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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I am originally from the Nazareth region and grew up in Bethlehem. I come from a large middle-eastern family of 3 girls and 5 boys raised as Christians in a land of the warring between old bitter rivals.

After completing formal education I have settled in the Gulf Region.

For the last 3 years I have lived in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, as an Accounts Manager for a local food importing company.

My own sprituality stems from seeing what the practising religions of the world have done to our societies at large. Religion has torn apart my homeland with no sign of it ever abating. I see sects within the christian faith arguing over how a prayer is suppossed to said, give me a break!

Modern religion teaches "ABOUT" Christ life, oh how I wish I could stand in front of Paul, or Simon Peter and ask them what thoughts regarding the Son of Man were going through their minds when they founded the original Christian church.

I turned my back on organized religion and began to look elsewhere for my belief in God and as a christian-raised man pursued my love of Christ and his real teachings, not what we are forced through ceremonies, to recite.

Coming from the part of the world I was raised in, these unorthodox beliefs in Christ and God are frowned upon somewhat, but I don't care, my inner spirituality is extremely important to me, for it guides, councils, nourishes and shows me where my path is to be found.

I believe spirituality is a very personal thing. I admire the faith and courage of those who post their experiences here on this site

I have seen first-hand the cruelty of man towards man all in the name of God and it saddens me to no end. One day the cycle will end and I can return to the land of my child-hood and my fathers before me, but now that I have "escaped" I will not return again. For the Divine Source of All has said "...the time is not right for you to go home..."

May the light of the Heavenly Father shine brightly upon all of God's children on this wonderful world we call home!

Spiritual Experiences from James

My Final Journey To Golgotha Is Now Complete on 2011-07-25

As many whom read this site are well aware, for some time now I have been talking about taking "my final journey." Well I can now say that is completed! I post the following not as a passage to tear down ones religious beliefs, or say that my way is the only way because it isn't as you all know....

Steping Up To The Plate And Experiencing Who I Am on 2011-06-30

I wanted to pass along an experience that has happened within the past couple of hours (30 June 2011), here again I pass along my experiences so that those just awakening will not be afraid to publish their experiences no matter how silly they think they are. I am still in awe of the whole experi...

A Journey Through The Garden of The Divine 2 on 2011-03-27

Before sharing this adventure with me please go back and read my first posting entitled A Journey Through The Garden of The Divine. After reading or in some cases re-reading please follow along in your inner self as I once again visit the Garden of The Heavenly Father. I realize there are many wh...

A Final Journey Begins on 2011-02-14

This is a wonderful experience of discovery which happened earlier this month. As many whom have read my previous experience on the Bridge I would like to share this with you in the same manner, before you envision the experience please read the whole posting first then follow the last paragraphs. B...

Crossing A Bridge In Time on 2011-01-16

I keep saying I would like to take "a breather" away from the site but every time I do another experience comes along for which I am asked to pass along! This experience was very new to me as it occurred in real time while I was walking across a bridge and not while I was meditating or trying to ...

Holding A Mother's Hand on 2010-12-17

This is a journey that took place last February, shortly after becoming aware of my awakening to the Heavenly Father. Some will question why now of all times, with Christmas just around the corner, I chose to publish this. I have truly been at odds with myself over this one and one other that will c...

A Journey Through The Garden Of The Divine on 2010-11-11

I have been even more reluctant as of late to publish any more experiences, however I feel the benefits to others outweigh my own selfishness, so here is my experience from last Tuesday morning: I was enjoying a very quiet and peaceful time, not sleeping but just having my eyes closed and thinkin...

Tigers And Cleansing By Jesus on 2010-10-09

I have been hesitant to publish any more experiences on this site as I feel people are beginning to grow tired of what James has to say, I know for a fact several of you are. I have been asked to publish these experiences as one submission by the Son of Man. These series of experiences occurred i...

