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GS Virk is fully dedicated to the practice and experience of spirituality and nothing else. Has personal meditation retreat for spiritual practice and spiritual experience, known as Heavenly Gardens- organization nonprofit. He likes spiritual paintings and sculptures and larger spiritual life of God in their gardens, and everything that is on display at the website. For now, GS Virk has studied yoga, meditation and spirituality on the basis of Patanjali, Guru Nanak and Ashtavakra and has written many spiritual books, in reverence to God in yoga, meditation, spirituality for the welfare of your browser. Spiritual books: Spiritual Union, Meditation Practice, Gita Astavakra and True name of God, by GS Virk known author on the Internet and are readily available and complete on Heavenly Gardens.
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Experience Inner Self on 2010-05-04

Most of our experiences of self-realization and evaluation of God is mere perception. A profound meditation and practice self-control is necessary for self-test and internal unity of God. Selfishness can not understand the language of internal autonomy. The experience of the dissolution of selfishne...

Child Is The Father Of The Man on 2010-05-02

Wordsworth wrote a poem that "child is father of man." This statement was interpreted by various critics. But I share a story from my childhood, which bears the seeds of moral values in my childhood to become trees of the positive attitude at the age of mature man. It is also good food for my critic...

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Date: 2010-07-30
It is true that the ego is the root of all kinds of desires comfort, money, power, dominance, self-glorification, the desire to speak and many others. It is known from the physical world with meaning and wisdom of the thought of life associated with physical fear and the sounds of the world.

It is true that pure consciousness is the root of all kind of pure life that is attentive to the internal sounds of silence and experience freedom fear of death and the wisdom of faith and language with which Christen is in the perception of Jesus, Buddhist is collecting it Buddha, Hindu Is collecting it Ram and Muslims IS noticing it Allah. Those who experience it are true love of God and his state of mind is called Samahi in Hinduism. It can not be explained in words as is in inner beyond of any human language. Here you lose even your sex selection, and various types of life at various places in the universe and attachment to something of the past and future. Still have full consciousness. State is where meditation practice ends, Yoga become impulsive with unity with God that is for all, eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, immovable, observer, all legal, the center and the seeds of energy, kindness, humility, silence and wisdom of all in universe.
Jera, I love you and your article and I wish you to continue your hold deep in the heart
GS Virk
Date: 2010-05-05
You are true to your vision of your own eyes. But it is a reflection of your personality that is connected to your thoughts of wisdom subtle mind. God bless you.
Thus, a vision of the Hindu sees the same unity of God and speaks in Hindi. Muslim sees a vision of the same unity of God and speaks in a language indifferent. Our objective way of thinking is reflected in our language. For me - Our true inner self is connected to God in the state of emotions. For emotions, it includes the languages of all sorts of subliminal life.
This deep relationship with your inner self and through it to the unity of God is made of pure consciousness.
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