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Yvonne W.
United States
I have had many encounters with the spiritual world. I have been very interested in this and the Supernatural also about Ghost stories.

I have children and a granddaughter.

So much about the spiritual world I don't know about and by coming to this link on the net I am hoping what I don't know I can learn from other people who have experienced such stories as I have to be able to perhaps help me out.
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Spiritual Experiences from Flutterofwings

God's Mysterious Way on 2008-08-12

In May 2008, I walked my dog Max. Max is an 85# White German Shepard. We went to climb the back patio and he seen a cat. He ran after the cat, he does this all the time to keep them out of his yard. This one day however, I was holding his lease when he seen the cat. So off I went about twenty feet, ...

Jerry's Vison of Life on 2008-04-29

When I was a child in the late 1950's there was a young boy about my age named Jerry. He was born with no legs beyond his knee area and one arm not farther then his elbow. His mom kept tabs on him all his life up to this point of time. He could not come out and play, he could not turn the tv on, he ...

My Mom's Second Chance at Life on 2008-04-13

This took place around 1990 in Michigan. My Mother was diagnosed with Diabetes about the age of 69. My Mother had some sores on her right leg. She always thought she could take care of sores that she got herself. And with being a stubborn woman didn't go to the doctors to find out what they were. Sh...

Born a Blue Baby on 2008-04-13

In 1950's when my Mom was in labor to have me, she had a long ways to get to the hospital. My Mom and Pop's car got stuck in the snow storm and my Pop had to walk many miles to get help to get his wife to the hospital so she could have me. Finally some neighbors came got him out, Mom is left in t...

Lord Please Don't Take This One Too on 2008-04-05

In 1970 I gave birth to a baby boy. He lived three hours. I held that tiny tot of six months along in my arms, while laying in bed. I couldn't climb the many steps to the top to get help, as I lived in a basement apartment and had no phone. My son died in my arms, while I held him close to my body. ...

The Love of God Through my Son on 2008-04-05

Back in the 1980's, while I was a single Mom, working and trying to care for my children and I, my children didn't get all they wanted. But they got what they needed. When other children had brand new clothes, I had to go to second hand stores and get theirs. They didn't seem to mind. They took thin...

Lord What Do I Do Now? on 2008-04-05

I got into a head on collision, in 2003. I had many injuries and couldn't walk anymore. One minute I am on my way to work, and the next I am in a horrible car accident. As I sat in my car, knowing I was in the accident as I seen it coming. I felt like my heart was broken, it hurt so bad. I later fou...

A Miracle Indeed on 2008-03-04

This took place in Michigan. When I relocated to the area that I live in now, I was looking for a Church to go to. I often seen this cute little white Church with the white steeple on top. It looked like it should be on a Christmas card standing off of the road. I stopped by and talked to some pe...

Prayers and Believing Is All You Need on 2008-03-03

This took place in Michigan. Tommy was an older man, who lived by what he believed in. Prayers is all you need to make it, in this world he would often tell anyone, that would listen to him. He had a wife and many children. I don't think he remembered just how many children he had, as one time yo...

Noralee's Disease on 2008-03-03

This happen in the late 1980's. I met Noralee at the new Church I went to. She was a nice older lady, who helped out in the Church all the time. When anything needed to be done, raising funds, taking care of the babies, meetings set up. The pastor of the Church could always depend on Noralee. Onc...

Oh Lord Help Me on 2008-02-24

This occurred here in Michigan in the mid 1990's. It was summer time. I had taken my children with me to go and see my sister, that lived two hours from us one way. We had a nice day and everything seemed to be going good. Then on our way home as I was driving down the road, with children in the ...

Why I Picked Flutterofwings on 2008-02-06

This took place in 2003 in the home in which I live in at the present time. I was in a head on collision in 2003, on my way to work one morning. A guy didn't yield his stop sign and ran it and I had what was called a "T-bone collision". I hit him broad sided on his truck, but head on for myself. ...

Dream of Jesus Helped with my Panic Attacks on 2008-01-28

I had been trying to ease up my panic attacks for a long time. They got so bad that I couldn't even go out in public places without having a panic attack. After that dream, my panic attacks eased up, I was able to go out into the public and do something again. I know this dream had something to do w...

Saved from Blindness with Prayers on 2008-01-28

In early 1980's I went to my eye doctor, Dr Winkle (I always thought that was a good name for an eye doctor) for an eye check up. I had been complaining that I could not see well in my right eye and could not figure out what was wrong with it. He sat me down in the chair, looked into my eyes and ...

Jesse and his Guardian Angel on 2008-01-22

Late summer of 1995 as my sons played outside at our house trailer and my friend Cheryl and I were sitting on my deck drinking tea, a man was trying to get into my bedroom window on the other side from where all of us were at. Finally Cheryl said she had to get her grand kids home and into bed as...

