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There's not really much to describe of me. I'm a spiritual person and have lots of every day occurrences with the supernatural.

I'm an empath as far as I can tell and see the occasional thing here and there.

I became connected with God just recently when I had been seeking guidance by reading the bible for the first time. And I have to say it's nice to have someone to go to for constant reassurance.

I'll post things when I experience them, if I do get any other experiences of the spiritual kind.

God Bless.
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Awakening: Protection And Reassurance on 2010-07-14

I've had a hard life. Everything seemed to go wrong for me once I had entered middle school. Had an accident that disfigured my front teeth, was the victim of constant bullying, the doctor who was supposed to fix my teeth took our insurance money and ran with it--so I never got the surgery for a fak...

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I don't know if my experience could help you, but when I needed help and guidance I read the bible: Psalms to be exact. I know it sounds way too simple to actually work, but it did for me.

When you read Psalms, read the whole thing through. When you get to parts you can relate to, read those words with your whole heart and soul. Read them as if your reading to someone, pleading to someone.

Possibly have a good cry while your doing it. That's what I did. XD And in return I got what I felt was a connection, or a visit, from him, an angel, or my guardian spirit.

You can try this an see if it works for you, but that's just me. Hopefully you can find your faith/light/spirituality.
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