Why Me? on 2010-09-10

As I venture around the internet in the continual search for expanding my faith and spirituality, I come across many people who make the statement "Why Me?" with regards to their experiences. Like a lot of the people who post on this site, myself included, religion is not something most of us came t...

Awakening To The Snow Leopards on 2010-08-25

As can be seen from my "BIO" I have not been a big fan of religion in the formal sense of the word. The whole searching for truth, inner awareness is something that I have struggled with for decades. Mostly calling it a bunch of hogwash because it didn't seem to relate to the Christian teachings I h...

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Date: 2011-12-06

My wonderful friend

Be not concerned about the path or comments of Well Wisher for that is what is in His/Her heart as your love and beliefs are in yours.

A long time ago a man stood in front of a crowd who wanted to throw him from a cliff because of his beliefs and yet no one could do it, they didn't know why they couldn't do it, yet their anger and disbelief of this person was very strong and real.

In the end they let him go on his merry path and never realized it was the love within them that prevented them from doing what they so desired.

A round-about way of saying "...let the love that is you, that flows through you be the champion..."

Do not let your ego take charge and feel that you have been threatened for you have not and your values have not been threatened either.

There is no reason for the moderator to step in and intervene, yes Well Wisher' Intent was to impress the views He/She has been taught, but remember those views are also OF MAN not of God.

ALL present public thoughts of God and The Son of Man come from books and interpreted by man accordingly into those books and from those books. This is the foundation of modern religions (all religions!'!).

Look into your heart and see the glory that is God and know that the love he has for you is stronger than any anger we can hold for another of our brothers or sisters here on earth.

Forget not that this experience is about the beautiful experience of Yeshua of this wonderful Child of God, for her eyes have gazed upon the glory that is Jesus and the glory that is all of us.

My wonderful friend look upon Well Wisher and send only your love and understand that the opinions expressed come from a book and not from an experience deep within, for once you have put fear aside and truly experienced the source of ALL life, source of ALL love, deep within you, you will never look upon your fellow man in the same light again, regardless of their opinions or beliefs.

"... My peace I leave you..."

Hello my wonderful Brother In Faiith!

Thank you for publishing your story and the subsequent commments.

The energy changes I am referring to originate from within the ethereal realm directly from what some people refer to as "SOURCE" most of just say GOD. It requires to have an open mind regarding quantum phyiscs as well and how the universe is made up. There are several very technical names for these shifts in energy but to simplify it one just has to look back at the last week in September and the first two weeks in October.

How many experienced days of anxiety, some days of complete confusion, days of absolute clarity, deep religious insight they have not felt before now, visions and experiences of the religious people from their holy books and other days of internal energy flows that were off the clock in intensity.

I know I experienced all of those things, sometimes within minutes of each other!

We are seeing a shift in the universe at large as the Mayan calender comes to an end, and no I don't have visions of the movie 2012, only what is beyond and it looks pretty damn good from where I sit.

The last month has seen the greatest number of people awakening to God and WHO THEY ARE that has been witnessed in a millennia and may it continue from this day forth.

There are several more changes to come, finishing in the spring of 2013 and then it is truly up to us from that point on. In Universal time, God is at his or her seventh day.

To the average person these changes are not noticable, however to those whom are sensitive to even mild swings in energy levels the next couple of years will be quite a ride some days.

Now as you can see I have been a little vague in some of the info because quite frankly some of it sounds tooo far fetched even for my expanded way of thinking these days and yet I just KNOW it to be so, once again can't explain it fully, I just know.

As for LLIIFE, well that is a typo, the word should have been LIFE!

The greatest gift from God we can ever receive. One that doesn't end at the passing of the physical body (at least not unitl the completed journey of our soul takes place), for we are not our bodies. We are the essence of the exiistance that lies within those bodies.

LIFE - LOVE - GOD: alll three words are completely interchangable, all mean exactly the same thing, try substituting one for the other in various sentences. When we "live" we live as an experience of God (don't shoot the messenger here gang just passing this along!), some live very differently from others and are judged by human moral standards as such.

