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Hello everyone, my name is Anna. I found this wonderful website when I was looking for help for my spiritual side. I cannot wait to start sharing my spiritual experiences and I look forward to helping and meeting new people.
Bio: I was born on July 25th 1988. I was born premature weighting only 1 pound, 9 ounces. The doctors and and nurses said I had a VERY slim chance of living and if I did live, I was going to have complications. During my early months in the hospital, I've been prayed over by MANY people and there have been TONS of miracles that happened to me when I was going downhill. The hospital staff and everyone could not believe what was going on and shook their heads at the unexplained phenomenon. They only knew it was one miracle after another. Now I am a perfectly healthy 22 year old young woman and have a zest for life! Thank you everyone and of course, God and angels for my life.
Interests: I like listening to music and LOVE to read. I am a writer and published my first book called 'Princess of Heart'. I am also a big fan of Anime. I adore animals and I like hanging out with my family and friends. I also adore the spiritual side and my Savior Jesus.
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I Saw A Vision Of Jesus And Mary In My Church on 2010-08-12

I do not claim to be overly-religious or what you would call 'God's favorite'. The only thing I do know for sure is that God has something for me in this life and I want to do my utmost best for Him and others. I received my Baptism and First Communion at Saint John's Church in downtown Schenect...

I Saw The Angels As A Premature Baby on 2010-08-09

I was born premature weighing 1 pound, 9 ounces. I remembered my early months as a preemie. This was my very first memory of life and experience of the spiritual realm. I was a baby but I truly remember this and I always will for the rest of my life. The first experience of my life was that I fel...

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Sorry I haven't posted recently, I have been busy finding my life's work. Thank you for the comments everyone! I wish to let everone know about God, Lord Jesus, and the angels love and Divine Guidance in my mission in life. God bless you all. ❤ I will post more of my encounters in the future.
Sorry I haven't been on lately either IndigoGirl, I have been busy wondering where I should go, talking with people and angels.
As of now, I am writing my Life's story about how God and spirituality has affected my life, letting everyone know about God, Lord Jesus, and the angels.
That's amazing you see them too. Well, of course they are watching over you with deep love as well! Can you see them 24/7? I also believe other people can see them because we are all equal individual souls; some people just have the gift awoken at birth by God. Even still, I need to train my spirituality more. Archangel Raphael once told me that any kind of negativity shuts a person away, and it is the purity of the heart that let's a person communicate with them and become a better person in the process. I see them as I did when I was a preemie. They appear to me with or without wings since their wings come from their spiritual energy.
I will post more of my spiritual encounters in the future. Thank you for the comments everyone, your love is helping me! ❤
Hello, I'm sorry I did not reply sooner, IndigoGIRL. GoldenGate is right, seeing Angels is a gift I believe. One of the Spiritual Gifts of God is Discerning spirits. This goes for seeing, sensing, and knowing if a soul, action, and/or knowledge-be it a spirit, Angel, demon, or even Humans-is from God or the devil.
Any time I see or sense a type of spiritual presence, I always make sure it is from God. Otherwise I do not engage in friendly talks. I have faced three demons in my life but with the help of my Lord and heavenly guides, I was able to defeat them.
My mom has this Spiritual Gift as well. She is able to discern good and bad knowledge from people. Thank you for the comments! ❤
Hi LISA, how sweet it was to meet your father that passed on! I believe your soul went up to Heaven and you were seeing Earth from the Heavenly dimension. I don't really believe it's a once in a lifetime thing, God might allow more visits if you ask or meditate. I too, have Astral traveled up to Heaven a few times during prayer meditation, and I've seen my grandpa and he told me a message to give after he passed this February and what a relief it was to my family when I told them. So don't be sad! Your father is always watching over you. ❤
Thank you so much for your nice comment, IwanttoHelp. ❤
I will try my best with any mission God gave me. I am figuring out where to go to develop my spiritual abilities so that I may help others... Hopefully, I can make a great difference with my spiritual-ness.
God bless
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