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The Angel With Red Wings on 2010-04-29

My name is Rivkah and I have had a few visions of angels, or more specifically one angel- the angel with red wings. I really want to know who he is. I grew up in an atheist household despite my name (a relic of my parents' culture) and religion was strongly discouraged, but I always felt an absol...

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Date: 2010-07-26
thankyou for your comments (sorry, I was on an extended work placement abroad so couldn't reply before).
Michelle- what a lovely thing to happen, I'm glad you've found your religion, and that an archangel visited you- I didn't think I'd be important enough for one to see me so I figured it was just a lesser angel. I love how they come to help us, though, it makes you feel so valued:)
bobby- I'll contact you now.
Date: 2010-05-23
ZiShu- thanks so much for commenting- if you could ask your Guardian about colours that would be really nice of you ^.^ I would like to know more. Also, he doesn't exactly come regularly. I never know when he will visit me. So is there a way I could sort of call to him or something? (and I don't really have a favourite colour... But red is a nice one:P)

Knight of Jesus- erm... I don't know how to do astral projection. And my angel definitely had wings. I don't think he was a demon and I don't know how you would tell anyway... But thanks for your comment:)
Date: 2010-05-19
that's so beautiful! Thankyou very much for sharing this- I have seen the world like this in a dream, and thought no more of this, but now I understand- thankyou!
Date: 2010-05-17
thankyou for replying:)
I've not heard of angels having different coloured wings before, and I didn't know they had different colours to represent other angels either- maybe that's the reason. I tried to ask him questions before, but I've never actually heard him speak at all- is there any way I could get him to talk to me, do you think?
thankyou =]
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