As children of God we come from God, will experience life through the eyes of God, who will experience life as us through our eyes. All of the experiences gained through our many mortal lives will be eventually returned to the one true heaven, GOD, whereby they will be joined once again with GOD, to be reborn as a new Soul and begin the experiences of another existence again.

To understand life in another way, try and wrap your head around the following two statements. These will prove to be difficult or impossible for some to even comprehend the thoughts of, however give some really deep thought to them.

1. This statement came from a very good friend of mine during one of his mass consciousness seminars:


2.This second one came directly from the ethereal realm and I struggled internally with this one for a very long time. Once I looked at life beyond what we deemed LIFE in human and linear terms it was a momment of complete clarity. I do not expect some to even entertain the thought because of their faith, family or cultural history, it is merely an example of the larger vision that is life than we currently DESIRE to comprehend.


Food for philosophical thought...


Good morning my wonderful friend!

Re-incarnation is a strange thing, does it exist or doesn't it!?!?!?

That is in the eyes of the beholder, however one issue about the whole thing is what people do with the knowledge.

The answer you received is indeed correct, that those who believe and keep "score" go to people like that medium for answers. They then use this information to "guide" their present lives instead of living and experiencing life as they are living it now, not what God intended for us to do with the precious gift of life that we enjoy. In reality none of it actually matters, you may have been Ghandi in a previous life, but guess what that has no significance on who you are now, it may SHAPE and influence your line of thought, but it has no bearing what-so-ever with WHO YOU ARE.

Modern society continually clings to the past as if all the answers are found there, hogwash, we use the past as a building block but nothing more.

Whether we have only one life or several life-times makes no difference it is WHO WE ARE right NOW that is key, our past is in the past, our futures have not been written and how we live today is the wonderful experience of life.

An example from my own journey, I used to believe that if I carried the cross of Jesus (symbolically), that I would experience the burden he suffered and would endure it for modern man. I soon discovered that it is not necessary for me to cling to the cross as a symbol of the struggle and life Jesus lead. By clinging to the concept of the cross I permanently planted myself in the past and the ideals of the past, leading to a revolving door effect. Things just spin round and round and the same things kept happening to me all the time. After I moved beyond the cross and realized Jesus is much more than the cross, has life ever changed for the better.

Does re-incarnation exist?

To you NO, to me YES, does it matter NO. God, he or she, will show us life as we encounter it and as we desire it, you want to have suicide bombers in your life, guess what they will be there. You want poverty and hardship in your life, you got it, think the world is collapsing around you, here you go, think the joy of life is to love another without reservation and you only see good things, guess what that happens as well.

The past is the past, the future has not been written and what we do NOW is all that matters, for what we do NOW shapes and creates the future. So it doesn't matter if you were Ghandi, Paul of Tarsus or Ghenghis Khan, whether you believe in it or not, who you are in THIS life, what you DO in this life, how you LOVE in this life, how you ACT in this life, is all that truly matters.

God stands not apart from us but with and within us and all the answers we will ever need are there inside, not from the past or knowledge of the supposed future.

" peace I leave you..."

Date: 2011-11-02


God is to all of us in our own way, for what is to me is not to you and vice versa.

I share a common spiritual and religious belief as you, having grown up a catholic and became so disillusioned by institutionalized religion I needed answers elsewhere.

I had a voice talking to me for all my life and just wrote it off as my brain playing games most of the time and yet there was a turning point a few years ago that was a game changer and I finally realized it was indeed God all those years.

When I looked back at all the suggestions that I ignored, it turns out that everyone of them were the correct choice to make and you guessed it I made the wrong choices because I wouldn't listen to the "voice" at that time.

Many converse openly with the Father all the time, not just you and I, God speaks to us all, all the time and yet 95% or more do not hear what is being said.

