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A Messenger Once Told Me on 2010-07-03

First a little background information to help bring greater meaning to the story you are about to read. I was born a child of extremes! Fire was an early fascination, so too was love as well as exploration. I got pounded over and over by those who wished to mold me into what I was not, and I pounded...

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Psychic events come from the third chakra, below the heart; they are subjective though often correct. Intuition comes from the Higher centers, 3rd eye/pineal, and is mysteriously simple yet always right. If you focus on Psychic events, you get psychic events, polarities and sometimes disturbing events. If you focus on the Divine in you, Intuition will be found, and it is profound!

But your energy needs to cross a bridge to get into the higher centers. The "Heart center" is the bridge! Your choices to harbor forgiveness or hate are your footsteps across the bridge or your leg shackles holding you in place. Leave the abusive relationship... Do not worry or think about it, just get up and GO!
Then search your heart and find forgiveness after you have gone. You will then cross the bridge and the pain will be wiped away.

Then it is time to focus on your Divine connections while not repressing the shadow which is in all. This will take time and great effort to understand, but you need it and so does your son. Each choice along the way is for you to make, persist and you will find your answers, but keep persisting until you find them.

Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung; is a great starting point!
Date: 2010-07-16
Thank-you both for sharing!

I was given a reprieve/healing which lasted for 15 months...

Then a cross of pain was put on my back! It has been there for nearly 6 years. It has taught me much... A great deal about Compassion! It kicked my Intuition into High Gear, I know things and don't even know I know them at first, like having a new Mind.
Now I know what is meant by "I will give you new eyes to see with, new ears to hear."

The cross is a torture instrument and also a Divine instrument!

I have been throw into a fire so that the false would be burnt away. There was a lot of false stuff to burn! Lol~
Date: 2010-07-06
I have been put through the ringer quite more then most!

I use to joke: God lifts me up so He can smash me into the ground!

It gets deeper as we grow closer. I am in the ringer one last time, but I understand it now. The last resistances are burning up. They need to burn up. Soon it will be done.

Yes, you may call me that. We are all that, though we are slow to Realize it.
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