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I am a nurse, I live along the Oregon Coast, where I love it so much. I am a very compassionate person and always have a sense of what people are like just by conversation. I am fan of good humor and am a close family person. I love my job and I love God. I feel like my bible is my baby sometimes, it's so precious. I'm not perfect and always fall short of the glory of God but am ever growing and gaining knowledge towards the ideal way of life I am intended to have. I don't have all the answers but believe God will fulfill my every need as long as I continue in faith, I've experienced hard times first hand & the ONLY thing that will save us is Prayer and our strong Faith in his power, I wear the armour of God and am ready for any spirtual warfare that may be against me. The devil creeps me out But I don't fear him, the only one I fear is God for he is the most powerful and will be the ultimate winner thoughout the battle of good and evil.
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The Whale, My Answer on 2010-07-23

I was jogging down the coast a distance of two miles, I would run almost everyday up this beach until I reached the jetty where I would usually stop and stretch before I head back. So I sat there and thought to myself, "Man God is awesome he created all of this for his children; his brilliant plan ...

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