Neale Donald Walsche wrote a whole series of books based on his conversation with God, many called him nuts and yes many think one should be locked in a padded cell for thinking God talks to us lowly humans.

Hogwash... Our inner faith is what drives our ability to understand what is being said to us. Once we re-awaken to that innner faith and belief, well then the universe is truly an open book to us all.

I haven't commented on the content of your post, simply because I have to re-read it again and absorb it a little more, but I will.

Please keep writing here on this site, the more others can gain from another the better we all are

" peace I leave you..."

Date: 2011-11-02

Hello my wonderful friend!

Do not fear the light, the next time you see it, close your eyes and relax your body, something like a meditative state if you know how to do that. Then simply ask God if he is that light, wait for the answer, it will be there in a form appropriate for you.

I have twice had experiences with a BALL of light and seen bright lights in the room. The answers surprised the dickens out of me when I was able to hear them. I wrote about the experience of the ball on this site.

In short do not fear the light, for part of that light is YOU, don't worry if you don't understand that notion, in time you will. Remember you are a CHILD OF GOD, the light is of God ion one form or another and while it is present, whether actually or in your thoughts, nothing from the ethereal realm can hurt you.

If you think something evil is present, just simply smile and state loud and clearly "I am of God you cannot harm me, cannot scare me..." Let the universe take it from there...

Bless you my wonderful friend in God!

Well hello Brother!

I say that because it is indeed an appropriate term and Libra is very correct in her comments to you, there is so much more to all of us than we as humans can truly imagine!

You talk about "knowing" that is exactly the point, you reach a juncture whereby you just KNOW.

You can't explain it to anyone, you just know. We are all capable of that understanding but very people actually open themselves up enough to truly discover it within them.

There have been many changes within the earths' energy levels, fields, call it what you wish within the past two weeks and talk about energy shifts and emotional swings, wow!

When you fully realize the ALL, and simply KNOW, you reach a state of bliss that will not go away, for the universal experience at that point is something that few will believe you and many will want to lock you up in the rubber room.

What many do not fully understand is our relationship to each other and how we all relate to the universe as a whole. Like Libra said we are just energy, started out as such, have use of these physical bodies for now and will return to our state of pure energy (also called LIIFE), when our physical existance ends.

We all come from the same place, made up of the same stuff and will return to the same place, GOD.

Once you understand and accept the truth of that, boy does life seem so much sweeter here on earth. I no longer see the bad side of things, yes they are still there, however I see the glory that is everything, that is everyone, even the suicide bomber is a Brother, I don't condone the act but the person is a brother to me none-the-less.

I can't explain those feelings, I just KNOW...

You see the grander vision of what we are, do not forget that or ever doubt that, for the Source of All Life, Source of All Love has helped you open your eyes, your mind and your heart to what has always been there, what will always be there and HE has shown you the true YOU of WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

May your journey be a long and bountiful one, through this physical journey and the life beyond


My wonderful Friend

It doesn't get much better than that for an awakening!

Embrace those visions and cherish each one after that, for your life is forever more changed, you may doubt any of it ever happenind one day and right it off to being nonesense at some point. Yet the feelings are real, the words are real, to you IT IS REAL and you are indeed changed for it.

Thank you for publishing this story, please continue to do so for those whom are following in YOUR footsteps

" peace I leave upon your wonderful SELF..."

Date: 2011-10-09

Hello My Wonderful Brother In Faith

A few words from a prayer for you:

"...thank you Father for the Path you have laid before US,
We may stumble on that path, but we cannot fail to reach you
Thank you for understanding our human emotions
As we endeavour to understand them in others..."

Michael the ship is indeed the pathway and the light at the end of that path is the Glory that is God. Our Souls are on that journey to "home" and when we doubt our true course, the light is always shining brightly for us to hopefully see and be guided by that light.

I have said this before on this site, when we look behind us at our footstpes in the sand how many pairs of foot-prints do we see... It is not just a nice poem.

