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I'm newly married, and my husband and I are both very sensitive to the spirit world. He and I have both been under heavy demonic attack several times, and it has happened before and since we've been married. I grew up in the church, but never realized how little I knew about God. My life was a roller coaster in high school, and God saved me from a treacherous path I was on. Ever since then, I don't doubt the majesty of God, the Love and Salvation of Jesus, and the wise counsel of the Holy Spirit.
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Cleansing Loving Energy on 2010-08-19

I have read some similar stories on this web site, and I have been touched by the Holy Spirit. It was a very dark time in my life, and I was an isolated sinner... Through out nearly all of my teen years, I was addicted to pornography. It was a secret because I was too ashamed to share my struggle wi...

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Dear Dfrank:

What you described in great detail that happened to you happened to me in high school! It was a very dark time in my life, and I was an isolated sinner... Nobody but me and God and satan knew about what I was into. One of the last days of my senior year, I was just so overwhelmingly depressed, and I told my mom I didn't feel well enough to go to school. She knew how much I hated high school, so she didn't try to persuade me to go. I went in my room and I just cried and wept and apologized to God. I repented of everything in weeping desperation, and confessed that I was scared of where this road would take me, that I had tried to stop doing what I was doing, but that I was powerless... That I needed Him, and only He could save me. At that moment, I felt this warm, loving energy rush over me, and it started in my feet and moved all the way up through the top of my head. As it was moving through me, it was cleansing me of all my shame, darkness, and depression! And when it left the through the top of my head, I only wept with gladness and awe! It was such a beautiful moment, one I can barely describe with words. I absolutely believe it was the Holy Spirit... And ever since then, I have never doubted that my name is written in His book.
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