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Satan In My Dream on 2010-07-02

A few months ago a had a really bad dream about Satan. It started at my old house I use to live in when I was a child and Satan came and took my mother (who is Deceased). My Mom died last year July 25 from a stroke. Ever since she died she has been coming to visit me in my dreams. In my dreams she i...

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Date: 2010-07-02
I think I saw the moon that night during winter when a light Halo was around the moon. Everybody saw it. I know some one who took a picture of it. But to be honest weed opens you up to see things clearer. My brother smokes weed and he says when he's high he writes journals or like poetry about what he's feeling or about the world and when he goes back to read them (when he's not high) he come across spiritual things. Things he never could have known. It amazes him. Most people function better with weed. My brother believe weed was the "forbidden fruit" from the tree of knowledge that Adam and Eve ate from. Now I know you smoke weed but some people actually eat weed like in Europe they grind weed and put it in food, desserts and coffee. So I believe you.
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