You have been shown your path and I have felt it as well, in the words of your poems. This experience is just cementing all that information together. Those people on the vessel are familiar to you, now let the guiding hand of the Glory that is within you continue to steer your course and may fair winds, calm seas and clear skies guide thee on thy course for home.

With my brother at the helm you are in wonderful hands my friend!

Never be afraid to publish any experience here, many of us have moved on now, but there are truly thousands coming along their paths and this site is a learning ground for all of them.

Let your music be heard and let the light that is you be seen by ALL!



Hello "Uncertain One" do not fear or worry these are not unusal feelings or experiences. We all experience faith, belief, religion, spirituality, call it whatever you like in our own ways and yes it is different for everyone.

THe key is to "let it flow" be yourself and let whatever or whomever you pray to help you and guide you. Ask what you need to ask and look for the answers. SOme experience them as a spoken word, others a song on the radio or a conversation of a passer-by talking on their phone, or perhaps a bird landing next to you.

The feeling of warmth is the internal essence (or energy if you like) flowing I response to your realizing that "hey there is something wonderful within me!"

THat divinity that is within ALL OF US, is denied by a lot of people because you cannot see it or measure it quantitativley and yet it exists. Your fears brought about the cold and the pressure, your re-wawakening divinity brought about the love and warmth that removed the problem.

You may think I am smoking some good stuff here, but it has happenind to many of us at one point or another and you are not alone, never have been nor ever will be.

THere are many changes happening around ol' Mother Earth right now and these "feelings" and issues are becoming common place with more and more people.

If you find the fear is getting a grip again, simply sit back in a chair or lie down. Concentrate on your breathing, now envision every breath of air going into and out of your heart. Concentrate on that action, do this slowly and deeply and allow your body to become relaxed and feel yourelf reaching a point of inner peace. Contimue this "heart breathing" unitl you feel you have vanquished the fear, stress or anxiety of the moment. Try it for longer periods each time and enjoy!

Try this breathing technique out and you may be surprised as to what happens within your body and your mind!

Sorry for babbling on a bit, but you are not alone in this experience and certainly do not have anything to fear, for fear is a human thing buried within us, the Soul knows what is real and it knows the fear is not real.

" peace I leave with you..."

Date: 2011-10-09

Hello Precious One Of God!

Four years ago I almost had my right hand removed by the propelor of a radio control airplane. After surgery, feeling like a complete moron and 6 months of recovery, I had the use of my hand back as well as the answers why?

It was a message, signal, call it what you like from the beyond for me to slow down, open my eyes and really see the world around me. Heck of a way to get a message across but it worked, for that was the just before I started to "awaken" to what is really important.

The Heavenly Father has always been there with you, he never went anywhere, however you experienced your life as you wished (yes we do choose what we experience, all done at the soul level).

When you reached the peak of your helplessness you simply called for help and it was there with out question. You didn't have to repent anything for what is there to repent, you are a Child of God, born in the glory that is God, only most of us haven't figured it out until something happens and we suddenly "rediscover" the Lord.

My wonderful Friend, your story is one so close to my heart in many ways and it is so close to the hearts of ALL fro as it happens to one it happens to all of us.

Please continue your journey with the Father and experience all the wonders that lie ahead of you.

Namaste my wonderful Friend

One day a young boy was talking with his friends and they were laughing at the object his grandfather called a boat. For it was in total disrepair, the wood was rotting away all except the transom (the rear of the boat), for the wood here was a fresh as the day it was felled in the forests on Mt Hermon.

Now Isaiah was a proud man and he knew his grandson didn't think much of his tired old fishing boat, for it has been on dry land since he retired several years before from a life of fishing on the Sea of Galilee off the shores of Bethsaida.

"Grandfather why don't you just get rid of that old boat, it will just sink when it returns to the water"

"Why don't you try it and see what happens" replied the wiser old man.

"No way not on my life would I trust that boat" answered Ismail rather abruptly

"are you afraid"

"I am not afraid of anything, but that boat..."

