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The Matrix... What Is True Reality? on 2010-07-18

I was hoping for some input since my mind has been extremely confused since the last experience I had. Its like everything I know has been shaken. Its a bit of a long story but I will try to keep it brief. Over the past 5 years of my life I have been learning to answer the call of a prophet on my li...

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How would you explain my desire to be loved and my desire to love? Is there a state of being that supersedes the need for relating? I have trouble comprehending fulfillment with out the reality of someone or something separate from me caring or being interested in me. I have a yearn inside to be loved and to love... Is this just a lack that I'm interpreting wrong or is there more to the puzzle I'm missing?
one other thing... I have come to understand that the reality of love just is... And I need a belief to receive that love... The belief that worked so well has been "god loves me" when I sense the love my mind says its god loving me and I receive the love through my belief. How else do I receive the love if not for that belief? How do I make the Love personal to me? Is there a state of being that supersedes the need for relating. Or is it really directed towards me?
Sorry guys that I haven't responded earlier... I have been a lil busy... I have learned some things over the past few weeks and I also very much appreciate the insight of the responses I have have got... Although I would very much like to here more about you and your experiences klondike77... My email is cookarooch01 [at] would appreciate it...morton
Have you found a way to experience that oneness anymore?...
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