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Two for One Sunday on 2008-01-21

Hello all. I'm new to the site so give me a chance. My name's Jasmine and I'm a student from Canada. I have been riding public transit for more then 6 years, so trust me if the fares go up I am the first to know, if bus passes are free I'm the first in line... And so forth. I have always believed in...

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Date: 2008-01-21
Dear Shannon,

Your story is the most beautiful storie I have ever read.
I am so sorry for your loss as well and will keep you in my prayers.
I love you. God loves you.

Gods love is there for you. May his love fill you up. They are in a Much Much better place now and will never be in harms way.

" Dear Heavenly Father:

As I lay here before you. I yet again, ask, that you please forgive, my seemingly endless sins. Overwhelmed, as I experience, the sight, sounds, and feelings. As Jesus, is tortured. Beyond my selfishness. Crucified, for my sins. How ungrateful, I must sound. Trying to redeem myself. In my nightly prayers.

In my deepest soul, I know I'm forgiven. For you are, my reason of being. Humbled in your presence, sharing what I know, to be true. You were by my side, before I learned, that unconditional love, your love. Cannot come in human form. Confused, and torn. That what I believed, to be real, and true. Couldn't be seen in my life. Silently I'd observe. Only to experience, that my deepest convictions. Couldn't be seen in my physical reality. What others called love. Came with rules, conditions, and judgments. For I knew in my soul, it wasn't true. Because I had you at my side. And yes, dear lord Eventually I'd mirror, the hate I experienced.

As I lay and stare into the darkness. I pray for a crystal clear, answer. What is my destiny?. What is my purpose, here? Stillness, Silence. A gentle wash of illumination. Thank you dear lord. I feel your presence. Your peace. Your love. All my physical pain, extinguished, in your flame. I lay and bask, in the beauty. I'm enveloped in blinding white light. Announcing their presence, angels. Their beings extended heaven and earth. Unbinding my four walls. With a heavenly choir, enticing my soul. Restoring my soul, to an innocent past..."

I was also wondering if I could say that tonight to the lord in my prayers... As it is beautiful.

I love you. God loves you.

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