"try it you'll see"

The three youngsters began pulling the vessel to the water, it creaked, the wood twisted and it was heavy. As they pulled it closer to the shore it was as if the weight of the boat was vanishing, it seemed to come alive, stiffen-up and boy did it float!

The boys jumped in and spent the afternoon sailing around from Bethsaida over to Capernaum and back again. They had such a great time and were filled with questions for the Grandfather.

When they asked why the back of the boat looked so new, they asked if he had just had it fixed.

"Oh heavens no that was 70 years ago!"

Now the boys thought perhaps he had been in the sun too long so he told them the story.

" A long time ago when I was just a boy, not much older than you three, my father died and I had to man the nets to catch fish for my family to eat and live off.

We had a bad storm one night and I came down to the water to see the stern all broken up and I knew there was no money to fix it. I tried casting my net from shore but no fish would swim into it, I tried to wade in the water and catch them that way, nothing. For many days we went without food after our money ran out and we had no fish to sell.

My mother became distraught as we tried to make everything work, my younger brothers and sisters could not help so it was left to me.

I became very angry with God and wondered why he had forsaken my family, first my father dying and now our livelihod was taken away.

When I thought it could not get any worse a man came by the water one day and looked at my boat, I muttered some profanity about the boat and he just smiled. That smile seemed to remove the weight of all that had happened from me and I didn't feel pity anymore.

I explained what happened and he just smiled again, as if he knew exactly what had happened. He left me saying "Go in Peace my Brother" which I thought was odd as I didn't know this man,

When I returned the next morning, he was there again, only this time with tools and wood. He fixed my boat with the precision of a stone mason, look for yourself can you see the seams in between the planks of wood?"

The boys looked closely and to this day 70 years later there was not a seam to behold, not a speck of battan in a joint and yet it was clearly many pieces of wood.

"As I was looking over the work and admiring the craftsmanship, I hadn't noticed that he had gone, just vanished and I never did get a chance to thank him.

Until my retirement that stern has held steady and true keeping the entire vessel together as if God himself was holding it together"

"Grandad did you ever find out who the man was, or where he came from?"

"There were many stories afterwards about a stranger who would help those in need, always seemed to be there when they were at their last breath of hope and would just as quickly vanish when things had been set right'

"Grandad that sounds like Jesus from Nazareth?"

"No Ismail, I don't think so, he was the son of Joseph the carpeter, he died in Jerusalem before I was even born. My father told me he was a rabbi of sorts but didn't amount to much in the end"

"Grandfather then how do you explain the man and the fact the wood shows no sign of rot after all these years"

"I have wondered that myself for many years"

Miracles abound every day and yet we very often, like Isaiah, never realize it.

"...My Peace and Love I leave Upon You..."

Date: 2011-08-15
Hello Jess

I find it interesting that this experience dates back two years ago and the subject is still relevent today as it will be next year.

I too wish people would stop referring to Mary M as a prostitute, she was not and in the eyes of Yeshua Ben Joseph she was the Glory of the Father that she truly IS (note I didn't say WAS but rather still IS).

I hold an Abundant amount of Hope that very soon ALL the misquotes and errant ideas about The Son of Man, his life and followers will be seen for as they are and not how we as MAN have interpreted the information for our own needs throughout history.

IamJESS, an interesting name, for indeed you are and more, but you already are aware of that my wonderful Friend in God!

" peace, blessings and love I leave with you..."

Hello TreeToucher

I am beyond words at this time, you have shown us all the side of you that is US.

My wonderful Friend you speak words of wisdom and compassion that I think you have yet to fully realize just how your words will affect others.

You held the hand of one passing from this plane of existance to that of another and all the while the greatest bond you shared was the love that the Father has given us all, a love that is to be shared with each and every one of us, unconditionally.

That is all the Father asks of each and every one of us, to show and express our love for those we call our brothers and sisters in our love of God.

