car accident. Prior to this happening I had never heard of this spirituality stuff at all.
A few nights after her services I was yanked as I call it into the light when I noticed her drivers license backwards is the exact date she died even the letter in front. With this I went in search at libraries to find out what this may be called because the word coincidence just didn't seem to be enough. I was right! Never in my imagination would I have been able to consider this type of spiritual exsistance would have been possible prior to her death.
By the grace of God Heidi and I have been allowed to continue our mother daughter relationship and bond that we had before. She has been able to come to me in many way's as well as leave many undenying signs that they are from her no doubt for other's to see and know that she is still around and helping out in way's she couldn't if she was still here on Earth with us!
I have written at the least 34 different things that she has done and a few are in legal documents. She is a miracle in our lives as she was in birth she continues through death to be a wonderful gift from God!. Thank You Heidi and God for being in our lives and in our deaths forever Amen. _Dona_
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My daughter Heidi was killed in a car accident on 3-14-98. She was the driver and 18 years old for a month. She was a senior in high school but she was not going to graduate until the next January. She was behind a few credits. I never expected to get it because she was behind. In August the secreta...

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