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I grew up in McDonough, GA, and was raised as a "Southern Baptist". As I matured, I had serious doubts and questions about organized religion that lead me to experiment a little with the occult, investigate other belief systems, and attend 'worship' services at places like "The Divine Light Institute". I finally settled on Christianity, and after several paranormal experiences, no longer participated in supernatural exploration. Then, in my late twenties and later still in my forties, I experienced the reality of a true and living God. I currently live in Virginia with my wife and adult daughter, and attend a United Methodist church, through which I do volunteer work. I work for the US government as an "orbital analyst" and test control officer - tracking satellites and all related events. In my free time, I read incessantly, and play with my dog.
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My God Speaks Through Dreams, Too on 2010-08-17

August 17, 2010. As I wrote in "Our Crystalline World" I went through a period of spiritual, mental and emotional upheaval in the mid-1970's. I was in my twenties, and working as a Catalog Research Assistant in the Georgia State University library in downtown Atlanta. In the evenings and on week-end...

Tell Them About Me on 2010-05-27

Soon after my wife and I were married, and our daughter was born, we moved into low-income housing. Although living in the mid-1980's, we'd decided to raise Beverly the 'old-fashioned' way so that my wife could be a full-time mom, staying home while I worked. It was an easy decision to make; a diffi...

Our Crystalline World on 2010-04-23

God is a vengeful God and a harsh judge, whom will punish you for your sins, and your sins will lead you straight to hell! That was the impression I grew up with in a small central Georgia town in the 1950's and '60's. I was scared of God! Daily, I wanted to hear and learn more about the man, Jesus ...

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Date: 2010-09-02
Thank you for sharing your testimony. I do not doubt God's love or power over the most obsessing, overwhelming, sins. I too was rescued from an unhealthy obsession, something like pornography but not, and I praise and thank God every day. May you continue to grow in peace and grace.
Date: 2010-09-02
Joe, my wife and I shared a supernatural experience when we were stationed in Germany with the USAF in 1981 or 82. It was terrifying, which I'll one day share on this site, but I feel that you and your wife were blessed by the presence of God, or at least one of His spirits or angels. May you continue to grow in knowledge, grace, peace, and love. 😁
Date: 2010-07-07
Ms. White,
Thank you for sharing your experience. I believe that what you experienced is much like what I believe heaven will be like (that heaven is not filled with people who're ravaged by advanced age or illness). I'm glad you got to 'see' your father again, and yes, he could have communicated with you via thought, not words.
Date: 2010-07-05
Sparrowhawk, you've really been "put through the wringer" haven't you? But, thank God you've gotten to know Him. I had a pretty messed up life from about 1963 to 1982, but that's when I told God that I just couldn't 'take it' anymore; that I was weak, and would always and forever need His help. Might I say to you "hello, brother in Christ"?
Date: 2010-07-05
Renee, I can relate to living alone and having nightmares, including 'visitations' by evil - and good - spirits. Please trust and have faith that if your Mom had Jesus in her heart, then Lucifer cannot steal her body - or her soul. I also believe that Satan is a liar, and loves to strike fear into people's hearts. I believe in a real heaven and hell, but I also believe that "greater (more powerful, knowing, loving, kind) is He (God) that is within you than he that is in the world (satan) ".
Ms. Mondragon, thank God that He was (is) there for you, and your family. It is awful to undergo tragedy, fear, hurt and pain in this world. That's why I look forward so to the next (which is really all our "home", isn't it?). Thank you for sharing; peace to you and yours.
Date: 2010-06-23
Thank you for your encouraging words and support! I had hoped that the least my sharing might do would be to support or encourage someoe who's going through a rough time.
Date: 2010-06-19
James and IwanttoHelp,
James, thank you for your feedback. Thank you, too, IwanttoHelp, and yes, I've had other encounters, but not all of the good kind, which preceded my last experience. I think the few encounters I had with what I can only call evil spirits nudged me closer to God, the great "I am that I am", but those stories will have to wait until another day, another forum. The two testimonies I've shared on this site when I've heard God's voice (Tell Them About Me" and "Our Crystalline World") have definitely changed the way I approach life, and mean that I no longer fear death. Not everything in my life is "peachy-keen" but thank God, He is there - even when no one else is, or when I can confide in no one else. Take care.
Date: 2010-05-23
Rivkah and Brenttan, thank you for your kind comments. It is reassuring to know that others appreciate the reality of God in this present-day world. I've another experience somewhat like this one that occurred in 1991 or '92. My greatest hope is to reassure people of, to share, and to (by expressing it) remind myself (!) of, God's love for each one of His children - wherever they are and whomever they are. I am so thankful that God looks not on the outside of man (kind) but on our hearts.
Peace, in Christ. Mihoo
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