You watched another beautiful Soul continue their journey into the next phase of life, a life in the arms of the Almighty, a life of pure wonder and joy.

You showed another the love that is you and that person.

You showed another that fear is not of God, it is of man only

You showed another loving soul that they are more than the flesh and blood that is our bodies

You showed another that love is what it is all about, nothing more and nothing less

Bless you my wonderful Friend, today your actions have been triumphed in your faith and your faith has spoken volumes through your actions.

When you look in the mirror you are a reflection of that wonderful person who passed from this life to the glory that is the Father in Heaven.

Today the light that is TreeTouucher has shined brightly for all to see, I see it shining as bright as the sun. You are a reflection of ALLL, bless you my Friend

Thank you, for the "moment" is not something that occurs and vanishes, it is something that continues from here on out until you leave this physical world and beyond.

I lost my brother a long time ago and the moment you describe is something that occurred to me one day, in a cave of all places. Since then I have "known" what I must do but didn't fully comprehend the knowing of such until very recently.

We all "know" what we must do, or have been asked to do, without truly realizing it, part of our spiritual slumber for lack of better words.

Treetoucher you have experienced the true essence of "giving of yourself to another," cherish that feeling, remember how it felt and never look upon life in any other way again.

The Father asks we be generous in our love for our fellow man, today you have shown WHO YOU TRULY ARE, thank you my Friend and may the blessings of the ONE continue to shine through you, within you and all around you forever more

" peace I leave with you..."


Thank you for the kind words, continue being the wonderful person you are and that will be the greatest compliment you could pay to anyone...

" peace I leave upon you..."


Thank you my wonderful Friend In God and Spiritual Brethren!

I have spent a lot of time these past 2 years coming to grips with WHO I AM and finally expanding my knowledge of the Ethereal world.

I am still to this day left absolutly speechless sometimes at what is right there in front of us and yet I had been so blind to it for virtually my entire life to this point.

This experience was indeed one of those "everything comes to a grinding halt" moments as the wonders of the Universe played-out right before my eyes.

Thank you for your words, they do indeed travel right to my Soul and I hope more people like yourself will find these words and the words of EVERYONE whom posts on this site both inspirational and at the very least thought provoking.

You have been shown a direction, where it leads is up to you as no two paths to the Glory of ALL are the same. Like you, I too was "guided" to this site and have loved every minute of the time spent here.

I have just submitted my final experience as I have been told it is time for others to show their LIGHT as I move ahead from this point to join those who have gone before and will wait for those whom are following.

Enjoy the wonders that is the marvelous thing we call LIFE, see the beauty in everyone and let the Divine Light that is you shine for all to see.

"...My Peace I leave with you..."

Hello Libra1

Thank you for your wonderful post, some days it is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude about life on this beautiful home we live in.

I choose to see the beauty that is life and even though it is difficult for us to understand why things happen to some and not others some days. I am comforted by the knowledge that ALL is as it should be...

Little Artie and thousands like him, young, old doesn't matter, are on a journey that we cannot as individuals truly understand and in humans terms cannot accept at times. We put people who assist in suicide, or attempt suicide, in jail and leave the feeble old lady to suffer through years of agonizing decay until relief finally comes, I wonder sometimes...

The journey of the soul is an amazing one, just when I think I have mine figured out along comes Joshua (Yeshua Ben Joseph or Jesus as we know him by) and throws a complete curve into my human ego of perception. Ours souls have figured it all out a long time ago, young Artie's soul is on a journey of discovery of one form or another and who are we to say or understand why.

I am a sucker for small children and seeing one with tubes everywhere was just heart-wrenching. Yet deep inside I know this is but a short journey for him, how it will end is up to Artie himself and he's fighter let me tell you!

Will he still be here this time next year, I cannot say, but regardless he will be in loving hands one way or another, either in the loving embrace of his father here on earth or his Father In Heaven, either way Artie is blessed beyond anything we can imagine.