The Homeless Man on 2008-01-22

Shortly after my children and I moved from Ypsilanti, Michigan USA we went to the grocery store to do our shopping and fill the house with food to our new home. When we got done with our shopping we got into our car and was on our way to the exit area of the parking lot when one of my sons said "Mom...

Jesus Held Me in His Arms on 2008-01-16

In July 1988 I had a monthly period in which the uterus would not close up and I hemorrhage. I went to the hospital and was admitted. At that time I did not have a regular doctor and so one was assigned to me. He did nothing to stop the bleeding. I laid in bed for a day and a half until my sister ca...

Last 20 posts from Flutterofwings
I learned that prayer a long time ago when I was a child. However I haven't said that prayer in a long time. But may help me on those nights when I just can't sleep either. Thanks for writing the story to remind me of my Guarding Angel just the same.
[at] vagabondfaith thank you for your comment to my story. I appricate all comments I get on my stories.
Date: 2009-02-11
Miracles do happen and yes God does wonderful things with our lives. He heals when we think we have lost. Read my story of JESUS HELD ME IN HIS ARMS. It tells of the love of Jesus for his children. I am glad that all is well your way and with your children.
Thank you for your comment to my story. I never put my email in these sites, as I may get far to much email then I can handle. So by not putting it in there, I don't hurt anyones feelings, I do hope you understand. Once again thanks for your comment.
Date: 2009-01-14
I would like to thank everyone who has left comments to my story. Jerry never felt handicap I don't think by the way he acted. He wasn't afraid to try anything. I am disabled and I always think of others worse off then I, in which makes me not feel so bad about being disabled myself.
Date: 2009-01-14
Thanks for all for the comments to this story. Yes Max was his right hand that day keeping me warm. However my beloved dog is now in doggie heaven, he had colon cancer. It's hard to be without him in my life but he is not really gone, only in body form he sits by me spiritually all the time.
The year 2012 does have a meaning to me that something will happen can't say what at this time. But I feel also something will happen the end of this year too. That will cause many people to die of some kind of diaster.
Date: 2008-08-27
[at] Carrotred and Tonith for your comments to my story. I complain a lot my self at times and compared to his problems he had, mine are nothing too. Makes people think just how lucky we are.
Date: 2008-08-27
Thanks for your comments GinaSciarrino and Edmund. Yes it had to be our Lord working that day. I thank him all the time for the way he works in my life and with my children as well. Once again thanks and I am doing lots better can walk with the walker and a quad cane some days. So doing okay.
Date: 2008-08-14
6senses, Congrad to you for making it into this world and for what ever your age is now. Yes Miracles do happen more oftne then we know.
Date: 2008-08-13
A wonderful story. When my Mom died I seen Jesus waiting for her to arrive on clouds so pure and white and cottonie. The Lord is just so awesome.
I for a long time thought of myself as a lost sheep that no one wanted, not even the Lord. I prayed for so many years for the Lord to help me find a good man and when he did, I didn't realize it. But instead of making this man feel he was the lost sheep too we bonded. He and I are always togeather and loving every moment with the love we have with the Lord as he found two lost sheep and quided us to each other.
The Lord is always near us. Even when we try to push him away with our wrong doings or words spoken that should of stayed in the mind and mouth. He will always be with us no matter where we are.
Date: 2008-08-13
I have Indian blood in me. My father was Navajo. I got the hich cheek bones of the Indians and the black hair. But I am not quite as dark as Indians are more like my mom who was not an Indian. I have loved Indian things all mylife and never knew why until I checked out who I was with family history and found out about my father. This was a good story indeed.
Believing is loving. Being postive in our way of thinking is the best way to be and can make the road of life a lot easier one to travel on.
Postive thinking can get one far in there life then if they are always so negative. I fell down not long ago broke my pelvis and I am postive that not only will I walk again the right way, but be able to drive again too.
Date: 2008-08-13
Very good and written story you have here. And with no ticket he gave you life from the Lords way of seeing how you are. You were very well blessed for sure.
Date: 2008-08-13
Thanks for this wondeful story. My first born son, was born two months early had cardiac arrest at 18hrs old, and he should not of lived either. But he did and now is in his 20's and doing just fine. Miracles do happen.
Date: 2008-08-13
OOB experiences sometimes we just don't want to leave but stay right thee. I had one with Jesus and I kept saying I wanted to stay and he kept telling me SOMEONE IS WAITING FOR YOU... No no no I said I want to stay with you and he just kept the same thing up calling me his child. Finally I weant back to me and felt great.
I did that got up out of my bed, went through the door down the hallway to the bathroom. Went to the bathroom and when I looked into the mirror, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't see myself. I went back through the hallway to the bedroom, laid back in my body. I watched this all happen startled but not afraid. This is out of body experiences.
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