Wow a whole planet full of people like me, oh dear no please don't say that. A planet full of belching, flatulating old men, Father please no!

Libra I know exactly what you are saying and we have this right now on our planet, however many do not realize they are capable of the compassion that is within them.

I look at life through what some people call "rose-tinted" glasses, but hey I see the good in those who can only look in the mirror and say "life sucks."

Am I a half- empty or half-full kind of guy, don't know never understood the concept. I like to think I am an open soul for I see the world as it is and not the illusion we have created it to be. The Divine has given us a wonderful, majestic home to live on and I wish everyone could truly open their eyes and see it for the beauty it truly is.

There are changes coming, some see visions of death and destruction, some eternal darkness. I see a world of peace and love, a place we can envision in our dreams, a place where the one with the nails and hammer at the cross can throw it down and say:

"...Father forgive me, for now I understand what I do..."

Sorry for the soapbox session, I get carried away sometimes. To feel the soul of another and feel his inner drive and energy is something that one day we will all share and not just reading about it on a web site...

" peace I leave you..."


I wish there was a "like" button I could press, loved your comment!

Date: 2011-06-28

It is very difficult for us to understand why things happen in life at times and yes we do place "blocks" on oursleves without realizing it.

You were emotionally hurt by this man, so your mind placed a blockage to prevent any further harm coming to you and you had no idea this was happening. As you subsequently witnessed it was the forgiveness (yes forgiveness of yourself) that removed the blockage and life returned to the wonders that it is.

Freespirit21, I have had a hate for one particular race of people on this planet because of what they did to my brother. This was a deeply rooted hate for these peole and I didn't realize how deep this hatred went for I wasn't aware of it until I saw my brother.

When I saw him I was filled with instant anguish, tears and an anger for that race that I didn't know I had within me. I felt rage, violence and wanted to settle the score at all costs. My mind had taken over and it wasn't going to be satisfied until vengence had been acted upon...

Then the miracle happened, for it was indeed a miracle, my brother placed his hands upon my chest and simply said:

"...James ease your suffering and anger for the anger will not ease the pain, forgiveness will..."

At his touch I felt all anger, anguish, hatred being removed from my body as I discovered what it was to first forgive myself for having felt the way I did and then for forgiving them for what they did to my brother.

You see when we forgive ourselves for our inner "anguish" it becomes so much easier to forgive others, even when we do not know why or what we are forgiving them for.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with all of US, your Family In God

"...My Peace I Leave with You..."


I hear people say all the time "...if God were real he would stop all the violence in a heart-beat."

You are living proof my wonderful Friend In God, that God allows us to experience life to its' fullest, no matter how high or low we wish to take it. You took yours to the depth of your despair and in your hour of ultimate need he stood there and lifted you out of the gloom and showed you the light that is you in that moment and gave you a hint at the Light that could be you in the next...

I have stood on the precipace and looked into that cavern of despair and it is not a pleasant place to be, I chose to abandon all my family, friends, my life. Then a friend came by and pulled me back, at the time I didn't realize why he had done it, I didn't care anymore, now we are life-long friends. I did not hear a "voice on the wind" that night, only the voice of the Divine speaking through my friend.

JayArr, we all stand on our precipace at some point in our lives, it is then that we finally hear the pleas of the Father In Heaven as he carries us and we see only the one set of footprints...

Thank you for sharing and may the light that Guides you, comforts you, surrounds you and fulfills you, continue to be your source of WHO YOU ARE forever more...


First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You are an amazing young Soul, please remember that, never forget it, you speak with the wisdom of one many years your senior.

Take it from an "old fart" like myself you are absolutly right about your belief and desire to embrace the Spiritual side that is YOU.

Embrace your life upon this earth in the Glory you have been given it, in the glory you create it to be. Live every day to the fullest and show us old geysers the Light that shines from the youth that is the future.

May He who shines through you, within you and around you continue to do so so always...

end of spiritual article